(On a boat, some red substance drops into the sea and hitting the source, causing it to break apart and red goo to come out - it hits a fish, and it ends up acting silly)

(as more of the red substance approaches Snorkland, the high school talent show is taking place, and Junior's up there performing on his snorkophone)

Daffney: *backstage with Dimmy* Gosh, Dimmy, looks like the whole town turned out for the high school talent contest. *sees the snorks in the audience* There's Allstar, and Casey, and Tooter. There's Occy, and tehre's your dad. *gasps as she sees a yellow snork with sunglasses sitting chill next to them* I don't believe it! It's Swifty Le Snork, the famous talent agent! he must be scouting for new talent for his night club!

Dimmy: *continuously moans behidn the curtains*

Daffney: Dimmy, what's the matter?

Dimmy: *shakes* I'm so scared. I feel like I have a butterfish in my stomach.

Daffney: Oh don't be silly, Dimmy. You're the greatest!

(everyone claps and cheers for Junior)

Junior: Thank you, thank you, thank you. *to Dimmy and Daffney* Ah, my adoring public - they can't get enough of me! What's the problem, Dimwhit? You look a little green around the gills.

Daffney: He's just a little nervous.

Dimmy: *stutters and shakes* Who, me? N-n-n-nervous?

Junior: Don't worry, Finster. When I go to work for Swifty Le Snork, I'll try getting you a job too - tuning up my snorkophone! *plays it in his face and laughs*

Announcer: And now here's a snork who says he's really funny, Dimmy Finster!

Dimmy: *stutters and holds on to the curtain* T-that's me. I can't do it.

Daffney: Don't worry, you're gonna bring the house down. 

Dimmy: *trips over the curtain and ends up on stage*

Casey: Hey look, it's Dimmy.

Tooter: *he and the others cheer for him*

Dimmy: Uh, uh, thanks, folks. Eh, say, what do you get when you cross a banker with a fish? You get a loan shakr! *nervously laughs*

Allstar: *facepalms* Ooh, this is terrible!

Casey: Oh, this is so embarrassing.

Dimmy: Hang on folks, there's more! What does an octopus wear on a cold day? He wears a coat of arms!

(audeince groans)

Tooter: *he and Occy cover their eyes*

Junior: *backstage* Har har har!

(Swifty Le Snork looks bored as well, yawning)

Dimmy: You get it? Arms? Eh, a coat? *he contonues, red goo hits the audience members* Moving right along, folks. *clears throat* How can you tell when there's a whale in your closet? When you can't get the door shut!

(the snorks laugh because the substance has caused them to act so silly - however, Allstar and his friends have yet to be affected by it)

Allstar: I don't get it, Dimmy's my pal, but he's not that funny.

Casey: Yeah, everybody's being too silly. Hey look. *more red goo comes down* What are those blobs of red stuff?

Allstar: Look out! They're coming this way!

Casey: Run for it!

Tooter: *toots an alarm*

Allstar: Occy, come on, hurry!

Occy: *the stuff hits him, and he laughs very loudly* 

Casey: Oh no, Occy!

Allstar: *grabs Occy and they head out* Whew, that was close!

Occy: *laughs*

Casey: Hey, look at Occy! Now he's acting silly too!

Occy: *does a few cartwheels*

Daffney: *her and Dimmy run over to them, with Dimmy holidng a contract in his hands* Hey, you guys!

Dimmy: Look at this! 

Allstar: What is it?

Dimmy: It's a contract to work at Swifty Le Snork's famous night club - tonight! 

Daffney: He said anybody that can make people laugh like that has to work for him!

Tooter: *sees it and makes money sounds*

Dimmy: *he and Daffney leave* I can't wait to tell my dad!

Casey: Allstar, I think that strange red stuff is what made the audience laugh.

Allstar: Yeah, Occy was affected by it too.

Occy: *gets on Allstar heads and kisses his snork, annyoing them*

Junior: So, I knew something was fishy! That red stuff made me lose the contest, huh? Well wait'll I tell my dad how you guys used that stuff to cheat! 

Occy: *kisses and hugs Junior*

Junior: Occy, stop it! Get off of me, mutt! *runs from him* HELP!

Allstar: We better go tell my Uncle Gallio about this, come on!

(in Snorkland, the red stuff causes the traffic to be crazy, and everyone to laugh at the wrecks - also, Marina, Governor Wetworth, George Kelp, and Mrs. Kelp are affected by it inside their homes)


(Gallio tests the red particles on some fish)

Gallio: Hmm, let me see now. *places it on a fish, and it acts silly* Hmm, just as I suspected - an acute case of, snorkymania.

Tooter: *pats it, but it sticks his tongue out at him, and so Tooter does the same to him)

Casey: Snorkymania, what's that?

Gallio: Uncontrollable silliness. *gets out book* It says here that snorkymania wears off in a few hours.

