(we open up by seeing Dr. Strangesnork in his lab with another invention of his)

Dr. Strangesnork: At last, it's perfected! My most evil creation! The Shadow Shiner!

Finneas: *can actually talk this time* It's magnificent! Oh, what's a Shadow Shiner do? Shine up your shadow? 

Dr. Strangesnork: It creates a slave shadow, Finneas. I will create hundreds of slave shadows, thousands, and I will then rule Snorkland forever! *laughs* 

Finneas: Sounds great! *laughs*

Dr. Strangesnork: Glad you feel that way, Finneas! Now stand in front of the beam.

Finneas: Yes, sir.

Dr. Strangesnork: It's perfectly harmless. Now, move. That's it, it's holding - my first slave shadow! Shadow, I command you, swim to me! That's it! It's working! It's *disappears* Oh no! Drat! It didn't last long eough, but I'm getting close! *laughs*  (the snorks are playing minigolf with eels, and Corky wins a round)

Corky: I win!

Daffney: Well I would've won this snorkade game if Junior hadn't hit my ball out of the court!

Casey: Yeah, and I would've won if Junior hadn't cheated and used my ball instead of his!

Jojo: Yeah, Junior, you should be like your brother!

Daffney: Right! Willie's never in trouble, but you're always fooling around!

Junior: Me? Fooling around?! That's ridiculous! Hey, watch this! *hits ball out of there*

Willie: I'll get it, Junior! *follows it into the cave*

Junior: It's inside, it's inside! 

Willie: I see where it went! I got it!

(the ball bounces in front of Strangesnork)

Dr. Strangesnork: What's that? *Willie's in front of the beam* Who's he? Get him out of there, Finneas! No, wait a minute! It's holding! Yes, it's working! Snorkland is as good as mine! *laughs* At last, my Slave Shadow! Shadow, I command you - move away! 

Willie: *as his shadow moves* Oh, I just want the ball, mister. Oh, there it is! *he grabs it and tip-toes out of there*

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* Slave Shadow, seize this intruder! Make him my prisoner! *grabs him* That's it! 

Finneas; Get him! *shadow grabs him*

Dr. Strangesnork: No, not him, you idiot shadow! *shadow puts Finneas in a bone cage as he tries to destory the Shadow Shiner and put Strangesnork in that prison cell* No, put me down! let me go! It's not a slave shadow, it's a run-a-muck! Finneas, get me out of this! *Finneas looks blankly as the shadow escapes to poke Willie*

Willie: Hey! Who was that? 

Jojo: Come on, Willie, play!

Daffney: We're waiting, Willie! 

Casey: I guess causing trouble swims in his family! 

Junior: Hey! My little brother hardly does anything wrong!

Willie: Okay, I'm taking my shot now. *hits ball but shadow casues all of them to move around*

Junior: What do you think you're doing, Willie?

Willie: I didn't do anything - I jsut tapped my ball - honest.

Corky: Let us resume play - and please, Willie, kindly seize the horsing around. I'll continue play from here. *shadow grabs the ball before Corky can hit it* Dreadfully amusing, Willie, now cut it out!

Willie: But I didn't do it!

Casey: Hey, I can win with one shot, watch! *hits ball but shadow takes the stick eel away and give it to Willie, who looks at it blankly*

Corky: My dear girl. You missed the post cause Willie pulled it out.

Junior: What's gotten into you, Willie?

Casey: *pretends to cry* Willie made me lose!

Willie: But I didn't do it!

Daffney: Sure, then what's that post doing in your hand?! 

Willie: I... don't think I did it.

(meanwhile, Dr. Strangesnork breaks free from his cell)

Dr. Strangesnork: Run a muck shadow, look at my creation! Ruined beyond repair! *frees Finneas too* Hmm, but if I get the shadow back, I still might rule Snorkland! Let's go, Finneas, I'll need more help! 


(Willie and his shadow have now folowed the other snorks to the movie theater)

Daffney: Oh no, look who's here!

Jojo: Uh oh!

Willie: Hi, where'd you guys go?

Corky: Willie, old chum. If you go to the movies with us, you've got to behave, understand?

Willie: Uh, huh. I'll behave, honest. 

(as the snorks sit in the theater, the shadow destroys the posters - in fact, the shadow is in front of the screen)

Daffney: Oh, no! Look!

Corky: Sit down, Willie! 

Casey: That's Willie fooling around again, I knew he would! 

