The New Neighbors



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Written by:

Francis Novier

Directed by:

Gerald Baldwin

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: September 22, 1984

Paired With

Hooked On a Feeling

"The New Neighbors" is the 4th episode of the series. Tooter meets a hummerfish who follows him home. However, the hummerfish is set to be killed, so the snorks do their best to protect the species.

Snorks 104 2

Tooter and the hummerfish

Plot Summary

Ms. Seabottom takes her students on a field trip to the kelp factory, where they learn how they need kelp to survive, and without it, they would all starve. She then explains to them about the Great Famile, where hummerfish came and hummed beautiful music to the snorks, and whenever they would stop humming, they can eat large amounts of kelp within minutes. They may be friendly, but a single hummerfish could eat as much kelp in a week to last a snork an entire year.

This has obviously made the snorks very hungry, so they go to lunch early. During that time, Tooter eats by himself, where he meets a cute and tiny purple snork with a red dot on its side. They hum together, and when it's time to get back on the bus, Tooter places it inside his basket. he and the others take it to Dr. Gallio's lab to figure out what it is, only for him to give away some shocking news - the fish is really a hummerfish, and the red dot signals that particular fish being the leader. Unfortunately, Snork Law requires that all hummerfish must be killed on site to prevent another famine from taking place.

Tooter tries getting the hummerfish to leave, but it won't. All of a sudden, it begins eating tons of kelp, and everyone in Snorkland flips out. Junior sees this nad informs his dad about it, who then makes an annoucement to everyone in Snorkland warning of another famine. In fact, many more hmmerfish keep popping up and eating tons of kelp. The snorks visit Gallio, where they learn they can take the Silverfish and get the hummerfish to go out beyond the limits. Tooter hums to them, and the fish follow the Silverfish until he grows exhausted and the hummerfish turn around. But then they see a giant kelp pasture, and the hummerfish would be able to eat kelp for the next 100 years. Of coruse, Governor Wetworth makes it sound like he saved the town, but in reality Allstar, Casey, and Tooter went out beyond the limits.

Snorks 104 1

Casey and tooter dancing

Background Information

  • We learn that the hummerfish are known to eat lots of kelp - however, this is the only time they're mentioned in the series
  • First appearance of Ms. Seabottom
  • Clips from this episode can be seen in the Season 2 and syndication theme songs
  • This episode reveals Allstar's affection towards Casey
  • Casey is seen dancing with Tooter for the first time, possibly as a hard to get method - the second time would be in Allstar's Double Trouble

Memorable Quotes

Dimmy: I'll take two kelpburgers smothered in mustard clams!

All (except Ms. Seabottom): *laugh*

Daffney: Oh, Dimmy, you're a crack up!

Daffney: Speaking of eating, Ms. Seabottom, what time is lunch?

Ms. Seabottom: Lunch is when I say lunch - or, when the factory whistle blows.

Tooter: *sounds alarm and everyone leaves*

Casey: Oh boy, the Governor made it sound like he got rid of the hummers! I don't remember seeing him beyond the limits, do you?

Allstar: Well, Casey, governors will be governors. Wanna dance?

Casey: I'd love to! *runs to Tooter* Of course, you! *they dance together*


  • When Ms. Seabottom calls Junior a "little snitch," her glasses frames are darker
  • When in Gallio's lab, Daffney has no hair
  • For once, the snorks called the Silverfish a submarine by mistake


  • None



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