(It's the hottest day in Snorkland, and everyone in town is miserable - not only are they sweating, the temeprature on the mercury thermometer is rising, and cars can hardly pass by)

Policeman: *after the engine to his car breaks down* Ah, it's just too hot.

(Daffney, Casey, Dimmy, and Tooter walk by with their umbrellas, lunchbozes, and other beach items)

Daffney: Boy, it's so hot today, you could fry a fish-egg on the sidewalk!

Tooter: *cracks one open and a fish swims out* 

Casey: We better move it if we want to get to Cool Current Cove. 

Dimmy: *sits down* Move?! It's so hot, nothin' can make me move. 

Snork: Kelpsickles, get your ice cold kelpsickles!

Dimmy: *swims over to the kelpsickle stand* Oh boy! Kelpsickles! I'll have a double kelpsickle! *he tries to eat it, but it melts* 

(as the girls laugh in response, Junior carrying a surfboard, and two girls wearing 80's outfits, walk by)

Junior: These are my friends Tubular and Gagme Witherspoons. *the Witherspoons whisper to each other* When we get to the cove, I'm gonna show them how I won the snorkboard championship.

Daffney: You won the championship?!

Dimmy: The only snorkboarding champion I know is Allstar!

Casey: If Allstar didn't have to help his Uncle Gallio today, he'd show you who's champ.

Tubular: Allstar? Like, who's that?

Junior: Oh, Oh, he's just some drip. I always beat him at everything. Come on, girls. Last one to the cove is a rotten fish egg. *trips over Tooter's egg shells as Tooter releases more fish free, causing Junior to fly high* 

Tubular: Like, wow. Too much!

Dimmy: I wish Allstar could come to the cove with us.

Casey: Oh, poor Allstar. It must be very hot in Dr. Gallio's lab. 

(as the thermometer breaks, Gallio and Allstar are trying to blow away the steam in the lab)

Allstar: *coughs* I think you turned the wrong valve, Uncle Gallio!

Gallio: *coughs* You're quite right, Allstar. *fixes it* There... oh, that's better.

Allstar: This is exciting, Uncle Gallio! Just a few more refinements, and our new Aquaconditioner will keep Snorkland cool through any heat wave! 

Gallio: Come to think of it, it feels rather cool in here right now. 

Allstar: *laughs* Oh, that's because of Occy!

Gallio: *looks up* Occy?

(Occy is spinning around where the fan is located)

Gallio: *as Allstar takes notes* Now, if I could only figure out how to regulate the cooling valves, perhaps if I put Tab A into Slot B *it explodes again* or was that Tab B into Slot A? 

Allstar: *sees it destroyed* Uncle Gallio, look! Oh no, it's ruined!

Gallio: Well, I wrecked it so I'll fix it. Why don't you run along to the cove with your friends?

Allstar: Well I'd really rater stay here and help you, Uncle Gallio.

Gallio: *gently pushes him out the door* Nonsense. A young snork like you should be in the cove on a day like this. Now skidaddle.

Allstar: Well, if you're sure...

Gallio: Just remember not to snorkboard too late.

Allstar: I'll remember. Come on, Occy. *he follows him*

Gallio: I think I have it. *as Allstar and Occy head out, the lab bounces up and Gallio hasn't fixed it yet*

(Allstar is now at the cove, showing off his snorkboarding skills as all his friends watch nearby) 

Dimmy: Way to go, Allstar!

Tooter: *whistles*

(the Witherspoon Sisters watch Allstar snorkboarding)

Tubular: Ooh!

Gagme: He's too much!

Both: *sigh* What a hunk!

Junior: Thanks, girls!

Tubular: Oh we weren't talking about YOU!

Gagme: Allstar's so cool!

Both: *sigh*

Junior: Allstar?! That whimp?! I taught him everythign he knows! 

(but Allstar loses his balance and falls off his snorkbaord)

All: Yikes! 

(Allstar returns to sit with Casey and the others)

Casey: Allstar, what happened?

Tooter: *asks the same thing*

Allstar: Oh, I'm fine. I was just thinking about Uncle Gallio's new invention, and I lost my concentration. I guess it's not my day for snorkboarding. 

Junior: Hmm, just what I wanted to hear. Well, Allwet! I guess you're the big splash at the cove today! *laughs*

Casey: *sarcastically* Very funny, Junior.

Junior: *gets on his snorkboard* How about a little snorkboard race, Allstar?

Allstar: I'd rather not, Junior. I've got other things on my mind. 

Junior: Well, if you're afraid.

Dimmy: Go ahead, Allstar. Show him who's the real snorkboard champ.

Tooter: Yeah. *beep beep*

Casey: But take your mind off the invention.

Allstar: Okay, Junior, you got a race. Where and when?

Junior: The Big Reef at 5:00.

Allstar: Big Reef? That could be dangerous.

Junior: *uses his hands as binoculars* Well, I think I've spotted a yellow-tailed, scaredy-fish! *laughs*

Allstar: Okay, Junior, we'll see who the scaredy-fish is at 5:00.

Casey: Come on, Allstar, let's build a sandcastle. That'll take your mind off things.

Allstar: Good idea, let's go. *his friends follow him* 

Junior: I can't wait till I beat Allstar in the big race. Then the girls will know who's king of the cove. 

(Willie's standing nearby, and so he sneezes so loud that he knocks over junior into the sand)

Junior: Willie, what's wrong with you???

Willie: *sniffs* I have a cold in my snork! 

Junior: *groans*


(Junior prefects his snorkboard by placing a white tarp with a picture of himself over it)

Willie: What are you doin'?

