(everyone is sound asleep in Snorkland - except for Occy, who has to cover his ears from Allstar's snoring - but while Governor Wetworth's asleep as well, Snip and Snap suddenly wake up - a red beam enters Daffney's room, so while she's still asleep, she puts on her sunglasses and ear muffs - that same red beam enters Allstar's room, and so Occy wakes up to it)

Occy: *barks*

Allstar: *wakes up* Huh? What's happening? *looks out window* Holy macarole! *sees more colored beams hit Snorkland* 

Governor Wetworth: *wakes up to the light as well, then gets out his army gear* Battle stations, everyone, we're being invaded!

(everyone is now awake and outside, observing the light)

Daffney: *outside as beans touch her skin* Oh, clamtastic! Now I can get a suntan at night!

Jojo: *yawns* Oh, what's all the reacket?

Snip and Snap: We don't know. 

(an alien UFO touches town)

Corky: Great Neptune! 

All: *gasp at the sight*

Corky: It looks like some sort of alien UFO!

Daffney: Oh poo! And I thought it was a floating mall!

Governor Wetworth: *speaking to his army generals* S-S-S-Snorkland is counting on us. *they shiver in fear* We - we have to attack it before it attacks us. Charge! *they run off without him* Oh dear! 

Corky: *stutters* Everyone stay, c-c-calm. Uh, this looks like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol. I'll check this out myself. *touches its side - they all duck down only to realize it's not moving a muscle* Oh. See? Everything's fine. *all sigh in relief* You see, I told you there was nothing to be afraid of. *door hatch pops open* Ah! Swim for the hills! It's alive!

(Two alien-like creatures are standing, as the snorks gasp and Casey catches Governor Wetworth in her arms)

Governor Wetworth: *shakes* It was nice knowing you, Casey!

(as Occy closes his eyes, the creatures named Biff and Buff come down)

Daffney: Wow, where did you get those cool clothes??

Biff: At the Intergalactic Gallery Orbit on our planet.

Daffney: You means aliens have shopping malls too? Oh, that's radical!

Governor Wetworth: Who are you, and why have you come here?? You better watch your step! You don't know who you're dealing with! *his pants fall down anjd he pulls them back up after his underwear is shown*

Biff: We are Biff and Buff, visitors from the planet Seaturn.

Buff: Yes. We have come to make new friends. *gives flowers to Daffney* 

Daffney: Oh, so they're from out of town. Give them a break. 

Allstar: *shakes hands with them* Well, Biff and Buff, how are you doin'? Uh, my name's Allstar. 

(all introduce themselves to Biff and Buff as well)

Jojo: *watching from a distance* Oh good! It was only some aliens! Now I can go back to the jungle, *yawns* and get some sleep!

Governor Wetworth: My fellow aliens. I, Governor Wetworth, do hereby officially welcome you, to our fair town of Snorkland. It is my great pleasure to --

Daffney: *pushes him aside* I bet you're hungry after your trip. Let's get some food!

(all are now eating clamburgers at the clamburger stand)

Daffney: *gives the aliens some clamburgers* On our planet, we eat clamburgers. 

(they place them in pockets beneath their stomachs)

Biff: Mmm, pretty good, Buff.

Buff: Yes, but not as good as the clamburgers on Seaturn.

Occy: *sniffs them and growls* 

Allstar: Occy, be nice to our visitors. *Snip prints out a document for Allstar to read* What?! Uh, excuse me, but Snip and Snap have just checked their computer banks, and, according to them, Seaturn doesn't exist. 

Biff: Of course it exists.

Buff: And we can prove it. 

(a TV shellevision pops out right in front of them)

Biff: And now, snorks, *popcorn pops in their hands too* it's showtime!

(a viewing of the plant Saturn shows up on the screen as Buff talks)

Buff: Tonight's feature presentation, "Home Movies of Seaturn."

Biff: *the TV now shows clams growing on trees* We have all the clamburgers we can eat. *now seaweed sickles* And seaweed sickles, too. 

All: Oh!

Biff: *views clothes on trees* Our fashion fortune is always in season.

Daffney: Free clothes?! Oh, I think I'm going to faint!

Buff: *view a fountain spewing out gold* And with this fountain, your thirst for gold will always be quenched. 

Junior: That's it! I've gotta go to Seaturn! Please, dad, huh, please?

(all the snorks want to go too)

Corky: QUIET!

All: *turn to him* Huh?

