Tooter Loves Tadah



Production Code:


Broadcast Number:


Written and Teleplay by:

Neal Barbera and Evelyn A-R Gabai

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

Premiere: October 17, 1987

Paired With

The Shady Shadow

"Tooter Loves Tadah" is the 12th episode of Season 3. Tooter falls for the new tooting snork named Tadah, but she is being cotnrolled by a large snork named Tubah, so both compete for her affection before the big school dance.

Snorks 312 1

Tooter, meet Tadah and Tubah

Plot Summary

The Snorkland High (or Kelpmore High) band is rehearsing their musical number for the big dance that's coming up when Junior stops the music over how they need a new vibe. Pretty soon, Tadah - another tooting snork from the town of Snork Fort - comes in with her "boyfriend" Tubah, who has a huge sonic snork. Tooter instantly falls for her, but Tubah doesn't think he's good enough for her.  

Tooter gets really angry, so Daffney suggests he build a giant sandcastle to impress Tadah so she would forget about Tubah. However, Tubah sees it and destroys it on impact, and then he challenges him to a race around the lagoon, meaning the winner would take Tadah to the school dance. However, the catch is that Tubah can't use his sonic snork to cheat, but he traps Tooter with it anyway. Junior sees this, but since he's scared of Tubah, he lets him win. 

They visit Gallio for some advice on romance, and he gives him the Tootah Blaster to enhance his tooting. While Tadah is still being used by Tubah, Tooter blasts Tubah. Tadah gets angry becuase Totoer was acting just like Tubah. Junior then confesses that Tooter really won the race and that he was too scared to say no to Tubah. Then Tooter has to go save Tadah and Tubah about to be eaten by a giant clam. Since he has saved her, Tubah lets her go to the dance with him, and the two tooting snorks dance happily together.

Snorks 312 2

Competing for Tadah's love

Background Info

  • Tadah's and Tubah's only appearance in the series
  • This episode also marks the only time Tooter has an actual love itnerest in the show
  • This is also the only time where all of the snorks perform in a band together

Memorable Quotes

Junior: Oh don't be a sore loser, Tooter. I'm the judge, and I declare Tubah the winner!

Tooter: *sticks his tongue out at him*

Junior: Well now that that big lummux Tubah is history, I might as well confess.

Allstar: What are you talking about, Junior?

Junior: Tubah really did use his sonic snork to win the race. I saw the whole thing. *all glare at him* I just had to keep my mouth shut, or he would've sonic snorked me into the sand.

(all throw him out)

Junior: *out of trash* Well, that's gratitude for ya!


  • This episode marks another time the high school was called Kelpmore High instead of Snorkland High
  • Rough transitions are seen throughout the episode
  • Before the race begins, Tooter has on a white shirt
  • Allstar can also be seen with white sleeves at one point
  • Near the end, Daffney's hair is pink


  • The snorks performing in a band together could be a reference to the Archie Comics, which also bear some similarities to the snorks throughout the series



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