(As the snorks watch several bulldozers clear land, Occy makes his own little hole, so they all turn around to watch him)

Casey: What's the matter with Occy?

Dimmy: He must think he's a snorkdozer.

Allstar: *laughs* No, he's just trying to help.

Junior: *walks over to them* So, you've come to watch them build my building?

Dimmy: Your building?!

Junior: Well my father, the Governor, owns it now. But it'll be mine someday. Of course, it's just one of our smaller buildings. *walks away*

Casey: Oh, it's not fair! Some snorks work their whole lives and never get rich.

Junior: *falls into Occy's hole*

Allstar: Yeah! *laughs* And others just fall into it!

Junior: Help! Get me out of here! *Occy helps him back up* What happened? *Occy digs a bigger hole and places the dirt on Junior* Hey!

Allstar: Occy, cool it!

Dimmy: Oh boy, can that octopus dig?

(All want Occy to come back when he pops out on the other side)

Tooter: *sees he has something*

Allstar: He's found something! Let's go! *all leave*

Junior: *gets out of pile of dirt* Where did everybody go?

Daffney: Look, Occy dug a tunnel!

Casey: Wow, Allstar, look at that!

(Occy is holding up a treasure map)

Dimmy: Hey, what is that stuff?

Allstar: Occy's dug up some ancient Snorkian relics. *reads it* It's some kind of a map.

Casey: There's only one reason for a map like this - buried treasure!

All: Yeah, it could be buried treasure.

Allstar: Hey, let's take it to my Uncle Gallio. Maybe he can figure out what it says.

Dimmy: *swims iwth others* Yeah, a treasure! We'll all share it!

Junior: *overhears this* Treasure, huh? Once I get my hands on that map, I won't share it with anyone.

Willie: Anyone!

Junior: *glares at him*

(At Dr. Gallio's lab, Gallio is examining the map)

Gallio: Hmm, very interesting. It's definitely very old.

Dimmy: But what was it doing down there?

Gallio: Well, Dimmy, you see. That is, um, oh, there you all are. This shell was buried by an ancient tribe of snorks.

Daffney: You mean there were snorks here before Snorkland?

Casey: Sure, Daffney. They're the ones that built Snorkland.

Allstar: They capped off all the volcanos so that snorks could live here safely.

Gallio: Precisely, Allstar. *writes on chalkboard* And they wrote in strange symbols. It may take me days to translate them.

Casey: While we go out and follow the map, will you study the writing, Doctor?

Gallio: Yes, but first, let's all go into the kitchen and test my latest experiment - seaweed sundaes with marshmallow weeds.

Dimmy: Oh boy, I love experiments!

(Junior takes the map and writes a fake one)

Junior: *laughs* Sometimes I'm so smart!

Willie: So smart! How smart is that?

Junior: *laughs* Allwet and his pals will follow this fake map, while I take the real map and find the treasure! *places fake map back on table*

(Meanwhile, the snorks are going on a treasure map with the fake map)

Casey: Turn left at the Giant Noddelist, Allstar.

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: I know, Tooter - we're going beyond the limits, but that's what the map says.

Casey: Now, turn right at the Caverns of No Return.

Daffney: *gasps* The Caverns of No Return?! But no snorks have ever explored there!

Dimmy: *nervously gulps* And returned.

Allstar: Well no one ever said treasure hunting wouldn't be dangerous. All those in favor of going into the caverns raise your hands. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Wait a minute! Occy, you only get one vote!

Occy: *blushes and laughs in embarrassment* 

Daffney: I sure hope I'm reading this map right. 

(Back in town, Junior and Willie are using the real map to find the treasure)

Junior: Left, ten paces.

Willie: Yikes! *sees passing cars pass him* 

Junior: Hmm, either we go straight up, or I'm holding the map upside down. *switches it around* No, that's not it.

Willie: Ah! *sees buses* Uh! Mama!

Junior: This way, Willie. *they cause the two buses to crash, and the driver to get angry with each other* Hey, watch where you're snorking!

Drivers: *blow steam out of their snorks and grind their teeth at him*

(The snorks take the Silverfish into the Caverns of No Return)

Casey: Watch out for that rock! *they dodge it* 

Allstar: Whoa, that was close!

Dimmy: Captain, there's a strange looking cave dead ahead! Wow, I've never seen anything like it!

Allstar: *runs over to check it out* Let me take a look. *sees teeth* Oh, it sure looks dangerous. Which way does the map say to go?

Casey: Through the cave.

Allstar: Engines at half speed, Dimmy. We're goin' in.

Dimmy: Couldn't we have had lunch first? I haven't had a bite since breakfast.

Allstar: Turn on the search light, Tooter.

Tooter: *does so*

Allstar: Stop engines. Dimmy and I will go out and scout around. *they do that, and end up on the tongue of the giant creature* This is very strange.

Dimmy: *sees uvula* Look, a punching bag! *punches it, waking the creature and causing a seaquake and its mouth to close* 

Allstar: *grabs him* Come on, Dimmy, back to the ship! Start the engines!

