(out on dry land is a quaint house by the ocean)

Mother: So you stay where I can see you, Jimmy - and don't go out on the dock.

Jimmy: Okay mom, bye. *plays ball when he drops it in the ocean* Uh oh. *goes to dock when he falls over* Whoa! Help!

(Corky, Jojo, Casey, and Junior are swimming nearby and hear the commotion)

Junior: If you're gonna stop, Corky, at least give us a signal!

Corky: Shh, listen. I think someone's in trouble. 

Jimmy: HELP! HELP!

Corky: Come on! *horn* Snork Patrol to the rescue!

(they all carry him and bring him back onto dry land)

Mother: Jimmy, Jimmy! *she runs over to him* are you okay? I didn't know you could swim so well.

Jimmy: But, but I wasn't swimming. Some little sea creatures saved me. Didn't you see 'em, ma?

Mother: Come on, Jimmy. I think you may have swallowed a litle too much saltwater.

Jimmy: But, but they were real.

(all the snorks come out of hiding from a bush)

Corky: Another successful rescue!

Junior: Yeah, but his mom didn't even thank us!

Jojo: *sniffs* What's that funy smell? 

Corky: *sniffs it* I think it's called fire. Look!

(all the woodland creatures run from a forest fire)

Corky: Looks like this is going to be a busy day for *horn* the Snork Patrol. 

(all grab some water with their snorks and blow out a flame near a village)

Casey: Wow, so that's what a fire looks like. I wonder where it came from.

Ember: I'm sorry. *they all turn to see her, a small flame* It was an accident. *sets off another fire* Oh no, not again! *tries to put it out*

Junior: She's a walkin' flame-thrower!

Ember: *after Corky puts it out with his foot* Oh, thanks for your help. My name's Ember.

Corky: And I'm Corky. It's nice to meet *tries shaking her hand when he gets burned* YAAO!

Ember: Sorry, I hope I didn't barbecue your fingers.

Casey: Hi, I'm Casey.

Jojo: I'm Jojo. I hope you don't mind if we skip the handshake.

Ember: Oh, of course not. And who are you?

Junior: Hey, don't get too close to me! You're dangerous!

Casey: Oh, don't mind Junior. He's always fired up about something. *laughs*

Ember: Oh, that's okay, so am I.

Jojo: Where are you from? 

Ember: I live with the island snorks.

Corky: Hmm, then you're a long way from home.

Ember: I know. *cries* The evil Ice Wizard froze our island. 

Jojo: The Ice Wizard?

Ember: Uh huh. *sniffs* And since my flames were his only threat, *demonstrates* he struck me with an arrow, and shot me off the island. 

Corky: That's terrible! But don't get yourself all burned up! The Snork Patrol is here!

Casey: Yeah, we'll be glad to help you.

Junior: What do you ean "we"?!

Jojo: Don't you wanna help Ember get home, Junior?

Junior: Why should I?

Casey: Because, it's the nice thing to do.

Junior: Nice, huh!

Casey: Lead the way, Ember.

(they follow her)

Ember: Ugh, I think it's time for me to refuel. *she turns cooler* Mind if we take a break?

Junior: Mind?! I insist on it! *sits down* Ugh, I'm burning up. I think I got a fever.

Casey: *giggles* No, Junior, you're just too close to Ember.

Ember: *eats a few leaves ,the nreturns to normal*

Jojo: What are you doing?

Ember: Eating. I have to keep up my strength, you know.

Corky: We should be about halfway there. I better check my trusty map. Now, where exactly did you say this island was, Ember?

Ember: I'll show you, it's right here. *accidentally burns the map* Oh, I was just trying to be helpful.

Junior: Yeah, some help. Can we go home now?

Casey: Junior, how can you be so cold?

Jojo: Yeah, don't you wanna help Ember get back to her island?

Junior: Hey, my mom won't even let me play with matches! Why do you live on that dumb island, anyway?

Ember: Well, when I was just a tiny spark, the island snorks took me in and cared for me, so in return, I stayed and kept things warm for them.

Casey: Until the Ice Wizard took over?

Ember: Yeah, and he doesn't even care about anything except the Golden River!

Junior: What a dope! What's he want with a bunch of water?!

Ember: Oh, it's not a river of water - it's a river of gold. The wixard froze it solid, and he makes the island snorks mine it for him.

