(at school, the snorks are working on the school newspaper with Casey as the chief)

Dimmy: Here it is, Chief. Hot off the press - the first edition of the Snorkland High Bugler!

Allstar: Gee, it looks great, Casey.

Casey: Thanks, Allstar. How's our printer holding up?

Dimmy: No problem! Tooter has everything under control! 

(see him and Ocy working on it when Junior stops by)

Junior: Stop the presses!

Casey: What is it, Junior?

Junior: Only the scoop of the century - an exclusive interview with my father, the Governor! 

Tooter: *rolls his eyes*

Junior: We're talkin' page one feature here! My father tells of how he became a big success!

Allstar: You call that a scoop?! 

Junior: You bet, Allwet! Inquiring minds wanna know.

Casey: Sorry, Junior, but we already have our front page story - Allstar's rare eyewitness report on the Snaggletooth Snook. Allstar even took a picture of it. 

Junior: Let me see that! *reads it* Hmm, snork snaps snaggy snook. Ha!

Casey: Well it;'s the first time anyone's ever photographed that fish.

Dimmy: Yeah, Allstar will be famous!

Tooter: *toots*

Junior: Oh yeah?! It just so happens that I'm on the trail of an even bigger fish story!

Allstar: Like what?

Junior: Would you believe an exclusive photo of a snorkeating wolf-fish?

Tooter: *toots*

Dimmy: W-w-w-wolf-fish?

Casey: But, wolf-fish live beyond the limits!

Allstar: That could be dangerous!

Junior: Danger is this reporter's middle name! *trips*

Allstar: Oh, boy! 

(later on, Junior has Willie dress liek a wolf-fish so he can take the picture)

Junior: Alright, Willie, now don't forget what I told ya. When I say go, you may go run and jump over the cliff, flap your fins like crazy, and look straight into the camera. Any questions?

Willie: Yeah, why am I doing this?

Junior: Because I need to photograph a wolf-fish for the Bugler!

Willie: Oh. But why not a real wolf-fish?

Junior: What do you think I am? Nuts?! Besides, this is what you call the "new journalism." *laughs* 

Willie: The new journalism! *laughs*'

Junior: Okay, WIllie, go! *he flaps his fins high* That's it! Flap those fins! And hold steady, Willie, this isn't a movie, ya know! 

Willie: I'm tryin'! *gets blown by the strong current* Oh no!

Junior: Hey Willie, where do you think you're goin'?

Willie: HELP!

Junior: *goes after him* Oh brother!

(Willie and the wind end up going right through town)

Snork: Wolf-fish! *his pet snail follows him* 

Willie: This suit's too heavy! 

Junior: Good work, WIllie! It won't be long now. *laughs*

Willie: I'm gonna f-fall!!!

Junior: *tries getting the picture* That's it, Willie, come closer. *snaps it* Got ya!

Willie: *bumps into him* 

Junior: Wow, what a picture! Won't they be surprised? *laughs*

Willie: *moans* Yeah, surprised. *laughs but moans again*

(the snorks are still working on the paper)

Casey: How long before you're finished with that sports story, Tooter?

Tooter: *shows it to Casey*

Junior: Eureka! *walks in, holding up the picture* Page one, here I come! Feast your eyes on the first picture taken of the dreaded wolf-fish.

Allstar: *takes it* You're kidding!

Junior: Seeing is believeing, Allstar!

Casey: There's soemthing fishy about this photo.

Allstar: Yeah, sicne when do fish have feet?

Junior: What?

Allstar: Not only that, he's wearing sneakers.

Junior: Uh oh.

Casey: I hope you're not trying to pass off a fake photo, Junior. 

Allstar: Yeah, you could get the school into a lot of toruble doing that.

Junior: *nervously chuckles* Hey, come on! *takes photo back* Where's your sense of humor? This was a joke, see? I was only kiddin'.

Occy: *gets it on him and throws it away*

Allstar: Well it isn't very funny, Junior.

Junior: Just wait'll I come back with a photo of a real wolf-fish, Allstar. Then the joke will be on you.

Occy: *growls and chases him out*

Junior: YIKES!

(Junior and Willie gather all the equipment at their house later on)

Junior: Hmm, now let's see. I got the camera, the tripod, a couple of plankburgers, my compass, what am I missing? 

Willie: *holds it out for him*

Junior: Oh yeah, the wolf-fish spray repellant! Thanks, Willie.

Willie: Gee, Junior, I've never gone beyond the limits. Won't you take me with you? Please, oh please? Double please?

Junior: Forget it, Willie. It's your fault that i have to track down a real wolf-fish in the first place. Besides, you'll only get in my way. *trips over his stuff again*

Willie: Huh, I think he's gonna need me.

(everyone else is still at school, working on the Bugler)

Allstar: Keep it rolling, Occy! We've got to finish printing this issue before first period tomorrow morning!

Governor Wetworth: *stops by* Oh!

Casey: Governor Wetworth!

Governor Wetworth: So this is the newsroom of th Snorkland High Bugler. And this must be your, yeah, printing press. How unusual.

