(the snorks are testing out Corky's latest sonar system)

Corky: On a clear day, you can see dry land. 

Allstar: *Wti hehadphones on* Wow, with these things, you can hear everything from miles around!

Corky: Yep! And at the first sight of trouble, *horn* the Snork Patrol swings into action! 

(they hear dolphin soudns)

Allstar: Gee, I wonder what that is.

Casey: Let me try. *puts them on* It sounds like something from Wild Reef National Park. What is it, Corky?

Corky: *puts them on too* Hmm. *sees through telescope* I can't imagine what could be making that strange noise. *sees Jojo* Unless, BWAH! Oh, it's only Jojo. Hey, Jojo might know who's making those weird sounds.

Jojo: *listens through headphones* Oh, poor baby dolphin.

Casey: Dolphin? What's he saying?

Jojo: Mama, Papa, help! Boo hoo! Want to go home! 

Corky: My friends, this looks like another job for *horn* the Snork Patrol. Um, first we better find out where this baby dolphin is. *sees dry land* Aha! Somewhere beyond the reef! Even past the river delta!

Allstar: What are we waiting for? Let's go. 

(humans see it swimming in the Kingfish River)

Kid: Hey, look at that fish!

Woman: That's some kind of dolphin!

Man: What's he doing in the river?

(the snorks are off to find him)

Allstar: Wow, check it out - a golden dolphin!

Jojo: Very rare!

Corky: Greetings, my little friend! *it runs off*

Casey: Oh, he doesn't understand us.

Allstar: You speak dolphin, Jojo. Tell him not to worry.

Jojo: *dolphin* Don't worry, we're friends! 

Casey: We're going to help you swim back to the ocean.

Jojo: *dolphin* We're going to help you back to the ocean. *it still swims away*

Casey: Jojo, are you sure you know how to speak dolphin?

Jojo: I speak good dolphin! I will ask what he is afraid of.

(the dolphin tries swimming up a waterfall, but can't)

Jojo: *dolphin* What's wrong?

Dolphin: The evil one!

Jojo: Them, the evil ones.

Casey: Which ones?

Dolphin: Both mean and nasty.

Jojo: I don't know.

Corky: Well whoever they are, they're no match for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Dolphin: The Snork Patrol?!

(a grumpy old captain is swimming on a boat in dry land)

Captain: I'll find you yet! I'll find you and net you and I oughta get you - even if it takes another five years! 

Handyman: Boss, boss, I just heard on the radio that a golden dolphin is swimming downsteam in the Kingfish River!

Captain: At last! In a few minutes, he'll be mine! 

(the humans still see the dolphin in the river)

Corky: Don't worry, you're almost home.

Allstar: Yeah, as soon as we get past the reef, you'll be in safe waters. 

Dolphin: *sees ship up above* That's them!

Jojo: Th-th-that's them, the evil ones! 

Corky: Head for the reef! *but the boat gets closer* Oh no! They cut us off!

Casey: Oh, poor little guy, he doesn't stand a chance! 

Corky: I'll fix those cards! *tries drilling the boat with his sub* Uh oh, arm replated!

Allstar: What a bummer!

Jojo: I have an idea - I will call on some friends to help! *toots like Tooter* Ugh, I was wrong - bad idea!

(but instead, the dolphin is caught in a net)

Captain: Well well, look what the tide brought in! Must be my lucky day! *laughs before water kicks back at him*

Casey: Jojo's friends, the whales!

Allstar: Let's go!

Captain: After them! 

Handyman: I can't get any closer! 

(the whales surround them)

Allstar and Casey: Yay, Jojo!

Corky: Well done!

Dolphin: You were terrific! 

(but more nets come down)

Captain: Now get out of my way! Or the next one will be a warning sub! 

All: Oh no!

(the ship comes and literally grabs the dolphin this time)

Casey: *gasps* Oh no!

Corky: We'll get him back! 

Captain: *laughs* Mine, at long last! 

Casey: Oh, they're too fast! We'll never catch them!

Corky: The Snork Patrol never says never!

Casey: Yes, I know, technically we don't, but Corky -- 

(the whales come over)

Jojo: That's okay, my friends, you did your best.

Allstar: Hey guys, I just got an idea! 


(the golden dolphin is still caught in that net)

Captain: Your pesky friends, whatever they are, are long gone! 

Dolphin: *whales*

(Corky's sub is on the back of a whale fin)

Jojo: Good thinking, Allstar. Hit it. *they swing toward the ship*

Captain: *as he nears the dock* Yo ho ho, and a barrel of gold! 

Fisherman 1: What's he got in the net?

Fisherman 2: Looks like a big 'en.

Captain: You'll see soon enough! And I'll tell ya one thing, no fisherman ever caught a fish like this! 

Allstar: Shh. *as they all sneak on the ship* Casey, you know what to do?

Casey: Right.

Captain: Yep, I chased this fish for two days straight, and then we ran into a herd of whales. *Allstar and Casey tie his shoes together so that he would trip when he walked* 

Jojo: Got to stop this. 

Captain: But he was well worth it. 

Corky: Unhand that dolphin! 

Captain: Who said that? YOU! *trips over* 

(as Corky jumps on him, Jojo uses the controls to move the net around)

Jojo: Must be something wrong with this thing! 

Corky: Allow me to give you some pointers! 

Captain: Why you little --

Corky: Oh no! *jumps off*

Captain: *the ship literally grabs part of the pier, and the handyman ends up riding on it like a jet ski* HELP! Now I'll show you no mercy!

Jojo: *still using the controls* ugh, now I've got i! I think. 

Captain: Okay, you little pest. It's time to -- *dolphin hits him, then he places Allstar and Casey in a lobster cage* Now to dispose of those other little sea vermon!

Handyman: Boss, boss! What about me?

Jojo: *dolphin* Don't worry, little dolphin. You'll soon be safe. *then caught on fishing bait* OH NO!

Captain: So long, shark bait! *sees Corky running* Hold it right there! *with pliers* Either you get off my boat now, or I'll be forced to use this!

Corky: Great Neptune! Oh well, you asked for it! Nya nya nya nya nya nya! 

Captain: *groans* Why you little -- *shoots it at him, but it spouts water instead* AH! My boat! *covers it with a bucket, but fails* Oh no! 

Corky: *uses controls* Now, where was I? Oh yes! *swings dolphin back into the ocean* He who plays dirty, loses dirty! *jumps back into the ocean with the others as Jojo frees the others*

Allstar: Be seeing ya!

Captain: I'll get you for this!

Handyman: What?! Abandon ship! 

Captain: Never!

Handyman: But boss, we'll both go down!

Captain: Well don't just sit there, untie the rope! Give me that! *bites it off* Well, start cuddlling. *they paddle away from the ship*

(the golden dolphin reunites with his family)

All: Aww!  Dolphin: Thank you!

Jojo: He says he's happy, and he's glad we helped him, and --

Casey: It's okay, Jojo, we get the picture!

Jojo: Oh. *dolphin* Bye, bye!

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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