(all groan at the shadow)

Corky: Cotnrol your brother, Junior!

Junior: What can I do? Willie, come here this minute! 

(but the shadow destorys the screen, causing them to be thrown out)

Man: Alright, you kids, out of here!

Daffney: *as the real Wilie swims over to them* Thanks a lot, WIllie, now we wasted our movie money!

Willie: What happened? I was buying candy?

Daffney: You can't fool us, Willie! We know it was you! 

Willie: Me? What?!

Corky: I say, why don't we go on a camping excursion? That doesn't require any financial cost!

Jojo: I like camping - but not with Willie!

Casey: So long, Willie! Goodbye, and good riddance! 

Willie: *as the others leave him behind* But I -- oh, what's the use?! *sees his shadow move towards him* It's a ghost! My gosh! It's shaped like -- me! *they move together* It's not a ghost, it's my shadow - I think. *shadow trips him* What kind of a shadow are you? *throws Willie up in the air, and he almost gets eaten by a barricuda* Boy, I've gotta tell him it wasn't me, that it was my shadow!

Dr. Strangesnork: *he and Finneas watch nearby* There it is, Finneas. Get ready! *Strangesnork tries to tie it up, but it gets away* Grab that blasted shadow, Finneas! *they miss and fall into the mud as he mumbles some unclear words* Shadow, but we'll get it yet!

(the snorks ride the sub to a camping site as Willie and his shadow follow suit)

Willie: Hey, wait for me, I have something to tell you!

Jojo: Oh no, guess who???

Willie: You know who did all that stuff that made you mad? It was my shadow!

Daffney: Yeah, sure Willie!

Corky: His shadow, of course. Hmm, Willie, why don't you and your shadow both taddle along home?

Willie: Oh, please let me go with you! I'll be a might camper! 

Corky: Well, let's say you snorks? Alright, Willie, but remember, you've made a sacred promise?

(Daffney has just cooked up some lunch)

Daffney: Okay, everybody, lunch is ready!

Jojo: I'm starving!

Junior: Me too!

Casey: Then what are we waiting for? Let's eat! 

Daffney: *after shadow destroys lunch too* It was Willie, I saw him! 

Junior: *the lunch falls on him to* My own brother. Why? Why do you do it, Willie? 

Casey: That's right, he is your brotehr, and that makes you responsible, Junior.

Jojo: Right. Junior should wash pots, too.

(now Jojo's setting up a tent) 

Corky: Splendid, Jojo. Um, what is it? 

Jojo: A tigerfish trap. It'll catch Willie red-handed. 

Corky: Brilliant, but I don't think you'll need it. We're about to take a vote. 

Daffney: Okay, somebody better go get Willie and Junior so they can face their accusors. *Corky brings them in* All those in favor of making Junior and Willie both walk home say I? 

Jojo: *catches shadow pulling on tent* Willie's doing it again! 

Daffney: Willie, we all see you, now let the tent alone!

Corky: But, hwo can Willie be out tampering with the tent when he's, he's right here.

Jojo: Willie is here!

Willie: I told ya - it's my shadow!

Casey: It is his shadow!

Corky: *observes it* Incredible! Absolutely impossible, but, but, there it is! 

Daffney: Well what'll we do about it? 

Dr. Strangesnork: *watching from afar* There's the shadow, and it's about to be under my rule!

Corky: Watol! I just remembered there was a shadow in a story called "Peter Pan." And they caught it, and roled it up. *rolls it*

Casey: What did they do with it then, Corky?

Corky: Hmm, I can't seem to remember...

Dr. Strangesnork: *steps out of hiding* Come on, Finneas! Let's get the shadow before he does remember! *gets trapped upside down in his own trap*

Corky: *gasps* Now I got it! You unroll it, and stick it on its owner! *does this for Strangesnork* Now it's their shadow! 

Dr. Strangesnork: Shadow, get me down! *does so* Success at last! It is my slave shadow! *laughs* And soon, Snorkland will be mine! *shadow ties him up in his outfit* Wh-wh-what are you doing?! Are you crazy? Finneas, get that shadow away from me! *throws rocks at them* If this is having a slave, then I don't think I really want one! *runs from the rocks* 

Casey: Willie, we're all real sorry.

Daffney: Yes, Willie, we apologize. Join me, snorks? *she sings along with them* For he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, for he's a jolly good fellow, that nobody can deny!

Willie: Gosh, you guys are singing that for me? *they pat him on the head*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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