(Everyone is inside Gallio's lab one afternoon with a giant invention next to them)

Gallio: What are you all doing here?

Allstar: Well you said you needed to see us.

Gallio: Huh?! Oh, oh yes! *gets out shell* It seems this piece of the kelp planting machine is broken, and without it, the machine won't work.

Junior: Hey, that could mean no more kelpburgers - and no more food - and no more snorks!

Allstar: Then what happens if we can't find a shell that fits?

Gallio: Fits what?

Allstar: The kelp machine!

Gallio: Huh? Oh, right! Then we'll have to doo all the planting ourselves.

Allstar: *leaves with the others* Don't worry, Gallio.

Casey: We'll find your shell.

(All are now outside of town searching for the right shell)

Casey: *picks a smaller one up* Boy, finding a perfect shell isn't as easy as I thought.

Junior: *with handmirror* Well if it's perfecttion you want, just look at me!

Casey and Allstar: *roll their eyes at him and groan* 

Allstar: Hey, maybe we'd have better luck if we split into two teams.

Casey: Yeah, we'll make a game of it!

Junior: And the winner gets waited on for a week! *then fancies himself doing that*

(Casey, Junior, and Daffney are in one group)

Casey: There's gotta be plenty of round shells over here. And there's one now! *tries lifting a heavy shell* What's wrong with this thing? *takes it off and reveals a crab* Huh?! 

Crab: Sheesh! Can't a crab get a little shut eye around here?

Casey: Sorry, Mr. Crab. We only wanted your shell.

Crab: Yeah, sure! And what am I supposed to do?! Become shell-less?! *takes it from her* Not me, toots!

Casey: Boy, what a crab! 

(Allstar, Jojo, and Corky are doing their own search)

Allstar: This shell looks perfect.

Snorkeater: Aha!

Allstar: Huh? What was that? *all growl at them* It's the snorkeaters! *throws rock at them* Hurry to the sub! *he and Corky hide in there* Hey, where's Jojo? *sees him throwing mroe rocks at the snorkeaters* Jojo, get in here! Come on, Corky, start the engine! *it malfunctions* What's wrong with the engine? What are we gonna do?! *now the snorkeaters are chasing Jojo* The snorkeaters are gaining! *movement* What was that? Say something, Corky! Wha, don't tell me you've swallowed your gum! 

(while the snorkeaters are still chasing the sub, the girls are Junior continue searching)

Junior: Boy, when I find that shell, you'll all be waiting on me, hand and snork! 

Casey: Don't count your shells before they're open, Junior! 

Junior: *finds something golden* There it is - the shell of my dreams! 

Casey: I'll get it!

Junior: *grabs her arm* No way, I saw it first, it's all mine! *but he grabs an eel instead, which then moves him around* Help, help, somebody help me!

Casey: Normally, I'd say we should help him, but he did say it was all his. *her and Daffney laugh* 

(Jojo's pushing the sub away now)

Allstar: You can stop now, Jojo! *stops and they all get out* Whoa, that sure was a close call! Wonder where we are. *Corky gives him a map* It says here we're in the Forgotten Sea. And that's more than you've said all day. I've heard these parts are off limits to snorks, and I can see why. *to audience* Oh brother, now they're both not talking! Boy, what a day! First we were being chased by snorkeaters, and now we're in a place where we shouldn't be, and to snork it all off, no shell! What do you see, Cotky? Jumping jellyfish! *a giant golden egg in front of them* Hey, it looks like some sort of egg! *picks it up, but it falls on him* Help, Jojo! *Jojo gets it off of him* Heh!


(Dr. Strangesnork is now spying on everyone in Gallio's lab)

Dr. Strangensork: *on top of Finneas* Stand still, you creepy catfish! *Finneas groans* I know that goody two-snork brother of mine must be up to something we can steal! 

Casey: *hands Gallio her shell* This is my last shell, Gallio. 

Gallio: *tests it* Hmm, just a little too small.

Junior: *gets his out of a bag* Here, Gallio, try this one. It's gotta fit.

Gallio: *tests it as well* No, just a tadpool too big, Junior. 

(the men return with the egg)

Allstar: You can put the egg down, Jojo.

Gallio :Where'd you find that?

Allstar: In the Forgotten Sea. 

All: The Forgotten Sea?! 

Gallio: But that's off limits to snorks!

Casey: How'd you ever end up there?

Allstar: It's a long story!

Dr. Strangesnork: See? I told you, Finneas! I knew they'd be up to something! 

Casey: *sees it about to hatch* Hey look, the egg is moving!

Junior: *only one not hiding* I'm not scared of a stupid egg!

Allstar: Get away, Junior!

Junior: Scaredy snork! *a giant hand grabs him, and the hand belongs to a prehistoric snork* Huh?! *the creature kisses him* HELP!

Snorky: Mama!

Junior: I'm not your mama, let me down!

Casey: Hey, he's kinda cute!

Junior: Cute?! He's a monster snork!

Casey: He's not a mama, he's just a baby. *to Snorky* Aren't you?

