(a seastorm takes place outside as the snorks are playing video games on Grandpa Wetworth's computer at his house)

Casey: Wow, Allstar, you're doing great! 

Junior: Eh, that's not so great!

Allstar: *playing fiercely* Got 'em! 

Casey: Watch out for the shark! 

Allstar: Oh no, you don't! 

Casey: To your left! To the right!

Allstar: *loses anyway* Oh darn!

Junior: *laughs* Too bad, Allwet! Only 20,000 - hah! I knew you couldn't beat a Pro Joe like me!

(Grandpa comes in with some hot red coral)

Allstar: Do you need any help, Grandpa?

Grandpa: No, I cna do it myself.

Allstar: *gasps as he sees Grandpa getting ready to step on a skateboard* 

Casey: Grandpa, watch out for the skates!

Grandpa: I see them, don't worry. *he rides them as the others close their eyes, but he places them perfectly*

Casey: *opens them and sighs in relief* Oh, good!

Junior: *to Allstar* You can come out now. *laughs* Watch this, I'll get an easy clam! Hey Grandpa, do you wanna play with us?

Grandpa: A video game?

Junior: Well I'm not very good, but I'll bet you a clam I can beat you!

Grandpa: Well, okay. I never could resist a bet.

Junior: Just take a look at where my name is! *on screen, see other scores also belonging to Tooter, Occy, and none other than Dimmy* Other than some guy named Ace, I'm the best in Snorkland! *laughs* Okay, J-U-N-I-O-R versus G-R --

Grandpa: Uh oh, hold on there! You better enter my game name!

Junior: Game name?

Grandpa: Well sure, if you want to be any good, you've got to have a game name, or nobody will play with you.

Junior: Okay, okay, what's your game name?

Grandpa: Ace.

(thunder shakes up the house and darkens everything for a brief second)

Junior: *gulps* Ace?!

(Grandpa plays and gets a bonus of 10,000 points)

Casey: Alright!

Allstar: Way to go, Grandpa! You got a bonus fish!

Junior: Yeah only 10,000 - big deal!

(he ends up getting another 10,000 points)

Allstar: Go, Grandpa, go!

Casey: 40,000! 50,000!

Grandpa: I'm gonna make a new record!

(it thunders again, this time causing a huge power outage)

Junior: Phew! Oh, I mean, isn't that too bad?

Allstar: Oh no!

Casey: Now what are we gonna do?

(Grandpa goes check the fuse box)

Grandpa: Let's see what we can do. *can't turn it on* Hey, how about a little eelectricity?

Casey: Yeah, we're right in the middle of a great game!

Eels: Give us a break! That lightning flash drained us! We need time to recharge!

Grandpa: Well, I guess that's it. You guys will have to do something else.

Junior: No computer, no TV, no radio?!

(several minutes later, all are bored to death)

Junior: I'm bored!

Grandpa: Oh, you wippersnappers! You don't know how to have any fun! 

Casey: What do you mean?

Allstar: Without eelectricity, there's nothing to do!

Grandpa: My, I can't believe you kids these days! *swims over to a book shelf* Why, when I was a kid, there was no such thing as computer games! 

Junior: Oh no! Here we go again!

Grandpa: There was nothing more entertaining than a good book! Ah, Scrooge Snork! Boy, did I like that snork's style!

Junior: I have to admit, I admire Scorrge Snork too!

Casey: You would!

Grandpa: *grabs a pencil and draws a huge circle on the floor* Aha! For a game of shells! *to a snail* Don't fail me now! *throws it at the marbles in front of him* Winner, once again!

Casey: *smiles* Wow, did you see that?!

Junior: Oh, he's probably using that loaded aggit of his!

Grandpa: *playing hopscotch* Or a game of hopscotch!

Junior: Okay, okay, we get your point!

Grandpa: You do?!

Allstar: Yeah, but all that's kids stuff!

Grandpa: Oh it is, is it? Well how about a game of Story Circle?

All: Story Circle?!

Casey: What's that?

Grandpa: Okay, listen closely, and I'll tell you how it's played. First, you pick a story.

Junior: Oh, oh, I have one! "Goldisnork and the Three Barricudas!"

Allstar: How about --

Casey: No, no, how about "Little Red Riding Snork"?

Grandpa: Now hold your seahorses! Since I'm the first up, I'll pick the story! Hmm, let's see! *thinks for a second* Oh I know - "Jill and the Sea Bean Stalk!" That's a great story! Now I'll begin the story, next it's Casey's turn, then Junior's, then you Allstar. Now let's begin the story. Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing! When it's your turn to tell the story, you can make anything happen. And I mean anything, understand?

Casey: Yeah, let's start!

Grandpa: Once upon a time, there was a grandfather, and his granddaughter named Jill.