Junior: *laughs* This'll make Allstar look like he's standin' still. *Tubular and Gagme walk by* Hi, girls! Want a ride on my new sailboard?

Gagme: Oh, no way! We're gonna watch Allstar build a sandcastle! 

Tubular: Oh, he is too much!

Junior: *mocks them* Too much! Oh, we'll see about that! I'll show them a thing or two about sandcastles. Stand here, Willie - and don't touch anything!

Willie: *sneezes*

(Junior pays the construction worker in pearls)

Junior: 8, 9, that's 10, there. And remember, I want it big. 

Worker: Uh, sure thing, Mr. Wimpworth.

Junior: That's Wetworth! When those girls see my castle, they'll forget about Mr. Allwet! 

(Allstar is putting the finishing touches on his, with a design of Casey as a mermaid on top)

Allstar: Just a few last touches, Occy. *Pccy finishes it off with an exterior and an octopus on the bottom* There it is - Seaworthy Castle.

(they cheer him on)

Tooter: *toots*

Casey: Oh, it's beautiful, Allstar. It's the best sandcastle in Snorkland.

Gagme: Ooh, it's awsome!

Tubular: Oh, it's too much! 

Junior: It's the pits! You call that a sandcastle?! Come on, girls, I'll show you a castle that'll blow you away! *they follow him - Allstar and Casey shrug to each other as they too follow Junior* Well, there it is - Wetworth Palace.

(an even larger and wider sandcastle stands in front of them, with his head drawn on top)

All: Ooh!

Junior: Too much, huh? 

Gagme: Oh, I'll say, it's like, it's like --

Tubular: You know, totally snorky!

Junior: Come on in and see the pol table!

(Wilie rides on Junior's sailboard and crashes into the sandcastle, thus destroying it and making everyone laugh)

Junior: *shakes sand off of him* Next time you sneeze, cover your snork!

Willie: *sneezes more sand on him* Excuse me!

(Junior and Willie watch more snorkboarders pass by)

Junior: Allstar and the big race, those girls will think I'm the greatest. There's only one problem.

Willie: What?

Junior: How do I beat him?

Willie: Yeah, how?

Allstar: You know, Casey, I'm real worried about the new invention.

Junior: *to Willie as they swim over* Shh.

Allstar: *on his snorkboard* I've got to get back to Uncle Gallio's lab and work on that motor.

Junior: Motor, huh? Hmm. This could work out just fine. *gets on his snorkboard and swims over to him* Hey, Allwet! Ready for our little race? You can always back out if you're still scared. 

Allstar: I'm ready right now, Junior, okay?

Junior: Wait, I'll meet you back here in one hour. I gotta take Willie home.

Willie: But I don't have to go --

Junior: *covers his mouth* Remember, one hour. *swims away* 

Allstar: I'll be here!

Willie: But Junior, I don't have to go home!

Junior: I know that, you ninny! We have a little errand to run before the race, and then I'll be Mr. Cool around here. Heh, heh, heh!

Willie: Ha, ha, huh?!

(meanwhile, Glalio returns to his lab only to see the Aquaconditioner is missing) 

Gallio: What?! The Aquaconditioner is gone?! 

(turns out Junior had taken it and is now using it as a propeller for his snorkboard as the race between him and Allstar goes on and the snorks are watching)

Casey: Come on, Allstar!

Dimmy: Get at 'em, go!

Daffney: What a race!

Gallio: *walks over to them* 

Casey: Dr. Gallio, what are you doing here?

Gallio; The Aquaconditioner is missing. I came to see if Allstar knows anything about it.

Casey: He's been here all day.

Gallio: Well this is terrible. What could've happened to it?

Junior: *about ready to pull the string on it, making it go faster* As soon as we get near the finish like, I pull the string, and ZOOM! *laughs*

Dimmy: Allstar's ahead! 

Daffney: No, it's Junior! 

Allstar: Come on, Junior, stay with me!

Junior: Don't worry about me, Allwet! I don't even know the meaning of the word "lose!"

Allstar: Look it up sometime!

Junior: *gets slammed into a coral tree and spins aroudn as Allstar gets ahead* I'll show you! *now goes faster by pulling the string on the Aquaconditioner*

Casey: *gasps* Junior's winnign!

Dimmy: I've never seen a snorkboard move that fast!

Daffney: He's nearing the finish line!

Junior: *wails as it explodes on him* Yikes! What's happening?! *he's now a frozen statue, making Allstar win the race* 

All: Yay!

Gallio: Hmm, I think I know what happened to the Aquaconditioner! Great snorks, it worked! My Aquaconditioner worked! 

Tooter: *laughs at Junior being frozen on his snorkboard*

Allstar: *laughs* You're right, Tooter! He looks like a statue - only we're gonna have to melt this one!

Dimmy: Do we have to?!

(Junior, now thawed out, is shivering by a steam place with everyone else)

Allstar: How do you feel, Junior:

Junior: T-t-terrible. Nothin' ever turns out right.

Allstar: But whatever you did to the Aquaconditoner made it work. Dr. Gallio and I couldn't do that.

Junior: Say, that's right. I made it work, and you couldn't! Right?

Allstar: Uh, that's right.

Junior: Boy, were you dumb???

Allstar: I should've known better.

Casey: *giggles*

Junior: *to Tubular and Gagme* Oh, did you come to see your hero, Allstar?

Gagme: Allstar? Oh, we've got a new hero! 

Tubular: A real cool snork!

Junior: So, you two girls finally came to your senses! *sees they're gone* Huh?

Gagme: *to Gallio* Oh, he is too much!

Tubular: And his invention's the coolest! 

Junior: *faints as everyone laughs at him* 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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