(Allstar, Casey, and Tooter are walking home from school, bored out of their minds - well, at least Allstar is) 

Allstar: Gee, nothing exciting ever happens in Snorkland. 

Casey: Why do you say that, Allstar? There's lots to do in Snorkland.

Allstar: Casey, I'm not just tlaking about another afternoon hanging out at the clamburger stnad. I mean something really exciting.

Tooter: *makes a suggestion*

Casey: I know, why don't we go see Gallio and see what he's got cooking?

Allstar: Now that's the best idea I've heard all day!

Tooter: *toots* 

(all swim over there)

Allstar: Well I hope Gallio is up to something. 

(a giant boot swims over to them, and they swim away)

Tooter: *alarms them*

Allstar: Whoa, let's get out of here! *but all are now inside it* I think this is enough excitement already! 

(a man in a magician hat looks through the boot)

Man: Strange, I've never seen that kind of fish before. I wonder what it... tastes like. 

All: *gasp and get thrown out of there are Bowser the Dog tries to eat them*

Casey: Hey, let us go!

Allstar: Yeah, pick on someone your own size!

Man: *grabs the snorks* Give me those, Bowser! *Bowser growls at him* I don't believe it - these fish can talk! 

Casey: We're not fish, we're snorks!

Man: Snorks, shmorks! Who gives a hoot? You can talk! That could be worth millions! 

(all give shocked looks) 

Allstar: Find someone else, pal! Come on, guys! *they run away when the man catches them again* 

Man: Pretty swift, but not swift enough! Not only can they talk, but they can perform tricks too! *Bowser puts salt on them* Don't you get it, you mutt? These talking fish could be our ticket out of here! I've got me an idea - a brilliant one, as usual! *Bowser still growls at them*

(they end up at a nearby sea-faring town, where Bowser drags a large Sea Shore Sideshow stand)

Man: Come on, Bowser, put a little muscle into it. This could be our big break. *Bowser stil growls* Come on, come all, see the thrilling spectacular that is the thrilling capers and friends! See it now at the Amazing Sea Shore Sideshow!

(all are now in a goldfish bowl)

Allstar: A sideshow! Oh, I don't like the sound of this, guys!

Goldfish: You and me both! It's getting kind of crowded in here!

Man: *inside the booth* Come, my little lovelies, it's showtime!

(peopel are watchign as the snorks get angry)

Casey: And just what is it we are supposed to do?

Man: Perform for the folks! Now come on, move it!

Casey: Never ever!

Allstar: Yeah, never! 

Tooter: *agrees*

Man: If you don't perform, I'll be forced to give Bowser here an early luch! *they do it* I knew you could be persuaded to see things my way. *to the crowd* Ladies and gentlemen, behold the amazing, the colossal, the unbelieveable Sea Shore Sideshow!

(they cheer on as the snorks perform on a high rope and other circus acts) 

Crowd: Ooh! Aah! *they they laugh as they fall into a cream pie*

Allstar: This is embarrassing! We've got to get out of here. Right, guys?

(Casey and Tooter bow to them) 

Casey: Oh, thank you! Thank you so much!

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: Oh borhter, now what'll I do???

(the crowd leaves after the performance)

Man: See the Sea Shide - uh, the Side Sea-Show, oh, come back for another amaxing show in an hour! And bring your firends!

Casey: An hour? *gasps* Come on, Tooter, we better come up with some new tricks if we want to perform a good show. *takes out some notes on a clipboard* Now let's see, we could use the teeter-totter more than we have been, and --

Man: You know, Bowser, with this kind of business, we should play Cleveland!

Allstar: Cleverland?! If we go to Cleverland, it'll mean -- *cuts his throat with his finger expressing "it's over"* I gotta do something. *writes a letter* Hey Bowser. *sticks his tongue out at him*

Man: Get away from that window, you flea-bag! 

(as Allstar flies to rock with the letter back into the ocean, Corky's riding his sub around town)

Corky: *his alarm beeps* What's this? Oh, trouble! Great Neptune! The Governor's Statue - it'll be crushed! This looks like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! *laughs* That's me! *saves statue by grabibng it with his claw on the sub* Phew, that was close! *laughs* Well, maybe not that close. *sees letter* What's this? A note from Allstar?! "Snorks Held Hostage." Kids in trouble?! This looks like another job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! I'll just round up my favorite recruit. *places statue back* Whoops. 

(Jojo's lifting a heavy rock nearby) 

Jojo: Phew, spring cleaning is hard work! 

Corky: Jojo, just the man I need!

Jojo: What for?

Corky: Allstar, Casey, and Tooter are in grave danger. It is up to us to save them from the terrible land giants!

Jojo: *gets in the sub* Sounds fun! Move over! *they swim away in the sub*


(they arrive on shore)

Jojo: Don't worry, I'll carry the sub.

Corky; No need, my friend. Observe. *the sub has wheels, so he drives it*

Jojo: Not bad.

(the crowd cheers after another show has taken place)

Man: Now, don't you folks in the back worry! There'll be a whole new show in another hour! 

(as Corky and Jojo arrive to town and get out of the sub, the man looks over to the exhausted snorks)

Man: Not bad, you guys. Now it's time to clean up.

Allstar: We're beat, clean it yourself. *Bowser growls at him, so they clean it anyway* 

Casey: You know, Tooter, I'm beginning to think the applause isn't worth all this work.

Allstar: Oh, so you've finally noticed? 

Tooter: *toots as well* 

Casey: And besides, I miss Snorkland.

Allstar: Cheer up, we'll find a way to get -- *gasps as he sees Jojo walking over to Bowser who's chewing on a bone* Look! Jojo, go back!

Casey: Turn around!

Jojo: Hello, everybody! *pays Bowser* Nice puppy. *growls* Hey, be nice now! *tries to eat him, but Jojo pulls on his hairs* Okay, I warned you! *Jojo bangs him around*

Man: *counts his money* 800, 900 --

Corky: *walks over to his shoe and kicks it* Unhand my friends, you scoundral!

Man: Huh? Another one? Good! More fish means more cash! *places Corky in his hat* Ah, got you!

Corky: *breaks free with a sword* Sir, you leave me no choice! I now declare snork war upon you! 

Man: Why, little - grr!

Jojo: Had enough? *as Bowser raises the white flag, Jojo opens the door and frees the snorks* 

Allstar: Way to go, Jojo!

Casey: Yeah!

Tooter: *toots* 

(but they see Corky being chased by the man)

Corky: Gang way! *steps inside the booth*

Man: Got ya! *gets head caught in goldfish bowl* 

Goldfish: *sarcastically* Oh, sure! Come on in! Plenty of room! Just make yourself at home!

Man: *after Corky jumps on his nose* Now I've got you! *but he gets his head caught in the net* 

Corky: *walks out* Well I believe that settles that. Jojo, my good man, would you be so kind?

Jojo: *shuts door* Certainly. *they cheer as he locks it*

Man: Hey, let me out of here! Open up! *Jojo has it move very fast* Bowser! Get over here, Bowser! *Bowser stops it from moving* 

(now back near the coastline)

Allstar: Thanks, Corky. Thanks, Jojo.

Casey: You guys were clamtastic back there.

Tooter: *toots* 

Corky: They should have known better than to mess with the Snork Patrol! 

(a poodle sniffs the sub, and the snorks are so scared, they jump back into the sub and head for Snorkland)

Casey: So, Allstar, was today exciting enough for you?

Allstar: I can't wait to go home and have a nice, relaxing, bording day!

Tooter: *agree, and they laugh* 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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