(Corky and the snorks are riding in the sub not far from town)

Allstar: Oh, things sure are quiet around Snorkland today, Corky. 

Corky: Read my book of Snorkplace Strategy, my boy. You'll never know what'll happen when you're on the *horn* Snork Patrol! Look over there! Something villainous is afoot even now! *see reef in the distance*

Junior: All I see is a dumb old reef! 

Corky: Right, but it wasn't here being dumb yesterday! I say it's time for a Snork Patrol stake out!

Junior: Oh brother! 

(Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are in their sub nearby)

Bigweed: Ah! That Corky's no match for my barricuda sub! 

Corky: *sees them behind* Great Neptune, it's that soggy seaslug Bigweed! This looks like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! You'll not harm Snorkland while I'm around you, you cod! *gets out gum gun* My gum gun is about to spell bubble double trouble for Bigweed! *shoots bubblegun in its mouth as Corky pops it completely*

(Bigweed's lair is now in full view)

Bigweed: How would I rule Snorkland with that sniveling Snork Patrol gumming up the works? *talks as Lil Seaweed plays with a remote control fish* If I could only get rid of Corky, but how? *grins at the fish* HA! *controls it now* Hmm, this robofish is givin' me an idea. But how could I defeat Corky and conquer Snorkland form within? 

(Lil Seaweed then sees him building two robot snorks named Snip and Snap)

Lil Seaweed: But if a barricuda couldn't stop Corky, I don't see how two robots could --

Bigweed: *laughs* Just wait till you meet them! 

(he turns them on, and they hug and kiss each other with love)

Lil Seaweed: Yuck, mush! And they can't even talk!

Bigweed: They don't need to! My little robots are so loveable, they'll win all the snorks over in a snip and a snap! In fact, that's what I've named them - Snip and Snap. It's time to go to Snorkland, and start trouble! 

(as they head into town together, the snorks are at a small theater inside the school* Junior: *dressed as Corky, impersinating him* To snork or not to snork, that is the question!

Tooter: *blows his snork at them, causing the others to laugh except for junior*

Junior: You brains, you just ruined my good impersination of Corky!!!

Tooter: *laughs at him*

Allstar: Easy, Tooter. Junior's dad put up the money for this show. You want Corky to get the hero of the Year award, don't you?

Tooter: *toots a yes*

Casey: Allstar, would you please decorate the front of the school? I think it needs some sprucing up.

Allstar: Oh sure, Casey. *he steps outside to see Snip and Snap and reads their names* Snip and Snap. What kind of snorks are you? *they reveal themselves as alien UFO's* You're UFo's - unidentified floating objects! Oh, radical! Come on in, and meet some Earth snorks! Everybody, this is Snip and Snap - two for real UFO's!

Casey: Oh, they're so cute! *Snip kisses her hand* 

Tooter: *converses with them*

Junior: They can even talk to Tooter! 

Governor Wetworth: *on stage* Quiet, please! I'm not finished with my speech! *Snip and Snap cheer for him* Oh, so you liked what I had to say, did you? *they nod their heads* Allstar, show these delightful aliens around our fair city!

Allstar: Right, sir. First, I'll introduce 'em to Snorkland's biggest hero, Corky. *they get excited* 

(An elderly woman is waiting to cross the street as Corky wlaks over to her aid)

Corky: Musn't try to snork across the street yourself, lady. Allow me to help you.

Woman: *giggles as Allstar comes by with Snip and Snap*

Allstar: You'd see a true Earth hero in action, Snap, if you'd just turn around,

(Snip trips them over)


(a few condominiums are being built) 

Allstar: Look, it's Snorkland's newest condominium!

(Snip and Snpa get out of the sub and try to destroy it) 

Allstar: Oh no, those construction snorkers are trapped!

Corky: Looks like another job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! *they make a hole for him and trap him as they free the construction snorkers and Allstar gets him out* Thank you, my boy. i'm on left feet today.

