(Enter Snorkland High, where Daffney, Casey, and Lil Seaweed are eyeing a poster of Stevie Snork, the star football player)

Casey: Oh wow. Stevie Snork sure is dreamy.

Lil Seaweed: He sure is, and I hear he's gonna pick his Homecoming Queen at the dance Saturday night.

Casey: Really?

Lil Seaweed: Really, and I'm sure he's gonna ask me.

Casey: Why you? After all, I'm the smartest girl in school.

Daffney: Well I hear you need a lot more that good grades to get a date with Stevie Snork.

Lil Seaweed: Like what?

Daffney: Like pom-poms. I hear Stevie Snork only dates cheerleaders.

Casey: Cheereladers, huh? 

(she dreams of cheering for him at the football game)

Casey: 2, 4, 6, 8, there's one player who is great - Stevie! Stevie! YAY!

(in real time)

Lil Seaweed: Hmm, if I was a cheerleader...

(her daydream)

Lil Seaweed: *Stevie picks her up* My hero! *but she lands on him*

(back in real time again)

Lil Seaweed: I've got to cut down on those kelpburgers!

(Junior and Allstar are nearby)

Allstar: So Junior, who are you taking to the Homecoming Dance?

Junior: Oh, I'm taking --

Lester: Well, hello there, fellow schoolmates.

Allstar; Uh hi Lester. Uh, what do you have there?

Lester: Snorkball applications. I was wondering if you guys wanna go out for the team.

Junior: *laughs* Snorkball?! That's for jock snorks! Us real macho snorks are into more manly things! *flowers fall out of his locker, and he blushes*

Lester: Oh yeah, real manly, Junior, where'd you get the petunias? *laughs*

Junior: You know, Lester, you're a real locks! Besides, these aren't mine, these are for Celia Snork. I'm gonna ask her to the Homecoming Dance.

Allstar: Celia Snork?! You can't do that?

Junior: Why not?

Allstar: Because I was gonna ask her!

Junior: Oh yeah?!

Allstar: Yeah! If Celia wanted to go with a locks, she'd go with Lester!

Lester: Well, you can both forget it. Celia only dates snorkball players. *laughs*

Junior: Eh, what do you know?

All: *see her walking by with some macho snorkball players* uh, hi, Celia.

Celia: *giggles* 

Allstar: Hmm, maybe you're right. Maybe she does only date snorkball players. 

(he dreams of winning the game for her)

Celia: *kisses him* Oh, Allstar, you're the greatest!

(back in real time, he accidentally huggles Lester)

Lester: Let me go! Gee Allstar, I know you're grateful for the tip, but a handshake will do.

Allstar: Gosh, sorry Lester. I musta been dreaming. Hey Junior, where are you going?

Junior: Snorkball, dorkball. I don't care what Lester said, I'm gonna ask Celia to the dance anyway. *he tries doing so, but the snorkball players are blocking his way* Excuse me, pardon me, out of my way, muscles for brains! *they growl at him*

Allstar: He doesn't stand a chance. 

Junior: *gets beat up into a ball and Allstar lightly steps on him* Hey, get off of me! Boy, it does look like you gotta be a snorkball player to get close to that girl.

Allstar; Huh, maybe you're right.

Junior: Hey Lester, wait up! Give me one of those! 

Allstar: Yeah, me too!

(in class, the boys are staring at Celia but the snorkball players are being too rough on them)

Mrs. Fisher: Good morning, class.

All: Good morning, Mrs. Fisher.

Junior: *blows a kiss to Celia, but it lands on a snorkball players, cheek, and he gclenches his fist at him*

(meanwhile, Allstar draws a picture saying I Heart Seals, and he tries giving it to Celia)

Mrs. Fisher: What do we have hear, Allstar? You love seals?! Allstar, I think you'd better see a doctor after class.

All: *laugh at him*

Mrs. Fisher: Now before class begins, I'd like to remind you all that if you plan on attending the big Homecoming game and dance this Saturday, you must pass this weeks test.

All: *groan*

Daffney (with Casey's body): That's not fair, Mrs. Fisher!

(at practice after school, the girls are with the cheerleaders while the boys are with the other snorkball players)

Celia: Okay, cheereladers, time for practice!

Allstar and Junior: *swoo over her when the coach blows the whistle and they get back in position - they try catching the ball when it lands on Lil Seaweed and Casey catches it by accident*

Stevie: Wow, great catch.

Casey: Oh, it was nothing.

Stevie: Nothing? Boy, I could sure use you on my team - those guys are useless. *shows her Allstar and Junior lying down*

Casey: *blushes hot red* Gee, thanks, Stevie.

