Snorkland High is the local high school in Snorkland. All the snorks attend there, and there are many activities that have taken place within those hallways. Lil Seaweed also attended that school, because Snorkland Services required her to do so upon fionding out she was the same age as the others. Two notable staff members include Ms. Seabottom and Mrs. Fisher, who has only appeared in Snorkerella. It makes its first appearance in Snorkdance and its final appearance in Snorkerella. Interesting fact, in Season 3 it was known as "Kelpmore High" for unknown reasons.

DA and Snorks Wikia 2012 again 059

Allstar and Casey dancing the Snorkland High hallways

 Episodes Snorkland High Appears


The Big Scoop

Allstar's Double Trouble

Fine Fettered Friends

Time Out for Sissies

The Whole Toot and Nothing But...

I Squid You Not (exterior only)

Sea Shore Sideshow (exterior only)

Junior's Empire

Tooter Loves Tadah

Salmon Chanted Evening

Battle Of the Gadgets

Jaws Say the Word

Rhyme and Punishment

Robin Snork (exterior only)


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