(Ms. Seabottom is taking the students of Snorkland High on a field trip to the local kelp factory)

Ms. Seabottom: As you know, most of the snork food comes from the kelp beds out there. Now over there are the kelp planking machines. 

Dimmy: Mmm, I'll take two kelpburgers smothered in mustard clams! 

All: *laugh at him*

Daffney: Oh Dimmy, you're a crack up!

Ms. Seabottom: Save the jokes till later, please.

Junior: Uh, Ms. Seabottom, is it true that snorks need kelp to survive?

Ms. Seabottom: Oh, I'm glad you asked that question, Master Wetworth.

Casey: Oh, leave it to Junior to polish to old aboloney!

Allstar: *laughs* Baloney is right!

Ms. Seabottom: Without kelp, we snorks would starve actually. And we nearly did, during the Great Famine of long ago.

Allstar: The Great Famine?! What happened?

Ms. Seabottom: Thousands of hummerfish invaded our kelpbeds in a great sworm, filling the water with their humming sounds. *as all this goes on, a factory worker sprays a fish away from the kelp* Then the music stopped, as the hummers began to eat, and within minutes, they had eaten every last stalk of kelp! 

Dimmy: That's awful!

Ms. Seabottom: Hummers are friendly creatures, but unfortunately for us, however, a single hummer - no bigger than a mino - can eat enough kelp for a week to feed a snork for a year.

Daffney: Speaking of eating, Ms. Seabottom, what time is lunch?

Ms. Seabottom: Lunch is when I say "lunch," or when the factory whistle blows.

(Daffney and Dimmy cue Tooter into creating a whistle blowing sound)

Tooter: *whistles loudly, and everyone scrams out of there as fast as they can* 

Ms. Seabottom: No, wait, come back here!

(everyone is eating lunch outside)

Allstar: That was some story Ms. Seabottom told about the hummerfish.

Casey: Uh huh. Let's hope they never ever come back.

Tooter: *hums to himself as he finds an empty spot to picnic - he then sees a purple fish with a red market caught ina sea eneminie, so he saves it - they both create unique humming sounds together* 

Dimmy: *he and Daffney pass him by* Come on, Tooter.

Daffney: You know how Ms. Seabottom is about being late.

Tooter: *says goodbye to it, but it follows him - he stil tries getting it to go back home, but it sneaks inside his basket instead - unknowingly, Tooter picks up his basket and flower*

(back on the bus, everyone hums that same melody together)

Tooter: *the fish pops out of the basket and kisses Tooter on the cheek*

Junior: *sees all this and snickers* Ms. Seabottom says no humming on the bus, and -- what's that?

Tooter: *hides the fish*

Junior: Ms. Seabottom, Tooter has a fish on the bus! Tooter has a fish on the bus!

Ms. Seabottom: Oh Junior, don't be such a snitch! 

(afterwards, the snorks take it over to Gallio's)

Gallio: B flat. Oh, dear! I'm afraid that's the right note! *measures it* And, it certainly is the right size!

Allstar: What are you trying to tell us, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: I have bad news, my young friend. This is a hummerfish!

Tooter: *shocked*

Allstar: Are you absolutely sure, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: Indeed - and this highly unusual marking tells us that this particular specimen is the head hummer - the hummer that guides the fish to the new feeding grounds!

Casey: Uh oh!

Dimmy: That is bad news!

Gallio: *takes out a scroll and reads a section* And I think you all should know that ever since the Great Kelp Famine, that Snork Law has demanded that all hummers have to be killed on site. 

All: KILLED?!?!?!

Occy: *helps Tooter place it back in the basket* 

Tooter: *he and Occy leave*

Allstar: Tooter, wait, Tooter!!!

(Meanwhile, Tooter and Occy go out in an empty field and try setting it free and away from town)

Tooter: *he and Occy make humming sounds, but the fish refuses to leave*

Junior: *cruising around in his steam convertable* What's that strange humming noise? if that's what I think it is -- *gets out* 

Tooter: *still tries getting it to leave when Junior shows up*

Junior: Tooter, that's a hummerfish! Don't let him get away! *tries grabbing it but fails* 

Occy: *growls at him*

Junior: Wait, my father says all hummers must be destroyed!

(Tooter and Occy run away from Junior)

Junior: *chases them* Tooter, give me that fish! I said give it to me!

Occy: *inks him in response*

Junior: Oh no! I'm gonna tell my father!