Allstar: But where does the red stuff come from?

Gallio: That, I don't know.

Allstar: Why don't we go out in the Silverfish, and find out?

Tooter: *toots a chant as they all do so*

(now out in the middle of the ocean with the Silverfish)

Tooter: *points to Occy chasing Junior*

Casey: It's Junior, and Occy's chasing him!

Junior: Scram, beat it, leave me alone! *sees a cliff* Yikes, I'm trapped! 

Occy: Kisses him, and they bth fall into the Silverfish*

Junior: So, escaping the city in the stupid ship of your's, eh?!

Casey: Honestly, Junior, you could at least say "thank you!" *after Occy licks him* We're getting something on the sonar.

Allstar: Yeah, I thik we found where the red stuff's coming from - it's somewhere north of here, near the Grear Reef.

Junior: Hey, wait a minute! That's - that's beyond the limits! I wanna go home!

Casey: It's too late now, Wetworth. 

(they enter the area where even more red stuff comes near them)

Casey: Look at all that stuff!

Allstar: According to the sonar, we must be right over the source of the red stuff.

Tooter: *toots a suggestion for them*

Casey: Tooter says we're almost right over the source itself. 

Allstar: The source! That's where all of Snorkland's power comes from! 

Casey: *finds it* Look! The red stuff's coming from that thing!

Allstar: But what is it?

(Silverfish shakes)

Junior: What hit me? *Occy still kisses him*

Casey: What happened?

Allstar: *sees it* It's that big can! It's weight is making the ridge crumble!

Casey: If that can drops into the source, that red stufff will poison our steam, and we'll all have snorkymania forever!

Allstar: *gets out with a rope* We can't let that happen, Casey. Follow me. *they all follow him.

Junior: Hey, don't leave me alone in there with that maniac mutt! *Occy follows him out* 

Allstar: We'll attach this line to the can and tow it away.

Casey: Just watch out for that red stuff.

Junior: *after Occy grabs him* Hey, snork it off! Look out! *red stuff hits him and he starts laughing too* 

Allstar: *ties it around can* This'll be a piece of cake! 

Junior: *he and Occy riding the waves*

Casey: Uh oh, it's Junior. He's got snorkymania!

Allstar: You all finish this. I'll go get Junior.

Junior: Occy, old buddy, this is the life!

Allstar: Hey Junior, wait up! 

Junior: Uh oh, here comes that spoiled sport, Allstar. *laughs* Hey let's run for it!

Allstar: Junior, stop, you're headed for the source!

Casey: Okay, pull. *her and Tooter budge* That's it. Now, let's get back in the Silverfish, and tow it away. *ridge crumbles* Huh?

Tooter: *toots an uh oh*

Casey: This ship is being pulled down into the source! *inside Silverfish* Quick, we've got to get back into it, I think it's too late! Oh, the thing is too heavy!

Junior: Look, Occy, no hands! *laughs*

Allstar: *grabs them* Hold still, Junior! *they all get sucked into the current*

Junior: Hey you know, you're really a snorky guy, Allstar! *laughs*

Allstar: Oh no, the current's too strong!

Casey: *after dropping the red can* Tooter, we did it!

Tooter: *Cheers*

(they rescue the others, and Junior and Occy laugh)

Allstar: Oh, thanks for the rescue, guys.

Casey: Don't mention it. Once we got the ship under control, we knew we had to find you fast.

Tooter: *sees something*

Casey: Hey!

Allstar: Somebody closed the hatch! We're cut off from the control room!

Junior: *Steering it* Occy, old bud, now all that red stuff will be mine! *laughs* It'll make me the best comedian in Snorkland! *laughs* Oh, I'll do anything to get into showbiz! *laughs*

Others: Hey, let us out!

Occy: *return to normal, then growls at Junior*

Junior: *laughs* Hey Occy, old pal, what's the matter? *Occy ties him up* Help! *laughs* Down, boy!

(the red can drops into some quick sand and fades into oblivion)

Casey: Look, the line snapped! That can is falling over the reef!

Allstar: Well I don't think it'll cause anymore trouble down there.

Casey: *in control room* It's Occy, and he's back to normal!

Allstar: It looks like Occy's got this whole adventure wrapped up!

Junior: *still laughing* I've, I've failed! *laughs* I've failed!

(now at Swifty Le Snork's famous night club)

Dimmy: *backstage* I can't go on, Daffney.

Daffney: Dimmy, with your new partner, you'll be great. Now go out there, and knock 'em dead!

(audience is laughing)

Dimmy: *holding a pie on one hand and spraying Junior with the other* Have a little bubbly on me, pal! But I'm afraid dessert is on you! *throws pie on his face and they laugh at him even more*

Junior: *sarcasm* Gosh, I lvoe showbiz.

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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