(all are at Gallio's testing a new addition added to the Silverfish)

Allstar: It's my latest invention, Casey. I call it the grapler.

Casey: What's it for? 

Allstar: If we get into a tight spot with the Silverfish, the grapler can dig us out. Okay, Uncle Gallio, let's test it!

(Gallio tests it out, and Occy is scared by it)

Casey: Relax, Occy. it won't bite you.

Daffney: Casey, I couldn't wait to show you my birthday present!

Casey: *gasps* Oh, a real coral necklace! Oh you have great tastes, Dimmy! 

Dimmy: Uh, thanks, but her folks bought it for her. I couldn't afford it.

Casey: Oh, it's so beautiful. I just wish I - oh well, nevermind.

Allstar: I can't afford a coral necklace either. But I think I can get you one.

Casey: Really? How?

Allstar: My mom has one that she never wears - come on.

Casey: Wow, I appreciate your thoughtfulness, Allstar, but I really can't ask your mom to let me wear her jewelry.

Allstar: Relax, Casey. It's okay. Just leave it to me.

(Allstar gives Casey his mom's blue coral necklace)

Casey: Why, it's blue. I've never seen one that color before. Oh, but it must be worth a fortune.

Allstar: Nah, my mom doesn't like expensive jewelry.

Occy: *begs to try it on*

Allstar: Occy wants a jewled color, like those fancy pets uptown! Okay, Occy, you can try it on. *does it* Sorry, fella, this one's for Casey. *tug of war with it* Hey, let go!

Casey: Behave yourself, Occy! This is no toy!

Allstar: Occy, let go! 

(it breaks and then gets crushed by a bulldozer outside)

Casey: Oh are you okay, Occy?

Allstar: Where's the necklace?

Occy: *holds what's left of it up*

Casey: *gasps*

Allstar: *gasps* OCCY!

(Allstar has dinner with his family, but he feels uneasy)

Allstar: Mom, I've got something important to tell you. It's, uh, well that is, uh, when I --

Mrs. Seaworthy: Speak up, Allstar. Catfish got your tongue?

Allstar: It's about *gulps* your coral necklace.

Mrs. Seaworthy: Oh, funny you should mention my blue coral. I was just thinking I'd wear it to the family picnic next weekend.

Allstar: Well, I wouldn't count on --

Mrs. Seaworthy: It's been in the family for five generations. It belonged to my great-great grandmother, Aqua Seaworthy. 

Mr. Seaworthy: You just don't find blue coral anymore, son. That necklace must be worth a fortune by now. 

Allstar: *gulps again* A fortune?!

Mrs. Seaworthy: You alright, Allstar?

Allstar: Oh uh, sure, great! Uh, I guess my kelp went down the wrong way.

Mrs. Seaworthy: Oh. Now what did you want to tell me?

Allstar: Me?

Mr. Seaworthy: You said it was important. 

Allstar: Uh, I did?

Mrs. Seaworthy: Uh, about my necklace?

Allstar: Oh, that! *nervously laughs* Well, I jsut wanted to say it was, um, a um, is, really beautiful. yes, nice looking, really nice. 

Mrs. Seaworthy: I see. Well, finish your kelp, son. We have perriwinkle pie for dessert. 

Smallstar: Yum, perriwinkle pie!

Allstar: No thanks, mom. I'm not hungry. Excuse me, please.

Mrs. Seaworthy: That's odd. He's never passed up perriwinkle pie before - it's his favorite. 

Mr. Seaworthy: Well, you know how kids are. Maybe he's going through a stage. 

(the next day, Allstar and Casey have shakes at the ice cream parlor)

Allstar: I'm in terrible trouble, Casey! How do I tell mom her necklace was destroyed?

Casey: Oh, it was my fault, Allstar!

Allstar: No, it was my fault!

Occy: *trips over Tooter to prove that it was his fault*

Allstar: You're right, Occy, it was your fault!

Occy: *moans in despair*

Casey: Oh, go easy on him, Allstar. Occy meant no harm, anymore than we did. 

Allstar: Uh yeah, I guess you're right.

Occy: *chows down on some ice cream cones, impressing Tooter*

Casey: *gasps* maybe you can earn money after school, Allstar, and buy your mom another necklace.

Allstar: Oh, I thought of that, but it would take forever. Dad says blue coral's worth a fortune.

Casey: *after he hands them their cones* Thanks, Tooter. How come blue coral costs so much?

Allstar: Because it's so rare. Dad says the last blue coral mine shut down when he was a kid, and -- hey, I've got an idea. Come on, I'll need you too, Tooter. 

Tooter: *asks what for*

Allstar: We're gonna go see Gallio.

Tooter: *excited* 

(now at Gallio's)

Allstar: Uncle Gallio, where does blue coral come from?

Gallio: Blue coral?! Why, that used to be found in the old, abandoned mine.

Casey: What do you mean, used to be found?

Gallio: Well that old mine has been closed for many years, Casey. Cave ins, you know - too dangerous.

Occy: *gets inside the grapler and panics when it closes on him*

Allstar: Uncle Gallio, could I borrow the Silverfish for a few hours? *Occy mopes* Well, what do you say, Uncle Gallio? 

