Snip and Snap



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Written by:

Evelyn A-R Gabai

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: September 26, 1987

Paired With

Freeze Save Our Town

"Snip and Snap" is the 6th episode of Season 3. Bigweed and Lil Seaweed invented Snip and Snap, but they turn out to be good and pose a threat to Corky as they might become Snorkland's new heroes.

Snorks 306 2

Snip and Snap with Allstar

Plot Summary

It's pretty much a quiet day in Snorkland, and the snorks are riding with Corky on his sub. They find a suspicious looking reef in front of them, and at the same time, Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are not that far from them. Their shark sub ends up finding Corky's and Corky pops bubblegun on that sub. Bigweed - angry with the loss - wants to get rid of Corky, so in his lair, he creates two snork-like robots name Snip and Snap so they would do all the destroying for them. 

The snorks want Corky to get the award of Snorkland Hero of the Year, and outside the theater the ceremony is being held at, Allstar meets Snip and Snap for the first time. He knows they are UFOs - unidentified floating objects. He has them meet Corky, but all they're set out to do is destroy Corky's reputation as he helps an elderly woman cross the street. They also try to destroy some condominiums that are beign built. However, Casey is being chased by a snorkeater, but Snip and Snap stop her and they praise them. Corky decides to retires (with angst), and Governor Wetworth gives Snip and Snap the award of Snorkland Heroes of the Year. However, it doesn't take long for the governor to find out that Snip and Snap were originally created by Bigweed. At the same time, Snip and Snap have chosen to betray Bigweed. 

In response, Lil Seaweed destroys Snap to pieces, but Snip escapes before she can catch him. Snip goes over to the snorks, and they help him out. Corky also helps destroy their lair by popping bubblegum all over it. In return, Corky becoems Snorkland Hero of the Year, and Gallio is able to fix Snap back to her normal self. The snorks decide to celebrate for the victory of an old hero, and also to welcome new ones into town. 

Snorks 306 1

Snorkland's new heroes

Background Info

Memorable Quotes

Junior: *dressed as Corky, impersinating him* To snork or not to snork, that is the question!

Tooter: *blows his snork at them, causing the others to laugh except for junior*

Junior: You brains, you just ruined my good impersination of Corky!!!

Corky: I've come here to tell you all that it's time for the Snork Patrol to retire.

Snorks: *mumble to each other*

Governor Wetworth: *takes away trophy* Well if you say so, Corky. I hereby name Snip and Snap Snorkland Heroes of the Year!

Allstar: Why did we have to abandon such a neat sub, Corky?

Corky: Becuase, my boy --

(the lair explodes with bubblegum)

Corky: I put bubblegum in his shock-shooters! *laughs*


  • While Bigweed is creating Snip and Snap, there are rough transitions between the dialogue he makes with Lil Seaweed
  • When Corky refers to himself as a "has-been hero," he has black underneath his eyes


  • Snip's and Snap's relationships bare a strong resemblance to that of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, also Bucky Bug and his girlfriend-then-wife, June Bug from Disney's Silly Symphony comics and about every anthropomorphic cartoon animal couples from The Golden Age of Animation.
  • When Junior impersinates Corky, he's reading Hamlet's famous soliloquy "To be or not ot be, that is the question"



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