(all are trying to swim home and fight the seastorm)

Allstar: Hurry guys! We've got to jet home before this seastorm gets any wrose! 

(as Tooter flies away and Casey grabs his snork, Dimmy hears a humming melody)

Dimmy: Hold it, I hear something!

Tooter; *toots*

Allstar: Tooter's right! It's just the sound of the storm, Dimmy!

Dimmy: Well I don't think so. It was someone crying - crying for help! Someone's in trouble, I just know it - and I'm gettign closer! *sees mermaid out of bush and gasps*

Serena: Please, help me.

Dimmy: Oh I can't believe my eyes. You're a mer-mer-mermaid. 

Serena: Yes, and I'm stuck. Pelase help me.

Dimmy: *unties her* Sure. You're really stuck. Wait right here, I'll get help.

Allstar: Dimmy, where are you going?

Dimmy: Oh there you are. I've been looking for you. Come on. You too, Tooter.

Tooter: *wonders*

Allstar: Yeah, Dimmy, where are we going?

Dimmy: To save the little mermaid - she was this big!

Casey: Oh, Dimmy, for once you're underexagerating. Everyone knows that real mermaids are much bigger than snorks.

Dimmy: Yeah, but not this one - you'll see. 

Allstar: Suffering seaweed, it really is a mermaid!

Casey: And she really needs our help!

Dimmy: Hang on, we'll jet you out of here. *on his back* On the count of three, guys. 1, 2, 3, jet free!

Serena: You saved me! *kisses him*

Dimmy: *blushes* Aww, shucked oysters!

Casey: You're free to swim home now.

Serena: But, I don't want to.

Allstar: Well you can't stay here. The storm will get worse, and you'll jsut get caught again. 

Tooter: *Agrees*'

Dimmy: You, you could stay at my house.

Casey: *grabs her* She's staying with me, and that's final! We girls have to stick together!

(Dr. Strangensork watches the storm from his lab)

Dr. Strangesnork: Ah, I just love a seastorm, Finneas! Feeling the wild, unleased energy of the waves brings out the worst in me! *gets hit by seaweed* Oh, now where was I? *Finneqas whispers it* Ah, of course! I'm about to test out my new, most devious device! Which one? They all need testing. No, not that one. Nah uh, no, I don't think so, but you're getting warmer. *sees machine* Hold it, stop everything! That's it! That's my device that stops everything! Yes, my Stop ocean Motion Machine will bring Snorkland to a stand sitll! Now, who can I test it on? *finds it* Ah yes, my fleet fin Finneas! *turns frozen* By jellyfish, it worked! My Stop Ocean Motion Machien stopped you right in your wait! Great barrier reef, my machine is short circuiting! *Finneas free now* All the reflector shells are ruined! And my beam won't work without them! Don't just float there, Finneas! Bring me Encyclpedia Aquatica, Volume 18! *does it* Yes, that's the one! I must find a new source of reflectors, and when I do, I'll crush Snorkland!

(now at Casey's house)

Serena: My poor hair is tangled like a drop of seaweed!

Casey: Oh don't worry, Serena. You can borrow my drop shell brush and coral comb.

Serena: Oh, thank you, Casey. *hums melody*

Casey: Serena, what is that strange melody? You've been humming it all day.

Serena: Oh, force of habit, Casey. It's a tune all young mermaids must practice so the other mermaids can find us if we're stranded or lost.

Casey: So how did you get lost in the storm?

Serena: I didn't get lost. I swam away from home.

Casey: But, but why?

Serena: Look, Casey. We're almost the same size. All the mermaids in Mermaid Del Ray are much, much bigger. *flashback to her running away from home* I was too rump. I had to try twice as hard to keep up. So I swam away. I kept going, until my tailfin gave out. Then I got caught in the storm, and I might've parrished if you snorks hadn't found me.

Casey: Well, you can always stay in Snorkland.

(both girls go to bed now)

Serena: It has to be better than Mermaid Del Ray, where everyone stared because of my size.

Casey: Oh, now that won't hapen in Snorkland. *turns off light*


(the next morning, Casey makes sure the coast is clear before heading out with Serena)

Junior: *with camera crew* Okay, boys, get the lights on her! Keep those squiddio tapes rolling!

Casey: Junior, what in the whirlpool do you think you're doing?!

Junior: Junior Wetworth, Snorkwitness News, here for an exclusive interview with Casey Kelp, who took the strange creature into her home! 

Casey: No comment! *places mic in his snork and swims away with Serena* Let's jet out of here, Serena!

