The Snorkshire Spooking/Transcript

(Corky and Governor Wetworth are standing on the steps of an old mansion)

Salesman: Once you fix up this dump, I mean, this historical monument, Governor, you'll be the eny of everyone in Snorkland.

Governor Wetworth: Just think, Corky, the Snorkshire estate is all mine! 

Corky: Are you sure you want it, Governor? I hear this place is haunted, and I know it's falling apart. 

Salesman: Nonsense.

(Corky falls through a pit, however)

Governor Wetworth: Hey, where'd Corky go?

Salesman: *laughs* Probably scared himself of with his own ghost stories.

(The others are also standing otuside of the big mansion)

Allstar: Hi, Corky. What are you doing underneath the porch?

Corky: Oh, I'm having a bad day, and so is Governor Wetworth. He jsut bought the Snorkshire estate. 

(All are now inside the Snorkshire estate)

Daffney: So what's this all about the Snorkshire estate being haunted?

Corky: A long time ago, this house was owned by a family of wealthy, snobby snorks. They vanished under very mysterious circumstances. 

Junior: What a lot of fouie! *sees Tooter as a ghost and yells* Yah, a ghost! *he hides up top and the others laugh at him* Chuckle if you will, bit I'll bet all of you your Wetworth wages that you aren't brave enough to spend the night in this dump. 

Corky: This looks liek a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

Allstar: You're on, Junior! With the Snork Patrol around, we can't lose! Where are you going, Junior? 

Junior: Oh, I have some chores to do, but I'll see you tomorrow, if you're still ehre. *laughs* 

(Junior sneaks back outside to retrieve some of his "stuff")

Junior: My new monster-o-matic makeup kit will help me scare those goofballs silly! 

(Meanwhile, a family of ghosts is watching him from above - they are the ghosts of the Snorkshires)

Brock: Look, Muffy, another dreadful lower class snork is sneaking into our mansion. 

Muffy: Brock, do you think he could be loking for, dare I say it?

Brock: Not one word, precious, don't even think about.

(All the others are sleeping downstairs as Junior hides behind a couch)

Junior: *laughs* This oughta sned them slinking back to Snorkland! *blows conk*

Daffney: Yikes! It's those icky Snorkshire ghosts! *runs away*

Allstar: Don't beleive in ghosts. *sees goblin* Yike! But goblins are another story! It's a ghostly night!

Junior: Now I'll scare off the rest of those clowns! *puts on a scary mask* 

Tooter: *gets scared and runs away*

Junior: *laughs in response*

(Allstar and Casey are in the bedroom)

Allstar and Casey: Ghosts! Help! *hide under the sheets, where they really resemble ghosts* Ghosts! *they scare each other away* 

(Daffney and Tooter see them as well)

Daffney: Icky ghosts! *she and Tooter hide in a clock*

Allstar and Casey: Ghosts! *they hide there, as well*

(All are now trapped in the clock and make a run for it - meanwhile, Corky is fighting a metal armour, which is really Junior in disguise)

Junior: Hey, easy on the potlip, pal!

Corky: Give up, you ghostly goon! You're no match for *horn* the Snork Patrol! 

All: Yikes, look out, yao! *Corky and Junior join them* Yao!

(Then they all reach a room with buried treasure)

Allstar: Look! A knocked out knight! *takes the head off to see it's really Junior*

Junior: Uh, what happened?

Others: It's Junior!

Allstar: You faked this whole thing to win the bet, didn't you, Junior?

Casey: You should be ashamed of yourself!

Junior: Oh yeah, I'm ashamed. *lands on the treasure* Shamefully rich! Whoopie!!!

Daffney: Wow, look at all this beautiful treasure! 

Dragon: Get your snorky hands off that loot!

All: *scream, then flal into another room*

Corky: That was a monsterous surprise! I hope there are no more of those!

Dragon: *pops out* Roar! Surprise! 

(All run, even going past the Snorkshire ghosts)

Brock: Wherever are those silly snorks running away from?

Dragon: Me, you sea-through spooks!

(The Snorkshires run away as well)


(Now everyone's in yet another room)

Junior: Oh, home at last. Boy, that was scary. *kncok on door* I'll get it. 

Daffney: Uh oh!

Allstar: Don't answer it, Junior!

Junior: Oh but I must. Junior Wetworth always answers. *Snorkshires there* Except when there's spooks outside!

Casey: Oh, Junior, you can't fool us again. 