Corky: Now, now, let's not be hasty. As nice as our alien friends are here, this Seaturn could be a dangerous place. 

Daffney: Hey! I got a plan! Allstar and I will go to Seaturn, check it out, and return to tell you what it's like! 

Snorks: Hooray!

Allstar: *gulps* We will?!


(Biff and Buff are waiting for Allstar, Daffney, and Occy to board the ship as the snorks watch below)

Biff: All aboard for Seaturn!

Daffney: Oh wow! I hope I've packed the right clothes!

Occy: *barks and refuses to go*

Allstar: *pulls on his leash* Come on, Occy. The food on these flights isn't that bad. Bye, everyone! We'll be back tomorrow! 

(the UFO leaves as Snip and Snap cry)

Corky: Don't worry, Snip and Snap, they'll be alright. I hope. 

(the next night, all of Snorkland is anxiously awaiting the return of the UFO)

Casey: Where they can be?

Governor Wetworth: *paces* Oh, poor kids, we should never have let them go.

Junior: *sees the UFO* Look! There they are! 

(Biff shows Allstar on a TV screen)

Corky: Great Neptune! What happened to Daffney? Is she in danger?

Allstar: No, she's shopping in the biggest shopping mall in the known universe - with free credit cards! I couldn't convince her to come back!

Governor Wetworth: Well, my boy, is the planet Seaturn all that it's cracked up to be?

Casey: Yes, we're dying to know!

Corky: Tell us, what's it like?

Casey: Come on!

Tooter: *toots*

Allstar: *waves a Seaturn flag* Pack your bags! Seaturn makes Snorkland look like a tidepool! 

Snorks: Hooray!

(as they pack their stuff, except for Governor Wetworth, Allstar and Biff wink at each other)

Snip and Snap: *ask where Occy is*

Allstar: Where's Occy? Oh, he's made all sorts of new alien animal friends. I couldn't get him to come back, either.

(soon enough, all of Snorkland is boarding the UFO) 

Snip and Snap: *contemplate coming along*

Corky: Don't worry. We'll be alright. 

Allstar: Are you sure you guys don't wanna come?

Snip and Snap: Nah uh!

Buff: Okay. But we'll be back tomorrow night, just in case you change your mind. 

(as the door shuts, Corky's bag falls down, so Snip grabs it - he and Snap end up seeing the REAL Biff, Buff, and Allstar from above the glass - Buff turns into Bigweed, as Allstar from the live video turns into Lil Seaweed)

Bigweed: This was even easier than I thought!

Lil Seaweed: *laughs* Those fake movies are what did the trick! *laughs some more* 

(Snip and Snap decide to swim over to Jojo, who's asleep on his hammock in the jungle)

Snip and Snap: *mumble to him*

Jojo: Whoa, whoa, whoa, one at a time. You say the aliens are bad? *they nod their heads* They captured all the snorks. Hmm, I think I have a plan. 

(the UFO comes back down)

Buff: We knew you'd change your mind. Come aboard. 

(they nervously board the UFO)

Biff: We've landed! 

(the Seaturn door opens to reveal all of Snorkland working in the salt mines as slaves to Bigweed and Lil Seaweed) 

Buff: And you two are really going to love working in the salt mines! *laughs*

Bigweed: *reverts back to his old self as he laughs* We fooled you - just liek all the other dopey snorks! *laughs some more*

Snip and Snap: No, no, no!

Bigweed: What do you mean "no, no, no"???

(Jojo pops out of their suitcase, giving the Sea Urchins shocked looks)

Both: AH! *they run from hhim and into another room* 

Bigweed: He won't get through this door - it's solid steel! 

Jojo: *breaks the door and grabs them* Now, release my friends, or I'll turn you into seaweed salad!

All: Hooray! 

(all the snorks finally return home)

Daffney: It sure looked like a UFO to me!

Corky: We shouldn't have rushed off so soon. I guess it's true when they say the water isn't bluer on t he other side.

Jojo: *grabs the Sea Urchins and destorys the UFO with his foot, thus revealing Bigweed's barricuda sub*

Junior: Yeah, it's amazing what you can do with special effects.

Jojo: Never try anything like this again, or I won't let you off so easy! 

(yet another UFO beams down)

Bigweed: AH! Real aliens! Swim for it! *he and Lil Seaweed swim away and back into their sub - turns out that new UFO was really Snip and Snap messing with the Sea Urchins)

All: *laugh in response* 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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