Lil Seaweed: Well, she never would've caught that ball if it wasn't for a lucky bounce.

Stevie: I sure hope you do good on the test tomorrow so you can make it to the big game.

Casey: Oh, I wouldn't miss it for all the kelp in the ocean.

Stevie: Well, I gotta go. But first, promise me you'll be there.

Casey: Oh, snorks honor. 5, 6, 7, 8, I know who will be my date, STEVIE! *giggles*

Lil Seaweed: Well, I'll just have to make sure Miss Smarty-snork doesn't pass that test!


(at school the next day, Allstar and Junior are eating lunch in the cafeteria - or is it breakfast? - when they see Celia walking pas them)

Allstar: Hey! There's Celia! I'm gonna ask her to the dance now!

Junior: Not before I do!

Allstar: Hey, outta my way!

Junior: Move, I saw her first! *throws jello at him but it ends up on anotehr buff snorkball player so he throws spaghetti at him although it lands on Allstar* Hahaha!

Allstar: Yeah! *throws food at him*

All: *have a major food fight in the cafeteria now*

(meanwhile, Casey's getting her books out of her locker when Lil Seaweed approaches her)

Lil Seaweed: So, you ready for the big test? *laughs*

Casey: You bet your snork I am!

Lil Seaweed: Well, we'll just see about that. *laughs, then goes inside to place a cheat sheet under Casey's desk* Oh, this'll take care of that goody two snork, and this salt water taffy should help!

(she takes her seat aas the other students enter the classroom)

Mrs. Fisher: Now remember class, this test is very important, and anyone caught cheating will be severly punished. 

(the students continue taking their tests when the cheat sheet falls out from udner Casey's desk)

Casey: *gasps* What's this?

Mrs. Fisher: *takes a look at it for herself* What?! A cheat sheet?! Casey, I'm shocked! You're the last one I'd ever thought would cheat!

Casey: But I, --

Mrs. Fisher: No buts, Miss Snork, I'll see you after class!

Lil Seaweed: *smiles*

(as students leave for their break, Casey's talking to Mrs. Fisher and tries assuring her she didn't cheat on that test)

Casey: Honest, Mrs. Fisher, I have no idea where that cheat sheet came from!

Mrs. Fisher: Well, Casey, since you've never done anything like this before, I'll be lenient.

Casey: Snorkaroo! Does that mean I still get to go to the Homecoming Game?

Mrs. Fisher: On 2 conditions.

Casey: What? Anything!

Mrs. Fisher: After school today, you must take a make-up test, and on Saturday, you msut come in and must clean the entire classroom before the game.

Casey: Clean the classroom?

Mrs. Fisher: From top to bottom!

Casey: Well, it's not that dirty.

Lil Seaweed: *sits on a turtle from behind a window* Well, it may not be dirty now, but just wait! *laughs as she falls off the turtle*

(After school, Junior tries visiting Celia at her house)

Junior: Oh no! I shoulda gotten Celia some flowers or something! Hey, there's some flowers! I'll just pick her some of those! *they're actually flytraps who trap him, so he gets some thorns out instead before knocking on her front door*

Celia: Well hello, Junior.

Junior: Why hi, I mean hello, Celia. These are for you.

Celia: *picks a thron* Ouch!

Junior: Uh, sorry. 

Celia: That's okay, Junior. Why don't you come in and we'll put those, needles in water.

Junior: *tries going in when he gets caught by the same venus flytrap then put back inside the house*

Celia: What's the matter?

Junior: Uh, nothing. Just a slight case of snork burn. Uh Celia, there's something I wanna ask you.

Celia: Yes, Junior?

Junior: Well see, I just wanted to know, I mean, would you *door knocks*

Celia: Uh, excuse me, Junior.

Junior: Ah, clamdip.

Allstar: *with a vase full of green flowers* Here, Celia. These reminded me of your lovely green eyes. 

Celia: Oh, why thank you, Allstar, but my eyes are blue.

Allstar: So they are. *paints them with blue fish, who sticks his tongue out at them* Then these should do the trick!

Celia: *giggles* Oh Allstar, how clever! Won't you come in?

Junior: Oh brother! Couldn't you think of a better line than that, Allstar? 

Allstar: Hey, what are you doing here?

Junior: I'm supposed to be here!

Allstar: Is that so?

Junior: It sure is!

Allstar: Oh yeah?

Junior: Yeah!

Celia: Boys, boys! Now, now, now! There's no need to argue!

Allstar: Sorry, Celia. I don't know what got into me.

