The Littlest Mermaid



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Written by:

Glenn Leopold

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: November 9, 1985

Paired With

A Sign Of the Tides

"The Littlest Mermaid" is the 18th episode if Season 2. Dimmy and Casey rescue a small mermaid named Serena from large winds, but Dr. Strangesnork wants to take advantage of her and her small size.

Snorks 218 2

Dimmy and Serena

Plot Summary

A huge seastorm is taking place, and the snorks try their best to get home before the currents get too storng. Dimmy hears a wailing noise, so they follow him and find a snork-sized mermaid named Serena trapped in a wad of seaweed. Dimmy then falls for her, but the snorks somehow don't believe she's their size, because mermaids are supposed to be taller than snorks. Meanwhile, Dr. Strangesnork is in his lab watching the seastorm take place. He also talks about his Stop Ocean Motion ray and tests it out on Finneus. Meanwhile, Casey has Serena stay over at her house. Serena hums a tune to herself, and so she explains to Casey that she's supposed to hum it whenever she gets lost. However, she purposefully ran away from Mermaid del Ray because she felt she was a freak because of her small height.

Although Casey has assured her no one would make fun of her in Snorkland, Junior tries exposing the little mermaid live on TV. Dr. Strangesnork sees this in his lab, and so he enlarges himself and disguises as King Neptune to manipulate her into coming with him. She eventually does so, but is soon trapped. Dimmy and Casey soon learn that it was Dr. Strangesnork and not really King Neptune, so they go off to rescue her. At first, Casey is frozen by the Stop Ocean Motion ray along with Serena, but Dimmy reverses it. However, Serena gets enlarged, but her mermaid friends find her. They tell her they cared about her even if she was short. Since Mermaid del Ray is her real home, she leaves - but not without giving Dimmy a little kiss first. 

Snorks 218 1

Dr. Strangesnork as Neptune

Background Info

  • We learn that mermaids are much bigger than snorks
  • Dimmy is just as crazy about girls as Allstar
  • This marks Dr. Strangesnork's second appearance
  • Casey having two beds and having another creature stay overnight at her place is mentioned again (Casey and the Doubleheader)

Memorable Quotes

Junior: Junior Wetworth, Snorkwitness News, here for an exclusive interview with Casey Kelp, who took the strange creature into her home!

Casey: *places microphone in snork* No comment!

Junior: Hey, what are you doing with my microphone?!

Dimmy: *ties him around* Wrapping up this iinterview!

Dimmy: Ah, I'm a sitting snork!

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* You have to stop sometime!

Dr. Strangesnork: You haven't heard the last of Dr., eh, um, uh, *sees picture* right! Dr. Neptune!


  • At one point, Casey's belly is completely covered
  • The snorks act as if they've never met King Neptune, although the episode before this one showed it
  • Strangesnork magically changes back into his normal wear after pretending to be King Neptune


  • Title references The Little Mermaid
  • Encyclopedia Aquatica is supposed to refer to Encyclopedia Brittanica
  • Mermaid del Ray is supposed to be a reference to Marina del Ray, an unincorporated seaside community in the Los Angeles area near LAX



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