Junior: Do you mean gold? As in 14 karot?

Ember: Uh huh.

Junior: Uh Ember, you just sparked my interest in this island of your's. Come on, what are you guys waiting for?! *runs off*

Ember: I didn't know Junior could be so kind and helpful.

Casey: Neither did we. 

(all the snorks are at the edge of a small cliff, looking down at the river)

Casey: Now if we can just get you across this river, you'll be home sweet home.

Jojo: *looks at rope above him* No problem. *pulls it down* Hop aboard. We're jsut about ready for take-off. Hang on, everybody. *they swing across the river*

All: Weee!

Ember: *accidentally burns it* Look out! *all run from the flames and go up a tree branch*

Corky: Phew, that was a close one.

Casey: Yeah, but we're okay now.

(but the see anotehr flame next to Ember)

Ember: What's that noise? 

(she finally sees it, so they jump onto the river and land on a tree stump for safety)

Junior: Why don't we just swim across this stream?!

Casey: Well that's great for us, but Ember can't get wet.

Jojo: Besides, who would want to swim in this water? it's full of garbage. 

Junior: Eww, yuck!

Corky: But as they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

(pretty soon, they've all turned the garbage into a portable hot air balloon)

Corky: Just a little more hot air, Ember, and we'll be up, up and away.

(they move across to the other side with it) 

All: Hooray, it worked! 

Junior: Hey Ember, did anyone ever tell you that you're uh, full of hot air? *laughs*

Ember: *giggles*


Junior: *standing around and waiting* Hurry up, you guys, we haven't gone all day!

Corky: Whoa, slever down there, Junior. Let's make sure we're going the right way.

Junior: No problem. I've already decided we can take a shortcut through this field. 

Corky: Hmm, sounds like a good idea. Troops, forward march! 

(as they follow Ember, the corn above them in the field turns into popping popcorn)

Jojo: What was that? 

Corky: I don't know, but we'd better keep moving.

(but the popping contiinues, causing the ground beneath them to shake a little - then they all run from the popcorn)

Casey: *pants* What's happening???

Ember: Beats me. I guess I got a little overheated. 

(all take a rest after all that running and escaping from the popcorn)

Ember: Sorry to be so much trouble, guys.

Jojo: No trouble at all. I just wish we'd brought some butter and salt. *takes a bite out of the popcorn* (everyone is now near a wooden bridge at a small gorge)

Ember: *with an arrow* Here's the arrow I told you about. This is where I landed, when the wizard shot me off the island. *burns that too* 

Junior: Wow, I'm never letting you play with my toys! You're too destructive!

Corky: *looks at the bridge* Now, if my calculations are correct, the island's not much further. 

Ember: Then let's go.

(as they follow her, more smoke and burning awaits)

Jojo: *sniffs* Hey, I think something's burning, and I don'r mean Ember. Look!

All: *see flames beneath them* Yipes! *run to the other side as quickly as they can before the bridge itself collapses and falls deep into the gorge*

Junior: *sweating* That Golden River better be worth all this trouble!

Casey: Well at least we're all safe. Besides, what else can happen to us? 

(a pop up thunderstorm suddently takes place)

Jojo: Don't worry, it's just water. That can't hurt us.

Ember: Well, it may not hurt you, but it'll snuff me out for good! 

Corky: Don't worry, I'll save you! *they quickly get her to a cave* There there, Ember, we'll be safe until the storm ends.

Ember: Oh, I'm sure glad I met you guys. If anybody can save my island, you can.

(they finally get out of the cave)

Ember: *points across the river to a frozen island covered in snow* There it is. That's snork island. 

Corky: Well Ember, in just a few more minutes, you'll be home. 

Ember: I'm not so sure about that. How am I supposed to get across this water?

Jojo: *with wood* hop on! Jojo's Taxi Service, at your disposal! *she gets on it, and they walk across the river with her* Now hang on, Ember! 

(the Ice Wixard is on his upper deck, viewing the snorks)

Ice Wizard: Ooh, it looks like that silly little flame just can't stay away form this island. Perhaps I should give her and her friends a proper welcome. *laughs and throws an icecicle at them, thus freezing their pathway*

All: Aaah!!!

Ember: Oh no, it's the wizard! What'll we do?!

Jojo: You'll be alright. Just don't let go of this branch. 

