Season 1
Original Run Sept 15 -Dec 8, 1984
Num of episodes 13
Season: 1, 2, 3, 4

Season 1 is the first season of Snorks which ran thirteen episodes from September 15, 1984 (Journey To the Source) to December 8, 1984 (Whales Tales). Several title cards from Season 1 were lost in syndication for some unknown reason, and quite a few of the episodes are paired with a few Season 2 episodes in Boomerang reruns. In fact, some Season 1 episodes are out of order when on the Season 1 DVD. 

The first season had a narration opening starting off with a sailor narrating about a mythical legend about mysterious underwater sea creatures rescuing Spanish Navy Captain Ortega who's log is housed in a library at a Caribbean Monastery. It was used exclusively on NBC in 1984, and although it has never graced the television screens ever since, it can be found on the DVD.


  1. Journey To the Source / Vandal Scandal (September 15, 1984)   
  2. Hooked On a Feeling / The New Neighbors (September 22, 1984)
  3. Das Boot / Which Snork Snitched (September 29, 1984) 
  4. Allstar's Allstar Band / Snorkymania  (October 6, 1984) 
  5. A Snorking We Will GoNow You Seahorse, Now You Don't (October 13, 1984) 
  6. SnorkdanceSnork Marks the Spot (October 20, 1984) 
  7. Junior's Secret / The Big Scoop (October 27, 1984) 
  8. The Blue Coral Necklace / Up, Up and Awave (November 3, 1984) 
  9. Snorkin' Surf Party / The Snorkness Monster (November 10, 1984) 
  10. A Snork On the Wild Side / Allstar's Double Trouble (November 17, 1984) 
  11. Fine Fettered Friends / Time Out for Sissies (November 24, 1984) 
  12. Me JoJo, You Daffney / The Old Shell Game (December 1, 1984) 
  13. The King of Kelp / Whales Tales (December 8, 1984) 

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