The Shady Shadow



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Written by:

George Atkins

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 17, 1987

Paired With

Tooter Loves Tadah

"The Shady Shadow" is the 11th episode of Season 3. Dr. Strangesnork creates an evil contraption that makes evil shadows out of snorks, but it ends up hitting Willie, leading everyone to believe he's been doing "bad" things."

Snorks 311 2

Dr. Strangesnork with Finneas

Plot Summary

Dr. Strangesnork is in a cave, and he shows his pet catfish Finneus his latest invention, the Shadow Shiner, which is supposed to catch any snork's shadow and make that shadow his personal slave. He tests it out on Finneus first, but it ends up going haywire. Meanwhile, the snorks are playing a little game of minigolf with Corky, but a shot is missed so Willie decides to retrieve the ball for them. Willie ends up going into the cave, where he ends up in front of the Shadow Shiner, and his shadow now becomes evil. 

After Willie's shadow causes havoc inside the lab by placing Finneas and Strangesnork in their own prisons cells made from parts of the invention, Willie himself retrieves the ball. The snorks get mad at him for being late, and not only that, the shadow gets him in trouble as well. He ruins everyone's good time by making everyone lose the game, and they all blame Willie himself. No one knows, not even Willie, that his shadow's been causing all the craziness. 

The snorks decide to go to the movies together, and they invite Willie along as long as he behaves himself. But while Willie goes off to purchase some candy at the concessions, the shadow marks on the posters and ruins the screen as the movie is about to start. This causes all of the snorks to be thrown out of the theater, so they decide to go camping without Willie. Willie ends up meeting his shadow, so he follows the others with it. 

The shadow ends up destroying their lunch, so they decide to blame Junior as well. They end up trying to talk to both Wetworth boys when they see the shadow messing up the tent, although Willie's standing right there. Corky examines the shadow, with Strangesnork watching from afar. Corky tries to roll it up like in "Peter Pan," but Strangesnork gets caught in his own trap and places the shadow with it. They apologize to Willie in the end. 

Snorks 311 1

All mad at Willie

Background Info

  • Strangesnork is very out of character in this episode, and Finneus can actually talk
  • Daffney shows off her cooking skills once more (Me JoJo, You Daffney)
  • This is the first time Willie gets blamed for doing horrible things

Memorable Quotes

(the snorks are playing minigolf with eels, and Corky wins a round)

Corky: I win!

Daffney: Well I would've won this snorkade game if Junior hadn't hit my ball out of the court!

Casey: Yeah, and I would've won if Junior hadn't cheated and used my ball instead of his!

Jojo: Come on, Willie, play!

Daffney: We're waiting, Willie! 

Casey: I guess causing trouble swims in his family! 

Junior: Hey! My little brother hardly does anything wrong!

Corky: I say, why don't we go on a camping excursion? That doesn't require any financial cost!

Jojo: I like camping - but not with Willie!

Casey: So long, Willie! Goodbye, and good riddance! 

Willie: *as the others leave him behind* But I -- oh, what's the use?!

Casey: What did they do with it then, Corky?

Corky: Hmm, I can't seem to remember...

Dr. Strangesnork: *steps out of hiding* Come on, Finneas! Let's get the shadow before he does remember!


  • When Dr. Strangesnork attempts to test Finneas with the shadow, his eyebrows are black rather than white
  • When the snorks apologize to Willie, Daffney's shoes are pink and blend in with her skin color


  • The SNORK Movie logo with the tigerfish roaring is an obvious parody of the MGM Studios classic logo
  • Peter Pan is referenced in full form by Corky
  • The snorks sing Jolly Good Fellow to Willie in the end



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