The Boo Lagoon/Transcript

(The snorks are testing out a few things for Corky one afternoon)

Casey: Okay, guys, mount up there!

Junior: Wait, wait, not there! Uh, a little to the right! *move* No, not there, a little to the left! *move again* No, no, not there!

Corky and Allstar: Junior!

Junior: Okay, okay, right there is perfect!

(As Allstar ties the fish to the sub, Smallstar gets inside it)

Smallstar: Oh boy, we got for ride! Pretty buttons! *presses blue one, which closes the door to the sub*

Corky: What was that? *checks it out and gasps* It's Smallstar!

Allstar: Smallstar, don't touch that!

Corky: *knocks on it with snork* Oh baby, open the door, please! 

Corky and Allstar: Uh oh.

(Smallstar presses another button, inflates the fish, and flies out of the area)

Junior: What happened?

Corky: We'll soon see. *takes out telescope and sees it heading into a lagoon* Oh no! The sub's crashed into the Boo Lagoon! *gulps* That means...

All: Skull Castle!

Corky: This looks like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol! We've got to save Smallstar! Would anyone like to join me?

Casey: We'll help, won't we? Won't we?

Allstar: *shakes* I guess we have to.

Casey: How about you, Junior?

Junior: *shakes* Me? Go to Skull Castle?! *gulps and stutters* Well, I think, I uh, I have to go to the dentist. yeah, that's it, sorry.

Casey: I wonder if Skull Castle really does have a ghost, and a treasure like everyone says! *all leave* 

Junior: Treasure?! Why didn't you say so? *leaves and returns in splunking gear* Son't worry, Smallstar, here we come!

Casey: Oh brother!

Junior: *runs into seaweed* Sheesh, who can see anything in this water?

Giant fish: I can!

Junior: *screams*

Casey: There it is!

(Skull Castle in full view as moaning sounds are heard - Allstar and Junior shake)

Junior: What was th-th-that?

Allstar: Sounds p-p-p-pretty scary.

Junior: *more moaning* Ah, it's the ghost of Skull Castle, help! *hides*

Casey: Oh don't be silly. It's probably just the walls creeking. *goes in*

Corky: She's right, troops. Besides, nothing is too scary for the Snork Patrol!

Allstar: *sees Junior* YAIO, don't scare me like that!

Corky: Let's go! I'll be right behind you. 

Junior: *with calculator* Everyone should know from hereron out, the treasure's gonna be split 85 percent for me and 5 percent for each of you. 

(Inside Skull Castle)

Casey: Take a look at this! *an armour*

Junior: Well, the sub's not here. Let's go.

Casey: Hold your seahorses, let's check around.

(they do so when Junior bumps into the armour)

Junior: Yi!!! *lands in Allstar's hands*

Allstar: Uh Junior, it's just a suit of armour.

Junior: Oh, I knew that. *looks at the head* I wonder if it's made of silver.

(still the search goes on)

Percy: Someone's finally come to visit me! Oh, boy!

All: It's a ghost!

Casey: Swim for it!

Percy: Wait, wait! I'd like to have you for dinner!

Allstar: Have us for dinner?! *he and the others scream*

Percy: Wait, I didn't mean it that way! *head's stuck in armour* Come back! *follows them in and out of a closet*

Junior: The treasure split's now 95 percent me! You guys can figure out the rest! *hidfes in anotehr closet as the snorks get into one - then he gets out of it with the others and Percy* 

Percy: Wait for me! 

All: *scream until they reach a dead end*

Percy: *sneezes the armour off*

Casey: Don't you try and scareus, you big bully, or I'll go and give you a fat lip!

Percy: Oh don't, no, please, don't do that! I'm a good ghost! It's just that you're the first company I've had in 794 years, and I didn't want you to go! *cries*

Casey: I'm sorry about yelling, but you shouldn't go around scaring snorks like that.

Percy: *cries* I just wanted someone to help me! I'm sorry I scared you.

Allstar: Wait! *he and the others follow him*


Allstar: Why do you need our help?

Percy: Many years ago, the evil snork pirate Captain Dweeb stole my true love, Penelope - *pulls out picture* on our wedding day! *cries some more and then kisses the photo* 

Allstar: Oh, that's terrible.

Percy: Ten, the one-eyed bandit stole my family's treasure. *opens it up and a weird creature swims out*

Snorks: Yipes!

Junior: You mean the treasure isn't here?!