Casey: *from a distance* Help! Help! 

Allstar: That's Casey!

(they see a snorkeater try to chase her) 

Corky: What? Another job for the Snork Patrol? *Snip takes out some of the parts to the sub* A hero's work is never done! *he can't get the sub turned on* What in the whirlpool's gone wrong now? 

(the snorkeater still chases Casey, and she reaches a dead end) 

Casey: Yikes! I'm too young to be an ordirve! 

(Snip and Snap tap on him, and he gets scared off, thus making them heroes)

Junior: Three cheers for Snip and Snap, Snorkland's newest heroes! Hip hip hooray!

Corky: Great Neptune! I'm a has-been hero! 

(the awards ceremony takes place later that night)

Corky: I've come here to tell you all that it's time for the Snork Patrol to retire.

Snorks: *mumble to each other*

Governor Wetworth: *takes away trophy* Well if you say so, Corky. I hereby name Snip and Snap Snorkland Heroes of the Year!

Corky: *swims away* Goodbye, friends. I'm examining myself to Gallio's atol!

Casey: Oh Corky, you can't. Snorkland needs you.

Corky: Oh no. You have Snip and Snap to protect you now. So long. Farewell.

Allstar: I don't know about those two UFO's. 

(the mucks get out of the barricuda sub) 

Bigweed: Watch my yuck-yucks wash up Snorkland, Lil Seaweed. It'll be easy now that Corky's gone. 

(all now at town hall)

Governor Wetworth: What is the meaning of this?! Bigweed, these UFO's work for you?!

Bigweed: I created them to help me take over Snorkland! *they plead not to now* You little tick-pests, what do you mean you like the snorks? Take these rotten robots back home, Lil Seaweed, and dismantle them.

(Snip cries as she destroys Snap)

Lil Seaweed: You're next, you oversized waffle-iron! *Snip runs from her* Hey, where'd that robot go? *he traps her in a couldren* 

(Snip gathers all her parts and swims over to the snorks)

Casey: Snip, what are you doing here, you traitor? 

Allstar: I don't understand a thing he's saying.

Tooter: *translates for him* 

Allstar: Oh, Snip says we have to find Corky. He's the only one who can save Snorkland. Let's go. 

Casey: Hey Corky!

Corky: *gasps* My little Snork Patrollers! Oh, it does my heart good to see you! 

Allstar: Bigweed's taking over, and you're the only one who can save the town! 

Tooter: *toots*

Corky: Right, Tooter! it's up to me now! It's time for me to be a hero again! 

(the mucks was the sub)

Bigweed: Faster, faster, I want my barrivuda sub polished to be coleaned for gold! Snip, you've captured all these sneaky snorks by yourself? Well, there's room for you in my empire of evil yet. Take the prisoners back to my volacno. I have big plans for them. Especially you, Corky.

Corky: Tell Bigweed the Snork Patrol has a few plans for him - not to mention, a few good yucks! *blows them away* 

Bigweed: Curses! I've been betrayed by my own robot! Jumpin' goldfish! *run from the sub* Abandon sub! 

Allstar: Why did we have to abandon such a neat sub, Corky?

Corky: Becuase, my boy --

(the lair explodes with bubblegum)

Corky: I put bubblegum in his shock-shooters! *laughs*

Casey: Oh, Corky, you're a real hero!

All: Hip hip hooray! 

(now at Gallio's lab) 

Allstar: I sure hope Gallio can put Snap back together again.

(Snip moves around nervously) 

Gallio: I'm afraid it was touch and go for a while, *Snip moans* but little Snap is back together again. *they cheer together* Good idea, Snip and Snap, we'll have a celebration!

Casey: *hugs them* To welcome two new heroes to town!

Allstar: And to welcome back our hero of the year, Corky!

Corky: *gets trophy* Like I said, you'll never know what'll happen when you're out on *horn* Snork Patrol! 

(they laugh together) 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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