Brock: We wouldn't think of fooling anybody. We're the Snorkshire ghosts.

All: Ghosts!

Brock: Yes, I'm Brock Snorkshire the Third, this is my charming wife Muffy, and our son Neville. 

Daffney: Oh, why did you try to scare us with your icky stoves? 

Muffy: We thought you were trying to scare us, darling, to get at our treasure.

Allstar: Your treasure?

Brock: Yes, we've been haunting the Snorkshire estate for years, hoping the right snorks would come along and use the treasure to restore our elegant home. 

Neville: But your monster frightened us away.

Allstar: Well that wasn't our monster. 

Muffy: Then whose dreadful dragon was it? 

Allstar: Who cares?!

Casey: We're just snorky citizens hired to fix up the estate.

Junior: Yeah, but we're never gonna set foor in there again, not as long as my name is --

Corky: *corks his snork* Not so fast. I sense something a miss, and a mosnterous job for *horn* the Snork Patrol and his snork patrolers. 

Junior: Eh, Corky, are you sure about this?

(Back at the house, though..)

Muffy: Since you can't go through walls, we'll sneak you by way of the service entrance. 

(Hear laughter)

Daffney: Someone's laughing.

Casey: And it's coming from inside the living room.

(They see the dragon collecting the treasure, but the dragon is really Bigweed and Lil Seaweed)

Bigweed: Thanks to those bumbling stumbling snorks, the Snorkshire treasure is now Bigweed's barrel of big bucks. 

Corky: It figures those vile villains would be behind this.

Bigweed: *takes the treasure away in a barrel* Let's get out of here before Corky and his wishy-washy snork pals return. 

Brock: It can't be! Our treasure has fallen into the hands of nivaousry no goodnicks!

Neville: What are we going to do?

Corky: What any true blue snorky hero would - take action!

(All whisper as they elaborate a plan)

(Meanwhile, Bigweed and Lil Seaweed are in another house)

Lil Seaweed: A big string of pearls for me, and a little ruby for you!

Bigweed: *laughs* Dream on, little urchin! This loot is all mine!

Lil Seaweed: Wait a minute, I thought this was a 50-50 split!

Bigweed: Yes, 50-50 makes it 100 percent MINE!

Tooter: *drops a letter from outside the window onto the chair, which Lil Seaweed sits on at first before realizing what it really is* 

Lil Seaweed: What's this? Yikes! Look, boss, there's a curse on this scroll!

Bigweed: *reads it aloud* Hmm, steal this treasure and you be cursed. A snork you will become after reading this verse. Bleh, what a lot of nonsense, not to mention lousy poetry! A day I become a snork -- *Brock popus out and goes into him* 

Lil Seaweed: Boss, you are a snork! You're a big, cuddly, downright adorable snork!

Bigweed: *sees himself as Brock* Ugh, somebody prick me with a blowfish to see if I'm really dreaming! I'm a giant snork! YAO! 

Lil Seaweed: Listen, boss, if you split the treasure with me, I'll be awful enough for both of us! *Muffy pops up and goes inside her as well* 

Bigweed: *sees her as Muffy* Split the treasure with a snork?! NEver!

Lil Seaweed: *looks down on herself* Oh no, not me too!

(Both start to cry in frustration and fear)

Bigweed: Now we'll have to spend the rest of our lives being sweet, bleh, silly, bleh, snorks! *hears kncok on door, so he answers it* Whatever it is, we don't want any!

Allstar: We're the cash collectors.

Corky: Cursed Cash. We've had a report of tainted treasure.

Allstar: And we've come to card it away.

Bigweed: *returns with treasure* Take it, it's all your's!

Lil Seaweed: All 50-50 of it! Oh, thank badness that's gone! 

(All go back inside, and Brock and Muffy come out of them)

Bigweed: Quick, Lil Seaweed, a mirror! 

Bigweed and Lil Seaweed: *see themselves* Yay, we're back to urchins! 

(Outside the Snorkshire estate..)

Corky: Oh, the Snorkshire estate never looked better, Governor.

Governor Wetworth: Why thank you, Corky. The treasure you and the kids found helped me to restore it. Now it will be used as a museum of snork heritage. 

Neville: *he and his parents pop up* Would anyone like a tour? 

Junior: *gets scared and jumps on top of the house*

Allstar: *laughs* As usual, Junior's gonna start from the top, and work his way down!

(all laugh with him) 

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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