Daffney: *with plankburger* Here, Dimmy, I made you a snack.

Dimmy: If we don't get out of here fast, we'll all be snacks.

Allstar: Full speed ahead! *escape it* More steam, Tooter! *trap it* 

All: *sighs of relief*

Occy: *opens his eyes and barks in happiness*

Allstar: That's right, Occy, old boy! The coast is clear!

Casey: It oughta be smooth sailing from now on!

(however, the Silverfish begins to shake - and they're in a whirlpool)

Daffney: Oh, what's happening to us??!!

Allstar: Oh no, it's a whirlpool!


(Junior and Willie enter the steam room this time)

Willie: The - the - steam works?! *grabs onto his older brother*

Junior: What's wrong now???

Willie: I'm, uh, scared!

Junior: Afraid of a little steam?! What can happen?? Come on, let's go!

Willie: *gets hit by steam from behind* WHOA!!!! *heads back over to Junior*

Junior: It says turn left... *turns to a small tunnel* here. 

Willie: *wonders where he is* Junior, Junior! *steams pops up from below* JUNIOR!

Junior: Let's see.. this way.

Willie: HELP!!!! *gets sucked in through steam vac above*

Junior: Hmm, still there, Willie?

Willie: *comes back down* YAH! 

Junior: Stop yelling! I told ya - nothing's gonna happen to ya! 

Willie: *walks with tongue out in exhaustion and coughs*

Junior: Now, it's only 100 paces more. See Willie? It was nothin' to it.

Willie: *coughs* Nothin' to it.

(they eventually end up back at their house)

Junior: 98, 99, 100. This is it! Snork marks the spot!

Willie: But this is our house!

Junior: *laughs* Yeah! How about that? We've been livin' on top of a treasure, and we didn't even know it! *gives Willie a shovel and they start digging as he laughs some more* Soon, I'll be the richest snork in Snorkland!

Governor Wetworth: *steps outside* Oh, wow, what a beautiful day! *Junior gets dirt in his dad's face* Junior, what is the meaning of this?! If there's going to be any mud slinging in this family, I'll do it!

Junior: It's treasure, dad. This old map led us right to this spot. We're livin' on a fortune!

Governor Wetworth: A map? Treasure?! Oh! *takes it and reads it* Well, I'm ashamed of you boys digging up your motehr's garden this way. Give me that shovel. *uses bulldozer instead* Now, this is the Wetworth way!

(the Silverfish is still caught in that same whirlpool)

Casey: Allstar, we have to do something!

Allstar: I have an idea. Everybody, snork to the front of the ship. *all do so, causing the Silverfish to dip slightly* It's working!

Daffney: We're not spinning anymore! 

Casey: You're right! We're crashing!

Allstar: Got to - reach the break! *can't reach far enough* It's - no use!

Occy: *does so, and they land on an oyster after a parschute pops out from the top*

Allstar: *sighs in relief* It's okay, everyone! The emergency is over!

Tooter: *sighs and giggles in relief as well*

Allstar: Check our position, Dimmy.

Daffney: Yeah, where are we?

Dimmy: It looks safe. Nothin' can happen to us here.

(but the oyster closes in on the Silverfish)

All: *wail in terror*

(Junior, Willie, and Governor Wetworth are still digging up Mrs. Wetworth's garden, but can't seem to find any treasure)

Governor Wetworth: Maps, treasure! I should have my head examined!

Mrs. Wetworth: *steps outside and sees the damage* My garden! My prized seafurns! What have you done?! *faints*

Governor Wetworth; This is all your fault, Junior!

Junior: *shovel hits on hard ground and he gasps* The treasure!

Governor Wetworth: Well, don't just stand there, dig it up! 

(as they do, Gallio finally translates the map)

Gallio: There, all translated. it seems that it isn't a treasure map at all - it's a warning. The words say, "DO NOT DIG HERE - BEWARE OF FLOWING ROCK." Flowing rock?! uh oh!

(the Wetworth boys still dig when lava spews out, so they run for it)

Governor Wetworth: Snork for your lives! 

(the lava gets on their house as well)

Mrs. Wetworth: *cries* my beautiful house!

Governor Wetworth: Buried treasure, oh!

Junior: *grins nervously*

(the snorks escape from the oyster)

Allstar: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

All: Yay!!! 

Allstar: And now we head for home!

Casey: Oh, I can't wait to show everyone the treasure!

(a big meeting is being held downtown with the snorks holding a pearl)

Allstar: And then, we were captured by a giant oyster - and that's where we found this giant pearl! *all gasp as Dimmy and Tooter hold it up* Which we are going to donate to the Snorkland Museum!

Snorks: Yay!

(Meanwhile, Governor Wetworth has Junior and Willie clearing off the hard rock on their house)

Governor Wetworth: And when you clear all that lava away, I have some more chores for you!

Allstar: And I jsut wanted to say, that we never would've found the treasure - without this map!

Junior: *grits teeth and blows steam out of his snork*

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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