Tooter: *attempts to actually set it free*

Junior: Oh, he got it, ooh, I jsut wanna take him, and, OOH!


(Near Downtown Snorkland, the snorks are visitn the Shellbys)

Casey: And then he says he let the fish go.

Allstar: Out by the kelpbeds?!

Dimmy: We were gonna take him to the Council, but --

Governor Wetworth: You listen to me, Tooter! You knew, they knew, and Dr. Gallio knew that the fish in question was a hummer! Oh, what you did was wrong, son! Wrong!

(outside, a hummerfish looks at a stalk of kelp and quickly consumes it) 

Mr. Shellby: Governor, I'm sure that my son didn't understand the seriousness of the situation. 

Governor Wetworth: I don't think any of you understand how dangerous that fish really is! 

(back in town, Governor Wetworth has his troops set out and ready for action)

Guard: *after so many "hups"* Attention, ho! 

Governor Wetworth: Men, I need not remind you of the seriosity of this situation! Now I want you to cover every square inch of Snorkland, and destroy every hummer you find!

Guard: Forward, snork! *as they march, more hummers eat the kelp)

(Allstar and Casey now at Gallio's lab)

Gallio: *holding musical tuner* I tell you, my boy, that hummerfish is still out there, and he can't be far away.

Casey: The trouble is, he's not alone.

Allstar: Hummerfish are popping up all over Snorkland.

Gallio: If this keeps up, we'll be facing another famine! 

Allstar: Isn't there any way we can stop them, Uncle Gallio?

Gallio: Not that I know of.

Allstar: *realizes* What is we took the submarine, and looked for that head hummer?

Casey: Great idea, Allstar!

Gallio: *thinks for a moment* I don't know. The odds are against even findng that fish again.

(as snorks continuously watch the hummerfish eat the kelp, a press conference is taking place for Governor Wetworth)

Reporter #1: What are you going to do about the hummerfish, Governor?

Reporter #2: Does the Governor have a plan?

Reporter #3: How long will our food supplies last?

Reporter #2: Governor, how are ya gonna stop the hummers?

Governor Wetworth: Well, we have a plan. *then gets flashed by the camera's lenses*

(the gang is using the Silverfish)

Casey: There they are - thousands of them!

Allstar: Oh, let's hope they don't eat the submarine!

Tooter: *notices something*

Allstar: You hear 'em?

Tooter; *yes, he does*

Casey: Okay, Tooter, do your stuff! 

Tooter: *hums loudly, which gets them to follow the Silverfish*

Casey: Oh Allstar, what a heavenly sound! 

Allstar: It's really beautiful! Keep it up, Tooter! He's right behind us!

Tooter: *does so* 

Casey: Now that we've got them, where can we take them?

Allstar: There's only one place where we can take them - beyond the limits.

Casey: Beyond the limits?!

Tooter: *thinks that might be a problem*

(now they're out further)

Casey: Wow, we've never been this far before.

Allstar: You're right - and we better find a kelp bed soon or we'll never get back.

Tooter: *worn out and can't hum any longer*

Allstar: I know you're exhausted, Tooter, but you've got to keep tooting.

Tooter: *hiccupping slightly*

Casey: Tooter, what's wrong? *the humming stops, and so they leave* Oh Allstar, the hummers - we're losing them!

Allstar: They're heading back towards Snorkland! And that's not all - look at that mosnter coming at us!

(a giant brown fish heads thei way)

Allstar: Tooter! Everybody, hang on!

Tooter: *closes his eyes until the fish is caught between two coral rocks*

Allstar: Now, let's gather up our stray hummers, and find them a kelp pasture!

Tooter: *hums, and the hummers follow the Silverfish to an empty and wide kelp field*

Casey: Oh, that's enough kelp to keep them busy for a hundred years!

Tooter: *says goodbye to the head hummer, and soon the others head out into the field*

(back in town, Governor Wetworth holds a ball to celebrate not having to go through anotehr Great Famine)

Governor Wetworth: And so, fellow snorks, we celebrate the end of the hummer invasion, and the dawn od a bright new day for Snorkland! I promised you that my administration would meet this threat, and we did! Now, everybody dance!

Casey: Oh boy, the Governor made it sound like he got rid of the hummers! I don't remember seeing him beyond the limits, do you?

Allstar: Well Casey, governors will be governors. Wanna dance?

Casey: I'd love to! *skips over to Tooter* 

Tooter: *asks her*

Casey: Of course, you! *they both dance together* 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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