(transtion to a fairy tale land starring Casey Kelp as Jill and Grandpa Wetworth as Grandfather)

Grandpa POV: They were so poor, all they had was a cowfish.

Jill and Grandfather: Oh, woe is us! We're so poor!

Grandfather: *checks cabinet* Empty, and I'm so hungry!

Jill: *cries* Oh Grandfather, we haven't eaten in over a week! 

Grandfather: Oh, my dear Jill, I guess it's come to this! *with cowfish* Here, take our last old possession - the cowfish. 

Cowfish: MOO! MOOO!

Jill: *cries some more* Oh, not the cowfish!

Grandfather: Yes, the cowfish, and you must sell it at market. *she takes it and leaves* Jill, you must get enough money for food so it can last the winter.

(now back to the snorks telling the story)

Grandpa: So, Jill went to market.

Junior: Oh, uh, yeah! And on Jill's way to market, she met an unusually handsome vendor!

(back to the actual story, with the Vendor being portrayed by none other than Junior, of course)

Junior POV: With whom she traded the cowfish for some old sea beans.

Vendor: Hello, and where are you headed today?

Jill: Sorry, but I cannot stop, for I have to go to market and sell my cowfish.

Vendor: Money? Money will serve you no use! Why, I have some sea beans! With sea beans, you can grow your own food, and never be hungry again!

Jill: Oh, they're very beautiful sea beans! But, all I have is my cowfish.

Vendor: Well, I suppose I could trade you the beans for this skinny old cowfish. 

Jill: Really?

Vendor: Out of the kindness of my heart! Here! *gives them to her*

Junior POV: Then, the vendor turned around and sold the cowfish for a thousand clams! 

Vendor: Add anotehr cowfish to your herd for only a thousand clams! *a peasant gives him the clams, which he counts for himself* Wow, what a --

(back to Grandpa's)

Junior: *laughs* Sucker!

Casey: But, little did the vendor know that Jill was an advote collector of sea beans! 

Junior: *laughs until he realizes what she had just said* Collector of sea beans?! Beans! *laughs some more*

Casey: And she was almost sure these were really magic sea beans! Hmm!

Junior: Magic sea beans?!

Casey: And you know what? She was right!

(Jill finds a page out of her bean book)

Jill: *gasps* I was right! It says right here that these magic beans can lead you to riches and health greater than you can imagine!

Casey POV: So, Jill heads straight back to Grandfather's to tell him what a great deal she made.


(Grandfather is chewing on his shoe when Jill returns home)

Grandfather: So dear Jill, how much money did you get for the cowfish?

Jill: Well, no money, Grandfather, just these sea beans.

Grandfather: *sees them and gets angry*

Junior POV: And then Grandfather became angry with Jill, for being tricked so easily!

Grandfather: What?! You brought back these stupid sea beans?! *throws them out the window*

Casey POV: But, Jill showed Grandfather the book, and convinced him that the sea beans were magical. 

Jill: But look, Grandfather. Those aren't jsut any sea beans. It says right here those are magical sea beans!

Grandfather: Hmm, oh yes. I believe you're right!

Jill: Then they should grow, and show us a kingdom filled with untold treasures!

Grandfather: Good! Now let's check on our beans!

(they go outside to watch them grow into a giant stalk touching the top of the ocean and well into dry space)

Jill: Wow! 

Grandfather: Wowwie! Unbelieveable! 

Both: Yippie!

Grandfather: Now go forth, my granddaughter, and bring back the untold treasures!

Jill: Yes, sir! *now about ready to climb on the sea bean stalk* Goodbye, Grandfather. And don't worry, I won't come back empty handed. 

Grandfather: Goodbye, dear Jill! And good luck!

Junior POV: But, Jill slipped, and fell back to the ground.

Jill: WHOA! *fell back down*

Grandfather: That was quick. Did you get the treasure? What happened?

Jill: I think I slipped!

(back to the storytellers...)

Junior: *keeps on laughing*

Casey: And so, Jill once again began to climb up the sea bean stalk!

Allstar: Hey, what about me??!!

Junior: Later, Allwet! But, little did they know, Jill's long lost cousin Jack had arrived at Grandfather's, and Jill was so happy to take Jack along!

Casey: *angry at Junior once more*

(back to the story...)

Jill: Not so happy!

Grandfather: Dear Jill, your dear cousin Jack has come to visit.

Jack: You can never tell when I'll pop in!

Jill: I'll bet!

Grandfather: Jill, Jack has offered to go help you with the treasure. 

Jill: Oh, just my luck! 

(Junior nearly finishes up when Allstar interrupts him)

Junior: And, --

Allstar: AND, then Jill and Jack climbed up the sea bean stalk!