Snorky: Snorky, Snorky!

Allstar: What do you think he is, Gallio?

Gallio; *as Snork grabs him and sucks his thumb* I think he's hungry. Why don't you take him back to Snorkland, and get his some food, while I find out exactly what he is.

Dr. Strangesnork: Do you see that, Finneas? *gets off of him* This could be my chance! Whatever that thing is, it's gotta be worth something! *laughs*

(The snorks are in a kelp field, feeding Snorky giant bottles - and he's on his fourth one right now!)

Junior: Boy, can this thing eat!

Allstar: *looking at all the eaten kelp* You're telling me! He's already eaten half our kelpbeds!

Junior: *burps Snorky, then is grabbed by him* Help, put me down! *bounces around* Come on now, cut it out! Stop it! Put me down!

(Gallio, Casey, and Daffney laugh at this, until they get twirled around with hi mas well - soon enough, Gallio has a book out back in his lab) 

Gallio: This book should tell me what he is. *finds it* That's it! He's uh, a snorkasaurus!

(Dr. Strangesnork is doing the same in his lab)

Dr. Strangesnork: A rare and valuable snorkasaurus! *closes book on Finneas's tail, causing him to wait* He'll be worth a million clams to the Snorkland Museum! *dances around with Finneas* We'll be rich, rich, rich!!!

(all are now worn out by Snorky)

Allstar: Boy, am I beat!

Casey: Yeah, me too! Snorky can really wear you out!

Gallio: *swims over to them* Snorks, snorks! I have some news about Snorky!

Allstar: What is it?

G​allio: He's a prehistoric snorkasaurus! *laughs* And probably the only surviving one left. His family andfriends have been extinct for at least one million years. 

Casey: Oh, poor Snorky!

Junior: Poor Snorky?! Poor us! Not only is that klutzy snork eating us out of kelp at home, but he's practically ruined Snorkland!

Gallio: Hmm, ooh this is serious. We need that shell now more than ever. Come on, we all better go look for one!

Casey: But what about Snorky? *all see him peacefully sleeping* Well, we better hurry and get back before he wakes up. 

(as they leave, Dr. Strangesnork shows up)

Dr. Strangesnork: *laughs* Now's our chance, Finneas! *Finneas gets excited over the catfish food can* No, you know this is our bait, you cattatonic catfish! Beside, you'll have more than enough food when we capture that valuable snorkasaurus! *opens the can, and while Snorky is still in a dream-like state, follows the scent*

(meanwhile, the snorks return to the site, but see he's gone)

Casey: Hey, where's Snorky? 

Allstar: Gee, I don't know.

Junior: Eh, who cares?! He was just a pain in the snork, anyway! 

Gallio: Oh no, this is terrible! Not only did we not find that shell, but we've lost Snorky!

Casey: *picks up catfish food can* Hey, look!

Allstar: What is it?

Gallio: *sees can* It's catfish food! Huh, that's it! My evil brother must've found out about Snorky, and snorknapped him for the fortune he's worth!

Junior: Fortune? Did someone say "fortune"? come on, we've gotta rescue that poor baby snorkasaurus!

(Meanwhile, Snorky is causing chaos at Dr. Strangesnork's by vboucing them around)

Dr. Strangesnork: Don't worry, Finenas! We won't have to put up with him much longer! Uh, as soon as the museum, uh, opens tomorrow, the money will be our's, and we'll be all rid of this nusense forever! 

(the snorks watch from outside his window)

Casey: Gee, I hope Snorky's open. *really see it for themselves*

Dr. Strangesnork: It's uh, it's a good thing you're the last of your kind. *Snorky throws them to the wall* Cause I could never, ever take another one! 

Snorky: *laughs after tying them up* Snorky, Snorky!

Dr. Strangesnork: Untie me, you nincomsnork! *hears door knocking* Oh, who could that be??? *bounces to it* Don't they know I'm all tied up?! *opens door with his foot* AAH!! 

(the snorks shout "SNORKY, SNORKY!" as they're disguised as mroe snorkasauruses)

Dr. Strangesnork: Oh no, there's more! *bounces out of his house* I can't take it! I just can't take it! 

(as Finneas follows him out, the snorks pop out and laugh)

Snorky: *kisses Junior, and he smiles for once*

(Now all back at the kelp field)

Allstar: Well, now that we got Snorky back, what do we do about our other problem?

Casey: What problem, Allstar?

Allstar: The problem with Corky. He hasn't said a word all day. *to Corky* So what's the story, Corky? Catfish got your tongue?

Corky: *a catfish really does pop out of his tongue*

Casey: Well if we don't find that shell soon, we'll be out of food. 

Snorky: *keeps on eating*

Allstar: Oh no! 

Gallio: *finds shell right in front of him* Oh, yes! *picks it up and places the other one together* This is it - the shell we need!

Casey: And we've all got Snorky to thank!

All: *carry Snorky and cheer for him* Hooray for Snorky! Hip hip hooray!

Snorky: *giggles*

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International