(he throws her onto the island)

Ember: *sees she's melting the snow* Oh no! I've gotta save my friends! I'll make sure the snorks get a warm reception, no matter what the Ice Wizard does. *burns a small tree behind her, and warms them with her flame* Hooray!

Junior: Now I knwo what a seaweed sicle feels like!

Ice Wizard: Oh drat! Little miss blowtorch just won't quit! Hmm, perhaps it's time to douce that pesky flame once and for all! *laughs* Ooh, I like that laugh. *throws anoher icecile at them while Ember warms them up some more*

Casey: Gee Ember, I always knew you were a warm person, but I never really appreciated it until now.

Ember: Thanks, Casey, but I'm beginning to feel a little dim after all that work. I, I think I need to refuel. *turns blue again*

Corky: We'll help you find some food, Ember.

Ember: Oh thanks, Corky. But first, we better get out of here. The Ice Wizard might attack again. *they skae across with her*

Jojo: Hey, this is fun! *twirls around, then falls into snow as the other laugh* 

Ember: *sees icecicle collapse into the snow* It's the Ice Wizard! Run! 

(they keep running until they reach a house blocked by more icecicles)

Junior: Oh no, what now?!

Ember: Come on! *they follow her into an empty house equipped with a fireplace*

Casey: Whew, that was close!

Junior: Yeah, but how are we gonna get out of here? I'm supposed to be home in time for dinner.

Corky: Well at the moment, that's the least of our problems. Hmm, this little spark needs some kindling. *give her some bark* See how this tastes, Ember.

Ember: Hmm, charbroiled oak - my favorite.

Corky: *takes her over to the fireplace*

Casey: Do you feel okay now?

Ember: Yes, but I'll feel even better once we get rid of the Ice Wizard.

Corky: Well that may be harder than we thought - that wizard seems pretty powerful.

Jojo: *gasps* Maybe the townspeople can help us!

Ember: Um, I don't think they'll be much use to us. 

(three island snorks with bluish skin melancholingly enter the house)

Corky: You'll help us fight the Ice Wizard, won't you?

Island Snork: *blank stare*

Casey: But you can't possibly be happy with him ruining your island. 

Island Snork: *another blank stare*

Junior: *with a rock* What's your problem, pal? I bet you'd care if i tried to sell you this rock for 10 clams!

Island Snork: *takes out money and gives it to him* I don't care. 

Junior: Wow, that guy doesn't care about anything.

Ember: That's the problem - none of them do.

Corky: You mean all the snorks on the island are this indifferent?

Ember: Uh huh. The Ice Wizard put a spell on them, turning all their hearts cold. Now, they're jsut as unfeeling as he is. 

Jojo: Couldn't you thaw them out?

Casey: *gasps* Yeah, that's a great idea! *takes them to Ember* Okay, Ember, time to make this fella's blood boil! 

Ember: *eats a branch and warms him up* 

Island Snork: *back to normal* Oh, where am I? Ember, you've gotta save us!

Ember: *sighs* It's all I can do. *all the island snorks turn cold again and walk away* I'm sorry, but the spell is too strong.

Jojo: That's okay. *throws more wood for her* We'll take care of that nasty wizard ourselves.

Junior: *about to open door*

Casey: Junior, where are you going?

Junior: Uh, I've got a little unfinished business with those island snorks. I'll meet you guys later. *takes out money* Boy, if one lousy rock can get me 10 clams, I can make a fortune off these marbles! *leaves*

Ember: *burns down cold door* Shall we go?

Corky: Snork Patrol, to the castle!


(they are now standing in front of a large, cold castle)

Ember: I'm not sure how to get past this gate. 

Jojo: Let me try. *tries to pull, but it's hard*

Casey: *takes out hair pin* Hey, maybe this will work. *inserts it into keyhole, and it opens*

Jojo: Wow!

(they all run inside)

Ember: That door leads to the tower.

(a giant, evil snowman pops out with a broom)

Snowman: Just where do you think you're going?!

Corky: To see the Ice Wizard, now get out of our way!

Snowman: No, you get out of MY way! *sweeps them onto the broom* Now I've got you, you little pests! *puts them back down*

Ember: Hey, hit me! I dare ya!

Snowman: Okay! *misses* Hey, where'd she go??

Casey: She's right behind you!