Casey: Yeah, yeah! And then, they reached the top and broke through the ocean's surface and, --

Allstar: And there, --

Casey: That's it! There was a giant castle, and Jill just knew there was treasure inside!

(Jill and Jack see a castle up in dry space)

Jill: Look, we made it! Oh, I just know there's treasure inside!

Jack: Treasure, I like that idea! 

Junior POV: And so, Jack took the lead running to the castle! 

Jack: Jill, wait for me! *he flies and gets stuck in sand, but Jill walks past him as he gets himself out of there* You'd think I was stuck?! I was just, sanding on my head!

Junior POV: I said run to the castle, not dive! *actually runs* So, Jack got there first, and luckily the draw bridge was down.

(storytellers again)

Junior: And Jack ran across the bridge as fast as he could!

Casey: But, Jack shouldn't have been in such a hurry.

Junior: *yawns at her*

Casey: Becuase, he didn't realize there was a trap door beneath him!

Junior: What?!

(Jack runs, only for him to fall into the trap door)

Jack: Uh oh! *he falls down into the water*

Casey POV: And so, Jill ran across the bridge, avoiding the trap door. And Jill entered the castle, whose walls were gold, and floors were covered with piles of gems and treasures!

Jill: *jumps up and down in excitement* We're rich!

Jack: *pops out* This is ridiculous! I don't need to seek the treasure, when I could own it! *evil grin* 

Junior POV: You're right, Jack! Little did Jill know that Jack was a giant in disguise! 

Jack: *as he gets taller and turns into a big giant* WHOA!!!!

Jill: *sees this for herself* Oh no!

(Allstar gets really mad at Junior and Casey)

Allstar: Alright! I can't take it anymore! You guys have been hoggin' the whole story, and I wanna be in it right now!

Junior: Okay, sure! The giant's greatest treasure was the rare, golden snork!

(Jack is still there, when he takes out the golden snork, dressed as Allstar but covered in pure gold)

Golden snork: Okay, that's better!

Junior POV: Who was his slave!

Golden snork: WHAT?!

Casey POV: Jill, fearing the giant might follow, decided to close the draw bridge!

(while Jill tries closing the draw bridge, Allstar the golden snork and Jack have a little disagreement)

Golden snork: Put me down! Put me down! Let me go!

(as the draw bridge closes, Jack tries getting inside)

Jill: *about to fall off* WHOA!

Jack: *about to slip too* Oh! Oh!

Jill: YI!!!!

Junior POV: But the giant was quick, and ran to the castle window!

(As he does just that, Jill collects some of the treasure for her own)

Casey POV: But, the giant was so heavy, that his footsteps shook the castle, letting Jill know exactly where he was!

Jill: My, what heavy footsteps! The giant must be near! *leaves the treasure behind and blows air through her snork* Blast off!

Jack: *opens window* YAO!!!

Jill: Yikes! *locks window* Phew! That was close! *Jack keeps running and trying to get in*Sounds like he's headed for the back door! *sees him outside* Oh, this doesn't look good! *Jack keeps on running* Here goes nothing! *locks the door on him*

Jack: Let me in! I said, let me in!

Junior POV: But, little did Jill know the giant had a spare key under his doormat! *he unlocks and enters the castle* But this time, the giant tiptoed into the castle, unheard by Jill!

(Jack the giant steps on Jill's treasure as she takes it out, causing her to struggle to move)

Jill: *sees giant behind her* Oh well, gotta go! 

Jack: *grabs her* Caught ya! 

Junior POV: And now, the giant took the captured Jill, and put her in his fish aquarium with all his other pets!

Jill: *a giant lobster sees her and she swims from it* UH, HELP!!!

Junior POV: Oh boy, this story telling is fun!


(back at castle, Jack the giant took out Allstar the golden snork)

Junior POV: And then the giant made the golden snork lay an egg!

Jack: Lay an egg!

Golden snork: Junior, you've gotta be kidding!

Junior POV: I said, the giant snork made the golden snork lay a golden egg!

Jack: *slams table with his fist in outrage* I said, lay an egg!

Golden snork: Oh, alright! *goes to a green nest, makes chicken sounds, then lays a golden egg* Okay, here's your stupid egg!

(Meanwhile, Jill was still inside the fish aquarium)

Jill: Wow! Did you see that? *ducks from the lobster* Take cover!

(the lobster slams into the front opening, leading all the water out and for Jill to make her escape)

Golden snork: Huh?

Jack: *picks up lobster* What happened? *Jill goes up to the table, where she meets the golden snork* Hey, stop! *she carries the golden snork and leaves the castle after closing the draw bridge* Fe fi fo mort, I sense the smell of a deep sea snork! 

Jill: This is great! Now you can go home with me, and lay golden eggs for my grandfather and me!

