The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth



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Written by:

Laren Bright and Lane Raichert

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Syndication Premiere: November 28, 1988

USA Premiere: December 31, 1988

"The Day They Fixed Junior Wetworth" is the 32nd episode of Season 4. It's Casey's birthday, and Junior acts like a jerk yet again. Allstar tells the story of how Junior became his way, and they hire Casey's uncle to "fix" him.

Snorks 432 1

Allstar and Junior in their younger years

Plot Summary

It's Casey's birthday, but the only snork that doesn't bring any presents is Junior - and he's only there for the cake! He tries selling his old toys, which Allstar and Tooter reluctantly buy and play with. Upset, Casey wonders why Junior is so nasty all the time. Allstar then tells her how he wasn't always that way, and that when he was little, he was actually nice. She doesn't believe him at first, but he tells her the story to prove it.

Back when Governor Wetworth was just a plummer and running for governor, Junior used to be the quiet and shy type. He had almost no friends, and the school bully named Moose constantly picked on him. Allstar decided enough was enough, and so he spends his time helping Junior stand up to him. This ends up working, but all the freedom and bravery ends up getting to his head, making him turn mean in the long run. Casey feels Allstar didn't finish the job, so she gets her uncle Professor Kelp to to help "fix him." After a brief observation of him, Professor Kelp has Junior do various tests, and shocked by the outcomes, he has him step into a chamber to be fixed. Junior becomes nicer to everyone - in fact, a little TOO nice. This causes chaos all over town, so the snorks request he gets changed back to normal. He does, and he ends up giving Casey some tickets to the amusement park. She kisses him in response, and he doesn't want anyone to know that he's secretly good on the inside. 

Snorks 432 2

Junior stands up for himself and Allstar to Moose, the school bully

Background Info

  • This episode marks the final spoken appearances of Junior, Daffney, and Tooter (they are seen making non-speaking cameos in Wish Or Wish Out)
  • Young Dimmy makes a brief cameo in one of the scenes
  • This is Professor Kelp's first (and only) appearance
  • This is the first episode to have been taken place around a major character's birthday since Daffney's in The Blue Coral Necklace
  • We learn that Junior used to be nice and best friends with Allstar
  • Although it is suggested here that Governor Wetworth was once a plumber, a flashback in Fine Fettered Friends states that he was once an octopus catcher
  • This episode has the first real "Junior and Daffney" moment, although Daffney is disgusted by his kiss
  • This also marks the first real time that Casey has shown some affection for Junior, as shown by her kiss to him
  • It is also suggested in this episode that Casey and Tooter may not originally be from Snorkland, because they had no idea that Junior used to be nice

Memorable Quotes

Teacher: Hello there. You look like a nice snork. What's your name?

Young Junior: Juu--Weewoo--

Teacher: Uh, what was that?

Young Junior: Juuuuior Weeewor...

Teacher: Oh, nice to meet you, Julie Wetwash!

Kids: *laugh*

Professor Kelp: *goes to Junior* Say "ah."

Junior: Ah!

Professor Kelp: *feels heaad* Hmm, just what I thought. *checks blood pressure* Very interesting.

Junior: Hey, what's your problem, buddy?!

Professor Kelp: Oh my goodness, never in all my years have I seen such selfishness!

Junior: *smiles* Why thank you!

Junior: *steps out of booth* Sheesh, that was embarrassing! *to Professor Kelp* Ahem, can I have my one seadollar back, Mr. Know-It-All?

All: *sigh and roll their eyes*

Professor Kelp: *gives it to him* Oh, thank goodness he's back to normal!


  • Continutity error - the snorks wanted Junior "fixed," but he's proven in other episodes of Season 4 that he can be good
  • Moose is occasionally discolored in the flashbacks
  • Sometimes, a young Allstar will have on shorter sleeves
  • When Allstar is sitting in Junior's chair, his pants are completely missing!


  • Professor Kelp bares absolute resemblence to famous psychologist Sigmund Freud



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