(open to the snorks swimming on a nexpedition with Dr. Gallio)

Allstar: Thanks for taking us to Snorkland Wild Fish Preserve, Uncle Gallio.

Casey: It's clamtastic. Oh, I've never seen so much beauty in one place.

Daffney: *with hand mirror* Thank you!

Casey: I meant the fish. Now don't worry, Daffney, you'll look sansational for the Miss Junior Snorkland Contest tonight. 

Gallio: Absolutely breathtaking!

Daffney: Oh, do you really think so, Dr. Gallio?

Gallio: *with book* Uh, I was referring to the rainbow swanfish, Daffney. This rare and beautifu lcreature is said to inhabit this reef. He might even be hiding in that cave. Follow me at half speed ahead. 

Daffney: Are you out of yuor snork? No way am I going in that icky cave! I'll mess up my hair, and I have to look my best for the contest.

Casey: Oh come on, Daff, there's nothing icky in here. *Junior swims in* Junior, wait. You'll disturb the rainbow swanfish.

Junior: *with camera* Nah, I just wanna take his picture.

Gallio :The rainbow swanfish always makes its nest the darkest part of the cave, Allstar. 

Junior: Well it's a good thing I brought my flash. *snaps it*

Allstar: Oh no, Junioor! *fish swims out*

Daffney: Yikes! What in the whirlpool was that?

Galio: The rainbow swanfish! I'm afraid it's gone.

Junior: Aw, gee, that's too bad. The light's much better out here.

Allstar: Nice work, Junior! You scared it away!

Junior: Aw, keep your snork on!

Daffney: Well it could've been a lot worse. I might've messed my hair. *Yucky shows up and kisses her* Eww! Get it off, get it off, it's Yucky!

Casey: Calm down, Daffney, I'll remove him.

Daffney: Oh hurry! He's smearing my makeup! 

Casey: Well I think he's gotten attached. Oh, he really likes you, Daffney.

Yucky: *still kisses her*

Daffney: Yuck! Well I don't like him!

Gallio: Well look on the bright side, Daffney. You may have discovered an entirely new species - Yuckfish Daffneyas.

Daffney: Oh no! You're not, you're not naming this yuckfish after me!

Junior: Wow, the first geniune picture of a yuckfish - it could be worth millions! 

Daffney: Don't you dare, Junior Wetworth! *hides eyes* I look awful!

Allstar: Junior, wait!

Junior: *snaps them, but Yucky leaves* I wanted a snapshot of that yuckfish!

Allstar: Tough luck, Junior! You frightened it away, too!

Casey: Oh, poor scared little thing!

Daffney: But thank goodness he's gone!

Yucky: *still follows her*

(back in town, Cazsey and Daffney are looking at beautiful dresses for the pageant)

Daffney: *with a red and black one* Well Casey, isn't this gown totally out of this reef?

Casey: Well, I do like the stoll.

Saleswoman: Stoll? This dress doesn't come with a stoll.

Yucky: *shows up behind Daffney again*

Daffney: Ew, it's that icky, ugly yuckfish! Get it away from me! 

Casey: Oh, that poor thing really has a crush on you, Daffney! Oh, it's followed you all the way from the reef!

Daffney: Hold the shellevator! *drops purse*

Saleswoman: That'll be 100 sandollars.

Daffney: Oh, a small price to pay to be Miss Junior -- *gasps* my purse! My purse, it's gone!

Saleswoman: I'll just put this away until you find it.

Daffney: But the contest's tonight, Casey! What'll I do? I need that dress to win! *Yucky shows up with her purse* Oh go away, you icky thing! It's all your fault I dropped my purse!

Casey: But Daffney look, he's got your purse! 

Saleswoman: Ooh, shall I wrap it?

(swim around town)

Casey: Aren't you being a little hard on the poor thing? After all, he did find your purse. 

Daffney: Yeah, I guess you're right. *to Yucky* Thanks, okay? *he kisses her* Yuck! Now will you go away? Please!

Casey: Don't look now, but your friend is back. 

Daffney: Oh, why doesn't he just go home?? 

(a pink snork with a moustache sees Yucky and follows the girls)

Professor Plankton: Excuse me, Miss. My name's Professor Plankton. I couldn't help seeing your little problem, and I'd be happy to take your, uh, pet for ya.

Daffney: he's not my pet! *Yucky kisses her* Stop that! Oh, but I would like to find him a good home.

Professor Plankton: *cries* You see, I live alone, and with no one to keep me company.

Daffney: Gee, then I'd be doing both of you a favor. If you want him, he's your's.

Casey: Goodbye, Yucky. I hope you'll be happy.

Daffney: I'll sort of miss the little guy, even if he was yucky.


(Allstar and Tooter swim near by)

Allstar: Tooter, the contest is not for another hour! Slow down, we'll get good seats!