Allstar POV: That's it! That's enough! And so the golden snork jumped to freedom, and planted some bushes, where he had hidden a motor boat for his escape!

Jill: What's that?

Golden snork: *drives by on his fast motor boat*

Jack: Where did he get the boat?

Golden snork: You'd be amazed at what a few golden eggs can get you! *laughs*

(back to Allstar telling the story...)

Allstar: *laughs as Junior and Casey glare at him*

Junior: Hey, he can't change the story like that!

Grandpa: Oh yes he can! He's the storyteller. When it's his turn, he can do anything he wants to.

Allstar: Yeah! And then the golden snork lived in the lap of luxury!

(the golden snork stops at what appear to be a Hawaiian coast)

Golden snork: That oughta do it! *a group of Hawaiian snorks give him a hulu* Okay, girls, what should we do today? *they giggle some more* I know, how about some surfing? *they take him out to the water where he does his moves* Thank you. *now he's sunbathing* Well it loks like suntan time to me, girls. *they pamper him once again* Thank you, girls. This is wonderful!

(the golden snork was now asleep)

Junior POV: And since the golden snork was sound asleep, he didn't even notice that the giant had a ride on the island. 

Casey POV: And little did the giant know that Jill was at the back of his head, clinging to his cap feather.

Golden snork: *wakes up* Hey, is there a storm going on? *sees Jack the Giant and runs from him, even up a tree*

Junior POV: The giant, not being stupid, ran into the jungle, knowing the first place someone would hide is up a tree.

Jack: *sees the golden snork* I knew you'd be in a tree!

Allstar POV: But, the golden snork had a surprise for the giant! 

(Golden snork threw a watermelon at him, only to miss, which caused Jill to fall off of him, but the golden snork was able to escape from the giant - however, the giant only keeps chasing him)

Allstar POV: Then the golden snork spooted a tiger up ahead, and led the giant right to it! 

(golden snork grabs its tail, and it ends up chasing Jack the Giant)

Junior POV: But, little did the golden snork know that his dripping suntan oil left a trail leading right up to him!

(golden snork relaxes until he hears Jack step on a twig, so he runs away)

Jack: I didn't know I left it loaded! *throws Jill as a target to him*

Jill: Yikes! *bumps into him, getting suntan lotion all over themselves - they slip out of Jack's hands, however*

Junior POV: And so, the giant opened his purse, and as Jill and the golden snork came down, they landed in it. And before they could get away, he pulled the draw string shut! So the giant returned to his castle and victorious! *locks them up in his small trasure chest then flals asleep on the chair*

Grandpa POV: But little did the giant know that Jill's grandfather was hiding in the castle with magic dust! 

Grandfather: All that you are, all that you own, return to its size before you were grown! *blows some magic dust on Jack, who shrinks back into his normal size* 

Jack: Hey, what's going on here? *Grandfather unlocks the chest and Jill and the golden snork escape* Please take me with you! Don't leave me all alone! I didn't wanna be evil, but as a giant I had to! But now I'm good - really!

Grandfather: Oh brother!

Jack: *cries*

Grandfather: Okay! You can come with us! 

Jack: Thank you, thank you!

(all are back into the ocean, climbing down onto the sea bean stalk)

Jill: Oh golden snork, won't you lay us a golden egg?

Allstar POV: But, little did they know that when the golden snork touched the ocean floor, he became a handsome prince. 

Golden snork: *turns into a handsome prince*

Junior POV: A frog!

Golden snork: *became a frog as well*

Jill: Catch that frog! *chases it around* Got ya! 

Allstar POV: Then the frog became a handsome prince! 

Junior POV: A bronking seahorse!

Golden snork: *also turns into a seahorse, which Jill ends up riding on very uncomfortably*

(the argument continues in reality)

Allstar: I said a prince!

Junior: I said a bronking seahorse!

Allstar: Prince!

Junior: Seahorse!

Allstar: Prince! *covers Junior's mouth before he says another word* Prince!

(back in the story...)

Jill: *gets thrown off by the seahorse*

Jack: *laughs*

Grandfather: *smiles at her*

(but then the seahorsees flashes several times, revealing the golden snork's true identity - as a handsome prince! He and Jill get married and start to live in a nice castle)

Allstar POV: And asked his new friends to come to his castle. 

(Jill and the prince take the throne, Grandfather plays around with all the gold, and Jack is locked up ina tiny prison)

Allstar: The end!

Junior: Hey, wait, I was just plotting my revenge!

Grandpa: Sorry Junior, but he said "the end!"

(the power comes back on, and now they're upset)

All: Aww!

Grandpa: You guys wanna play another Story Circle?

All: Yeah!

Grandpa: *turns down the lights*

Allstar: But this time, I'll start. Once upon a time...

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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