Snowman: *sees her on broom* Uh oh. *melts, leaving only his hat to run off*

Ember: *giggles as entire broom burns* Sometimes, I'm just too hot to handle! *burns down door* 

All: Yay!

Corky: Hooray! 

(enter the lair, where they see stashes of gold and jewels)

All: Wow! *the temperature rises somehow*

Corky: There he is! Let's get him! *but they only get a dummy of him*

Jojo: It's a dummy! He tricked us!

Ice Wizard: *pops out from behind* And for another trick, I'll give you the cold shoulder! *laughs as he blows ice on Corky, turning him cold*

Casey: *cornered as she too turns frozen*

Jojo: *becomes frozen as well*

Ice Wizard: *to Ember* Now, it's your turn, you hot-tempered little troublemaker!

Ember: *tries fighting back, but he blows ice on her* You haven't won yet! I'll be back! 

Ice Wizard: *throws an icecicle at her but it hits a tree and she jumps down* Ha! She won't be back, now that her frinds can't help her! 

Junior: *shoes up* Hey everybody! Look at all the clams I just made! 

All: *monotonous* We don't care.

Junior: *sees them* Whoa, what happened to you guys?!

Ice Wizard: Your little playmates were dumb enough to try and catch me! 

Junior: Uh, uh don't worry. I, I won't bother you.

Ice Wizard: No, I don't think you will! You're different from your friends. 

Junior: *gulps* Yeah, I'm not frozen.

Ice Wizard: Well, not yet anyway. And perhaps, you won't have to be. I mean after all, we're a lot alike. 

Junior: *shakes* We are?

Ice Wizard: Oh sure. Obviously, that money was more important to you than helping your friends. *laughs* I like that! It shows you've got potential! 

Junior: So uh, what are you gonna do with me?

Ice Wizard: Well, I could use an assistant. And with a little coaching, you could be as cold-hearted as me! *laughs* How about it?

Junior: *takes out a golden jewel* Hey, you know? I think I might like being a wizard. *shakes his hand* It's a deal! *the alarm goes off and the temperature only increases in the room, making Junior sweat* Oh, it's getting hotter in here!

Ember: Not as hot as it's gonna get! You don't wanna be like him, Junior! He's mean and cruel! Why, he doesn't even have any friends!

Ice Wizard: Ha! Who needs friends?!

Junior: *looks at his* I do miss mine.

Ice Wizard: Well you don't need them! As soon as we get rid of this pesky flame, you can share all my wealth with me!

Ember: Well if you won't help me, Junior, then I'll just take care of this myself! *she tries fighting him*

Ice Wizard: So, you want to play rough, eh? Here, catch! *throws a snowball at her, cuasing her to melt into a little flame* Go on, Junior, snuff her out!

Junior: *gasps* Um, me?

Ice Wizard: What are you waiting for? One little stomp on the foot, and you'll be set for life!

Junior: *walks over to his frozen friends* I don't care how much gold you give me! *takes out cash* it won't buy me friends like these! *burns the money, who turns into Ember*

Ember: Thanks, Junior. Now I'm really cookin'! *melts Ice Wizard*

Ice Wizard: No, let me, AAAHHH! *melts away*

Ember: *warms the gang back to normal*

Junior: You did it, Ember! 

Corky: What did she do?

Junior: Ember defeated the Ice Wizard! 

Ember: Thanks to Junior's help.

Corky: Junior helped you?!

All: I don't believe it! 

Junior: Neither do I! How could I burn all that money?!

Ember: It's because deep down, you're realy warm-hearted.

Junior: *blushes* Gee, I guess so. But, let's not tell anyone, okay?

(the island snorks, now warm-hearted again, acknowledge the snorks for saving them from the Ice Wizard at their village)

Island Snork: Thanks again, Junior. *comes out with a present* We'd like you to have something to remember us by.

Casey: Oh Junior will never forget this place. It's probably the first, and last, time he'll ever burn money! *laughs*

Junior: You can say that again! Well, I guess it was worth it to save you, Ember.

Island Snork: And because of that unselfish attitude, we want you to have this.

Junior: *opens it and sees it's real gold* Wow, gold! *checks with a magnifying glass to be sure it's real* And it's 24 karot! Uh, you got anymore money to burn?

All: Oh, Junior! *laugh*

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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