Tooter: *stops*

Allstar: I said slow down, not stop! *see Daffney in her gown and extensions in her hair* Wow, Tooter, I see what you mean. That is a snorkstopper.

Daffney: Really? Do I look as good as I think I do?

Casey: Will you relax, Daffney? You're gonna win snorks down.

Tooter: *points to carnival*

Allstar: You're right, Tooter. It is a carnival. Let's take a look.

(Professor Plankton's on stage doing a sea sideshow)

Professor Plankton: Hurry, hurry, hurry! It's all on the inside! It's amaxing! It's colossal! You've never seen anything like it! At home ,for one fin sandollar!

Casey: You know, there's something awfully familiar about that voice. *swims inside*

Daffney: Casey, wait, we don't have time for a sea sideshow!


Professor Plankton: It's time to see the most horrible, vicious monster of the deep! Captured at great risk by your's truly, Professor Plankton! *opens curtains to see Yucky in a cage* 

(Yucky cries and the snorks gasp in response)

All: Yucky!

Professor Plankton: You had your look, folks! Back in the cage, you!

(all leave now)

Tooter: *angry*

Casey: Boy, you said a snorkful, Tooter! Poor Yucky is really miserable! Ooh, that sneaky Professor Plankton lied to us!

Daffney: Yeah, a sea sideshow is not my idea of a good home!

Alsltar: We've got to do somethign! There's not a minute to lose!

Daffney: I'll say! The Snorkland Pageant begins in ten minutes, come on!

Casey: Daffney, wait, what about Yucky? Don't you care about how he's feeling?

Daffney: Sure, I care. But I've gone through a lot of troubble to get ready for this contest.

Allstar: I've got a starbright idea to save Yucky, but it'll take all four of us.

Casey: Well you can forget about Daffney! I gues all she cares about is that beauty contest!

Daffney: Says who?! Beauty's only snork deep, anyway! Now, let's hear your plan, Allstar!

(back at the sideshow...)

Professor Plankton: It's almost showtime you miserable little blob! And you better look scary out therer or --

Allstar: *in disguise* Professor Plankton, I presume.

Professor Plankton: Who wnats to know?

Allstar: The name is PT Barnacle, or Barnacle's Carnival. I understand that you are the proud owener of a genuine yuckfish!

Professor Plankton: Oh, so that's what you're called. What's it to ya?

Allstar: *with others in Waka disguise form* I'm prepared to trade a genuine, three armed, six headed Waka-Waka for your single headed yuckfish.

All: Waka Waka!

Professor Plankton: *money in eyes* A three armed, six headed Waka Waka! That's the msot valuable creature in the ocean! You got a deal, Barnacle! You, out! You, come with me! You're ghonna make me rich, you Waka Waka.

All: Waka Waka, Waka Waka!

Allstar: Come on, Yucky, let's jet out of ehre! *Yucky kisses him*

Professor Plankton: And now, for the first itme anywhere, a genuine three armed, six headed Waka Waka!

(all dance on stage as audience laughs)

Casey: We thought the audeince would get a kick out of this! 

Snorks: *boo and throw tomatos at him*

Professor Plankton: I've been cheated! 

Casey: Turn about is fair play, Plankton!

Tooter: *agrees*

Daffney: next time, be nicer to Yuckfish, buster! 

Professor Plankton: *more booing* I'm ruined, ruined!

Daffney: *after Yucky kisses her* I'm glad to see you too, Yucky. maybe I didn't get to be Miss Junior Snorkland, but at least Yucky's safe! *Yucky yaps*

Casey: Yucky's right. Maybe we can still get you to the pageant on time.

(now at a local stadium)

Host: And now for our final lovely contestant, Miss Daffney Gillfin!

Allstar: Hurry, Daffney. Burt Snorks jsut announced you.

Casey: Good luck, Daffney. Yucky, you stay with me.

(Daffney goes out on stage, and the audience wows at her beauty - but Yucky kisses her, and she blushes)

Junior: Look at her! She has an ugly yuckfish on her shulder! *laughs*

Daffney: Go ahead and laugh! But Yucky is my friend, and I think he's beautiful! *he transforms* Don't let them upset you, Yucky. Yucky! Yucky, what's wrong? *he's now a rainbow swanfish* 

Junior: Hey, what in the whirlpool is that?!

Gallio: That is a rainbow swanfish! Yucky must've been a baby rainbow swanfish! 

Host: And the winner is Dafney Gillfin, for her stunning decorative use of a rainbow swanfish! *crown on her head* 

Casey: You're Miss Junior Snorkland, Daffney. And you look beautiful.

Daffney: No, that's beautiful. *Yucky kisses her* Haha, still the same old Yucky! *giggles* 

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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