Junior: Yes, uh, sorry, my dear.

Allstar: Hey don't call my girl dear!

Junior: Your girl?! She's my girl!

Allstar: That's what you think!

Celia: I'm not anybody's girls! Now you boys just tell me what you want!

Both: Will you go to the dance with me?

Celia: Oh! *laughs* So that's what this is all about! Why boys, I'm flattered, but I've already decided who my date will be.

Both: You have?!

Celia: Yes. My date will be the snorkball player who does the best at the game on Saturday.

Allstar: Best snorkball player, huh?

Junior: No problem!

(at Casey's house as sunset approaches)

Casey: *collects a couple of cleaning supplies* Boy, if I wanna go to the game tomorrow, I've got to make that classroom sparkle. *gets out a portable fish vaccume* Hey, I can use my mom's new portable vaccum. How does this thing work, anyway? *it blows* Boy, maybe this thing works a little too well!

(Lil Seaweed collects some garbage at the local city dump)

Lil Seaweed: That junkyard should be full of trash to fill that classroom! Boy, there's everything here but the kitchen sink! *sees one* And there's one now! That'll be jsut the topper! *all the trash falls on her*

(meanwhile, Junior's got an obstacle course set out)

Junior: This obstacle course should help me be the best snorkball player and get that date with Celia! *does it* 

(but at Allstar's house, he's got his exercise equipment set up)

Allstar: If Celia wants the best snorkball player, then she's gonna get it. *he flips over as he lifts up a heavy one*


(The next morning at school)

Lil Seaweed: *drags the junk into the classroom* This garbage will keep Casey cleaning the classroom for days! 

Casey: *arrives to the school* Well, with an early start, I'll have that room clean way before the game. I'm sure glad the room's not that dirty. *sees the mess for herself and gasps* Oh no! How did the room ever get this dirty???

Lil Seaweed: *smiles as she watches from the window*

(the big Homecoming Game takes place)

Announcer: Welcome, boys and girls, and all you Snorkball fans to the Homecoming Game with our very own Snorkland Snorks! 

Lil Seaweed and Daffney: 1, 2, 3, 4, we all know who takes the snork!

Celia: Snorkland! Snorkland! YAY!

Announcer: And the Oyster Bay Bullfrogs!

Audience: Boo!

Announcer: And the game is underway!

(As Stevie kicks the ball high into the sky, Casey's still cleaning the classroom)

Casey: Oh, at this rate, I'll never make it to the dance, let alone the game. But I've just gotta try! Oh, I want Stevie to ask me to the dance so bad!

(The game is tied with a score of 7-7)

Audience: *boo as the Oysters get the ball*

Lil Seaweed and Daffney: Snorkland, Snorkland, get on the ball!

Celia: You have to beat these guys, once and for all!

(Casey's miserable at this point)

Casey: Oh no! Time's running out! I'll never make it! *cries*

Fairy Snorkmother: *pops out of orange colored smoke* These glamourous entrances are getting too much for me! Why can't I use the door like everyone else?

Casey: Who are you?

Fairy Snorkmother: So who do you think I am, the Tooth Fairy?! Why I'm your Fairy Snorkmother, toots.

Casey: Fairy Snorkmother? But how can that be? That only happens in fairy tales.

Fairy Snorkmother: In cartoons too, missy. Now do you wanna sit and discuss me or hurry and get to that game, dear?

Casey: But how? I still have the rest of this room to clean.

Fairy Snorkmother: Well, I'll take care of that, babe! *cleans it with her wand, and it's now spotless*

Casey: *gasps* Wow, my mother could sure use you once a week!

Fairy Snorkmother: Yeah, well, I don't do windows, and ovens are extra too, okay?

Casey: Oh, but I still won't make it in time! It'll take me at least five minutes to get to the field, and I'm still not dressed! *she gets changed with the wand into her cheer uniform and a Mardi Gras mask to cover her face - she takes a look at herself in the mirror and gasps with shear delight* Great! But, why the mask?

Fairy Snorkmother: Well someone sabotaged you once, they're bound to do it again. You gotta keep yourself under disguise.

Casey: Boy, great idea!

Fairy Snorkmother: Now all we have to do is find you some transportation. Hmm, those seahorses should do just fine.

(Outside the school's front entrance, Fairy Snorkmother places a clam and the two seahorses down)

Casey: Now what?

Fairy Snorkmother: Just wait, hon, this is the best part of all. *laughs, but then turns them into a carriage for Casey to ride in*

Casey: Wow! This is just like in a real fairy tale!

Fairy Snorkmother: Well what do you think you're in, deary? 