Allstar: *referring to his cape* Governor, look out! *gets his cape stained anyway*

Totoer: *apologizes as he hands him back the ink covered cape*

Governor Wetworth: Well, I've been smeared by the press before, but never like this!

Allstar: Gee, Governor, we're awfully sorry.

Governor Wetworth: Oh nevermind that. I've come here to find Junior.

Allstar: Governor, we haven't seen him since this morning.

Governor Wetworth: Oh, that is bad news! I haven't Junior and WIllie show up for dinner tonight!

Casey: Well if we see them, we'll be sure to send them home.

Governor Wetworth: Oh, pelase do. Their mother and I are very worried.

Casey: Gee, you don't suppose Junior actually went out to find a real wolf-fish?

Allstar: Well not even Junior would be that foolish.

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar and Casey: Then again!

Allstar: We better find them.

Tooter: *toots as he follows them*


(Junior's out beyond the limits this time)

Junior: Gosh, what scary lookin' fish. I should come beyond the limits.

Willie: The limits!

Junior: What was that? An echo?!

Willie: *runs to him* J-J-J-Junior?

Junior: Willie!

Willie: *laughs* Hi, Junior! 

Junior: I thought I told ya not to follow me! But as long as you have *places the equipment on him* you might as well make yourself useful.

(they hear noises, so Willie jumps into Junior's arms)

Willie: *shakes* Wh-what was that?

Junior: *shakes* S-sounds like a wolf-fish. *a real one pops out and howls* Would you look at the size of that thing? How am I gonna get close enough to take a picture of that without becoming a snork snack?

(meanwhile, the gang uses the Silverfish to find the Wetworth boys while Occy sniffs out his trail)

Casey: Gee, Allstar, we're already beyond the limits. Where could Junior be?

Allstar: I don't know, but Occy seems to be hot on his trail. Before we left, I gave him a good whiff of Junior's gym shoes.

Tooter: *as Allstar holds them out, he covers his nose*

(the wolf-fish is napping now)

Junior: Look, I think he's asleep. Come on, now's our chance. *they move in closer to it* Palce the camera right there. Good job. Now get ready to see newspaper history in the making. 

(but they're on top of a manna ray without even knowing it)

Willie: Uh oh. 

Junior: Stop movin' around, Willie, you're kickin' up sand!

Willie: Uh, but Junior...

Junior: Hold it, WIllie, I've almost got him in focus.

Willie: But, but, but-but-but --

Junior: Hey, where'd he go? *they both get thrown off of the creature and onto the wolf-fish, causing him to wake up* Don't worry, Willie, I'll use the wolf-fish repellant! *sprays are shaving cream instead* Shaving cream?!

Willie: Whoops, my mistake. 

Junior: Ooh, Willie! *as the wolf-fish chases after them, the photo is taken automatically, but they go into hiding* Alright, WIllie, you can come out now.

Willie: *in conkshell* Out now?! But I sort of like it in here!

Junior: Willie!!! 

Willie: *jumps out* You don't have to shout!

Junior: Come on, we have to go back and get the camera!

Willie: Get the camera!!! But-but what about the wolf-fish?

Junior: Thanks to my quick thinking, we gave him the slip. By the time he realizes it, we'll be halfway home. Wolf-fish are almost as dangerous, as they are dumb. *laughs* 

Willie: *laughs*

Junior: We ought a be able to see the camera from up here. *they're standing on top of the wolf-fish as it growls at them constantly* Keep your eyes open, Willie. make yourself useful for once. Well, you don't have to get angry!

Willie: But Junior, that wasn't me!

Junior: It, it, it wasn't?! *wolf-fish chases them* YIKES!

(Allstar has Occy sniff the shoes again)

Allstar: Come on, Occy. I know you can find the trail again. 


Allstar: Maybe you won't have to. Let's go!

(the wolf-fish tries to eat them in their small cave as Tooter toots an alarm)

Allstar: Occy, you have to distract the wolf-fish so we can save them. Hurry!

Occy: *inks it in the process*

Junior: Gee, Allstar, I never thought I'd be glad to see your face.

Casey: Come on, guys, back in the Silverfish.

Allstar: *takes the camera* Hey, wait for me! *but the wolf-fish starts chasing them* 

Junior: He's gainin' on us! 

Allstar: Maybe I can stop him! I hope this works! *snaps photo, which blinds the wolf-fish* 

Casey: *as they all get back on the Silverfish* Good thinking, Allstar! You blinded the wolf-fish!

Allstar: But not for long. *it tries eating the Silverfish, but gives up once the gnag leaves*

(the next day, Casey is reviewing the latest headline)

Allstar: Gee, Casey, this issue's the most exciting yet!

Casey: Yeah, wait'll everyone reads about our adventure with the wolf-fish.

Junior: *grabs it and reads it* You mean my adventure, don't you? What's this? "Allstar Outfoxes Wolf-Fish - Rescues Governor's Sons"?! Oh no!

Allstar: Congratulations, Junior! You've finally made the front page! *laughs*

Junior: *cringes his teeth at him*

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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