Junior: Keep the lights on them! All of you with colored shellevisions can see the mermaid colorful tailfin bringing out, blidnign water colors. 

(Dr. Strangesnork is still doing research)

Dr. Strangensork: Where in the waves will I find new reflectors?!

Junior: *on TV* And Snorkwitness news will keep after this fast moving mermaid story! I hope everyone out in SeeV land is getting a good look on those super shiny scales!

Dr. Strangesnork: *sees her* Jumping jellyfish! A few scales form that mermaid's tail will fix my Stop Motion Machine!

Junior: Will you know of any idea how long you'll be in Snorkland?

Dimmy: Not long if you keep after her! *pulls plug* 

Junior: hey, what are you doing?!

Dimmy: Wrapping up this interview!

Junior: What is it woth you? Got somethign against the news media?

Dimmy: We've got you, Serena.

Casey: All snorks aren't liek that seaslug, Junior.

Dr. Strangesnork: *dresses as King Neptune* There. What mermaid wouldn't trust King Neptune, ruler of the sea?! *chuckles* Now, to enlarge myself to neptune's size! *does so, and even breaks the roof* Wel Finneas, how do I look? *Finneas likes it*

(Serena tries to leave)

Dimmy: Just ignore Junior, we all do.

Casey: Yeah, Serena, please come back to Snorkland. 

Serena: Back home I was too small. But here I'm just a snork-sized freak.

Casey: But where will you go?

Serena: I don't know.

Dr. Strangesnork: You must go home at once, Serena - with me! 

Serena: *gasps* King Neptune!

All: King Neptune!

Serena: But, I don't wanna go home.

Dr. Strangesnork; Serena, you must obey the king of the sea!

Serena; Yes, King Neptune. Goodbye, my friends.

Casey: Remember, size doesn't count - it's what's inside.

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* My plan worked perfecly. *octopus runs into him* Hey, watch where you're swimming, you eight armed oaf! Oh, I mean, uh, excuse me.

Dimmy: Hey Casey, does King Neptune have a snork? it's a giant snork!

Casey: That phony neptune was a snork - Dr. Strangesnork!

(back at his lab, he shrinks himself back to normal size)

Serena: *trapped an tied to a table* King Neptune, why have you done this?

Dr. Strangensork: *laughs* Because I'm not King Neptune! I'm Dr. ,uh, *Finneas whispers* Dr. Strangensork! I'm goign to conquer Snorkland with you tipping the scales in my favor! 

Serena: *as they come off* Oh no!

Dr. Strangesnork: Hmm, these looked a lot better on shellevision. I better enlarge them

(Casey and Dimmy search for her)

Dimmy: Like how will we ever find Stragesnork's lab?

Casey: *hears humming* We follow that tune!

(back in his lab...)

Dr. Strangesnork: Ah, much bigger, and much better! These should be perfect reflectors for my stop motion ray! And the first thing I'm stopping is that perfectly awful humming! *does it and freezes her* Aha, it worked! Come, Finneas, it's time to bring Snorkland to a hault!

Dimmy: *slams door on him* Serena! What has that slimy Strangesnork done to you?

Dr. Strangensork: Just what I;m going to do to you! *freezes Casey*

Dimmy: Yikes! I'm a sitting snork!

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* You have to stop sometime! *Dimmy hits ray and enlarges Serena* Now I'm going to stop you! *grabbed by Serena* Yao, put me down, lady!

Dimmy: *with machine* I hope I can start Casey up again. *does so, adn they bump into each other, causing it to break*

Dr. Strangesnork: Those clumsy snorks have smashed my Stop ocean Motion Machine! 

Mermaid 1: Serena, we've been looking for you.

Dr. Strangesnork: *after being put down* Now we'll she if she can pick on someone her own size. 

Serena: It's still three against one. *all slam him with tailfins* How did you find me?

Mermaid 2: The rescue song, of course. We heard you calling.

Serena: You've been looking for me all this time? I thought I was too small to care about.

Mermaid 2: We were worried sick when you swam away. Big or small, you're one of us.

Mermaid 1: And you belong in Mermaid Del Ray.

Serena: Well, I guess I'm ready to go home now, Casey.

Casey: Looks like you've really grown up!

Serena: Thanks. *takes hair piece out* I know it's too big now, but it's a little something to remember me by. And this is for you, Dimmy, my hero. *kisses him*

Dimmy: *blushes* Nobody's gonna believe this!

Serena: *waves* Goodbye!

Dr. Strangesnork: *pops out* You haven't heard the last of Dr. eh, *picture* oh, that's right! Dr. neptune! 

(Finneas and picture laugh)

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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