Casey: *hugs her as she gets in* Oh, thank you, Fairy Snorkmother! Thanks for everything!

Fairy Snorkmother: You're welcome, Snorkerella, but you must be back in the classroom by 12 noon.

Casey: Well what'll happen if I'm not?

Fairy Snorkmother: Then everything will go back to the way it was, and you won't be able to go to the dance, babe.

Casey: Oh I promse I'll be back. *she leaves*

(At the game)

Announcer: It's not too good for our Snorkland Snorks. *audience boos as the oysters score yet another touchdown* It's gonna take a miracle for the snorks to win this game!

Casey: *arrives* Snorks have strength, snorks have might, so come on, guys, lets fight, fight, fight!

Audience: *cheers for her, especially after Snorkland finally scores a touchdown* 

Announcer: I don't know who this mystery cheerleader is, but she's making our snorks rise for the occasion!

Casey: Come on, Stevie! He's our snork! He's no slouch, and he's no dork! If there's a winner, it is Steve! So don't give up, and just believe!

Stevie: Wow, she's really something!

Lil Seaweed: I don't know who that mystery cheerleader is either, but I've gotta get rid of her!

(Lil Seaweed throws taffy at her, and Casey gets stuck in it. The audience laughs at her, and so does Lil Seaweed,  while Casey cries in humiliation and leaves the game with her shoe behind)

Audience: Snorks! Snorks! Yay!

(The ball bounces on Allstar and Junior before landing in Lester's hands)

Junior: Uh oh.

Allstar: There goes the locks.

(Lester scores a touchdown for his team)

Announcer: And the Snorks win the game!

Celia: *hugs him* My hero! Will you be my date for the dance, Lester?

Lester: Oh, gee, uh, I guess so, Celia.

Allstar and Junior: *fall over* Oh no, not Lester!

Stevie: Where'd she go?

Audience: *pick him up* Three cheers for Stevie!

Stevie: Oh, where's my mystery cheerelader?

(The carriage shrinks back)

Casey: Oh no! Things are starting to change back already! it must be nearing 12:00! *her clothes are now normal* Oh, I'll never make it! *classroom's even worse than before* Oh no! now I'll never make it to the dance!

(Back at the game, Stevie finds her shoe)

Stevie: I must find the snork who fits this shoe. That's who's going to be my Homecoming Queen.

(At the dance that night, everyone else is having a good time, but Allstar and Junior angrily watch Celia dance with Lester)

Allstar: Well if your stupid snork hadn't gotten in the way, I'd be dancing with Celia!

Junior: Oh yeah?! Well if your snork hadn't been so big, I would've made that touchdown!

(Stevie's on stage in his Homecoming King wear)

Stevie: Okay, everyone, it's for me to pick my Homecoming Queen. 

Girls: Me! Me! Me!

Stevie: The girls whose foot fits this shoe will be my queen.

Lil Seaweed: *pushes them* Excuse me! Outta my way! Get! Gotta get through! Oh, hi, Stevie! Where'd you find my sneaker?

Stevie: Oh, this is one foot I hope it doesn't fit. *and it doesn't* Uh, next!

Lil Seaweed: *tries again* But it's just gotta fit! See, I told ya it was mine! Hey, where'd my shoe go?

Stevie: Sorry, Lil Seaweed, but this is one time the shoe goes on another foot! *she leaves, and another snork tries it on but it's too big on her* 

(after many girls, the last one doesn't fit)

Stevie: Oh, it's just no use! I'll never find my mystery girl! I need some air! 8as he goes out into the hallway, he hears Casey crying* Huh? What's that? it sounds like someone's crying. *sees Casey through the window of the classroom door* It's Casey! hey, I never tried the shoe on her! 

Lil Seaweed: Oh, I've got to stop him! *turns her extra taffy into a lasso* Yahoo! This taffy worked twice! It'll work again! *grabs Mrs. Fisher by accident*

Mrs. Fisher: Ooh, it worked twice! Did it, Lil Seaweed?

Lil Seaweed: Uh oh!

(Stevie is talking to Casey inside the classroom)

Stevie: Casey, you're the only one I haven't tried. May I try this tennis shoe on you?

Casey: *bats her eyes at him slightly* Well, I don't know, Stevie.

Stevie: Oh, please?

Casey: Well, okay. *it fits her* 

(Casey's in her cheer unifrom and crown as her and Stevie both dance together)

Stevie: Oh Casey, I'm so glad it was your's!

Casey: Well, you know what they say, if the shoe fits, wear it!

Both: *hold hands and laugh*

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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