Gallio: Alright. Maybe you can test the grapler while you're out there.

Allstar: Uh yeah, maybe I'll do that. Tooter, you comin' with me?

Tooter: *gets Occy out of the grapler, and Occy kisses him back*

Allstar: Casey, you wanna be co-pilot?

Casey: *smiles* Uh, sure!


(now they're out west into the old coral towns)

Casey: Oh, I've never been this far out west before, Allstar. Look at thsoe seamounds! Oh, it's beautiful!

Tooter: *agrees with her*

Allstar: This is the mine where the big coral rush took place a century ago. In those days, hundreds of snorks swummed over these seamounds, prospecting for fresh coral. Some of them got lucky and struck it rich, and the richest coral strike of all was at the mine we're headed for - the famous Old Blue Number One.

Casey: Wow! I bet that's where your great-great Grandma's necklace came from!

Tooter: *horn*

Casey: Tooter says he sees soemthing up ahead, just through the kelp. *gasps at the sight ahead of her* Look at that! It's an old town!

Allstar: According to my map, that's what's left of Coralville. It's a ghost town.

Occy: *gets scared and hides behind Tooter*

Casey: *giggles* Relax, Occy. There aren't really any ghosts there.

Allstar: Or snorks, either. That's why it's called a ghost town.

Tooter: *pretends to be ghost to tease Occy*

Allstar: Alright, you two, stop clowning and look up ahead! We're cruising right through town!

Casey: Here's the Kelp Beads Store, and the Seahorse Stable!

Allstar: And the Coralville Bank.

Tooter: *asks where the mine is*

Allstar: The mine? It's just outside of town, Tooter. We're almost there.

(they finally get there)

Tooter: *cheers*

Allstar: You're right, Tooter. That's Old Blue!

Casey: Oh I don't like the looks of this, Allstar. That old mine is falling apart.

Allstar: I'll watch my step, don't worry. How about it, Tooter? Wanna go with me?

Tooter: *gulps and then says yes* 

Allstar: Good!

Occy: *wants to come as well*

Allstar: Okay, you can come too!

(the boys enter the mine with their flashlights and other gear)

Allstar: We'll stay with the main shaft, okay?

Tooter: *asks a question*

Allstar: I'll go left, you go right. But watch yourself. Those old beads look shaky. Let's go, Occy. *have trouble loking* Uh oh! We've hit a dead end, and haven't seen a speck of blue coral. Let's go back and find Tooter - maybe he's had better luck. 

Tooter: *finds a space and starts prospecting for blue coral*

Allstar: Sounds like Tooter's found something! Come on!

Tooter: *but all the blue coral falls on him*

Allstar: Tooter's in trouble! Come on, Occy, let's start digging! *but coral keeps falling down* Occy, look out! We'll never get Tooter out this way. We've got to get the Silverfish and the grapler out fast!

(he does so)

Allstar: I think we can make it as far as the cave end)

Casey: Well, let's hope the Silverfish holds up, or we'll all be trapped here.

Allstar: I'm just sorry I got you and Tooter into this.

Casey: I see the cave end, dead ahead! *grab some blue coral* Now what?

Allstar: Hang on! 

(they dig him out to find Tooter holding a piece of blue coral)

Allstar: There he is!

Casey: And I think he's okay!

Allstar: And look what he found - blue coral!

Casey: Yeah, it's everywhere!

Allstar: We better get Tooter aboard while he's still in one piece. *he enters* You okay, Tooter?

Tooter: *yes, he is*

Allstar: Then let's get out of here. 

(back at Gallio's lab...)

Gallio: Here you are, Allstar - a brand new coral necklace for your mother!

Tooter: *whistles*

Casey: Oh, how right you are, Tooter. Oh, it's gorgeous!

Gallio: And there's more coral left over, enough for a certain young lady. 

Occy: *mopes*

Gallio: And of course, for certain others, as well.  

Occy: *barks in excitement*

(Allstar explains everyhting to his mom)

Allstar: So that's what happened to your necklace, mom. It was an accident. I'm sorry. I should've asked your permission fist to borrow it.

Mrs. Seaworthy: Oh, that's alright, Allstar. I was just --

Allstar: But here's a brand new coral necklace to replace it.

Mrs. Seaworthy: Why, Allstar! Oh, it's absolutely gorgeous! But you needn't to replace mine - it was just costume jewelry!

Allstar: Costume jewelry?! You mean, fake?! Phony?!

Mrs. Seaworthy: That's right!

Allstar: But, you said it was an airlume from great-great Grandma Aqua!

Mrs. Seaworthy: Oh not that one! *holds out the real one* This one!

Allstar: Oh. Oh! *facepalms* OH!

(back at the ice cream parlor)

Allstar: Two plankton sodas, Tooter. Anyhow, mom was pleased with the new necklace. She's saving it for when Baby Smallstar grows up.

Casey: *smiles* And I like mine, too!

Occy: *laughs as he wears his brand new collar*

Allstar: And Occy looks pretty good too!

Tooter: *laughs*

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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