Percy: *sneezes again, causing the snorks to spin around* he even stole my allergy medicine! *blows tissue*

Corky: That, that fiend!

Percy: Oh, that's not the worst of it. *falls down a pit* That oversized theiving pirate bound me in these magic chains, placing the key just out of my reach! I need that key to free myself and save Penelope!

Corky: *cries* That's the saddest story I've ever heard!

Percy: *pointing to Corky's sub in front of him* And now, this thing has crashed into my home, knocking the key further out of my reach!

Casey: Thing? *gasps* the sub!

(all swim down to get it, with Smallstar still inside)

Allstar: Smallstar! She's okay! *lets her free*

Smallstar: Oh, that fun! Can we ride again?

Allstar: *holds her* Maybe later, honey. Oh, we're so glad you're safe!

Corky: *finds the key* The key! I've got the key!

Percy: The key! They key! 

Corky: *unlocks his chains* Now, we can save your true love!

Percy: You mean, you'll help me save Penelope??

Casey: Count me in!

Allstar: Me, too!

Corky: How about you, Junior? 

Junior: Well, how much treasure did he take? 

Percy: All of it! My family's entire fortune!

Junior: In that case, you can count me in, too!

Allstar: I knew we could count on Mr. Generosity!

Corky: *as he and the others leave Boo Lagoon* First, we'll drop off Smallstar. Then, we'll help Percy get his true love back.

(At an old abandoned pirate ship)

Percy: There it is - Captain Dweeb's hideout.

Casey: Now, be very quiet, and folow me.

Junior: *slightly stutters* I just want everyone to know, here and now, the split is now 100 percent me and zippo everyone else!

(Literally on the ship when Junior spots some gold nearby)

Junior: What was that? I'll catch those guys later. *fidns the treasure* I'm rich! I'm rich!

(But they find Captain Dweeb)

Percy: Shh, that's him! 

Captain Dweeb: So, las, will you be marrying me today?

Penelope: *locked in a cage* Never! Never! Not in a zillion years!

Captain Dweeb: Ay! *laughs* You'll be changing your mind someday!

Parrotfish: No she won't!

Captain Dweeb: Be quiet, or you'll be my stew tonight!

Parrotfish: Stew! Stew!

(the snorks are walking alongside another treasure chest incognito)

Captain Dweeb: I'll give you one mroe chance to marry me today!

Penelope: Never!

Parrotfish: Never! Never!

Captain Dweeb: You're supposed to be my parrot!

Parrotfish: Says who?!

(Percy sneezes the box open and Captain Dweeb looks down on them)

Captain Dweeb: What's this?

All: *stutter and nervously grin at him* Oh, hi.

Captain Dweeb: Oh, trying to sneak up on me, are ya? Caught ya! *shuts the chest*

Allstar: Now we'll be stuck in here for hundreds of years!

Percy: We're doomed!

Corky: Now, now. Rule number 7 - a member of the Snork Patrol never thinks pesimistically.

Captain Dweeb: Right you are! You all are doomed!

Parrotfish: You're never right! You're never right!

Captain Dweeb: *swordfish through the locks* Ah, I should've got a catfish instead of you!

Parrotfish: Meow!

Captain Dweeb: Now, you all be wishin' you never messed with Captain Dweeb! *locks Penelope's cage, but hears noises upstairs* Ah, who's there?

(turns out it's Junior trying to carry that huge lump of treasure, Percy's family fortune)

Junior: Ugh, I'm gonna be the richest snork in Snorkland! *floors creek* Uh oh. *falls down* Yike!

Casey: *the chest is now open* Everybody out! *all get out with her*

Allstar: Junior, you caught Captain Dweeb!

Junior: What?! *sees hands* Yipes!

Captain Dweeb: *as Casey ties his hands* Hey, unhand me! Stop, I say! *Corky frees Penelope and then places him in the cage* Let me go! Let me go! You'll never get away with this!

Parrotfish: Looks like they did!

Percy: Oh, yes. When you can get these, *drops swordfish and the keys* then you'll be freed!

Penelope: Percy!

Percy: *hugs and embraces her presence* Oh, my Penelope!

(Now a wedding takes place - guest include Corky, Allstar, Casey, Smallstar, Dimmy in a cameo appearance, Mr. Seaworthy, Gallio, and Daffney)

Allstar: Be happy!

Corky: Oh boy! Justice prevails!

Casey: Have a great honeymoon!

Penelope: Come back and visit us anytime!

Percy: And thanks again!

(Percy and Penelope head off for a lifetime of unity)

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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