(the snorks are playing a high school band while Snip and Snap dance around - however, Junior's not compeltely satisfied)

Junior: Stop the music! I can't stand this awful noise any longer! The big school dance is tomorrow night - what are we gonna do!

Casey: Oh, if only we had a new sound.

(they hear tooting)

Junior: Like that beautiful tooting. Where's it coming from?

(Tadah enters through the front door)

Casey: It's another tooting snork.

Tooter: *immediately enamoured by her*

Allstar: Hi, my name is Allstar, what's your's?

Tadah: Tadah!

Casey: She must be the new exchanged student from the South sea town of Snork Fort.

Tooter: *heart pops out of his snork and he hides behind Snip and Snap*

Casey: Don't be shy, Tooter, go over and say "hello."

Tooter: *tries to, but Tubah enters and knocks him over*

Tubah: My name's Tubah, city snorker, and Tadah's my gal!

Tooter: *heart still pops out of his snork*

Tubah: Better cut that out, or I'm gonna blow you out of the water with my super sonic snork!

Tooter: *totos "Oh yeah?!"*

Tubah: Yeah! *blos him away with it* Here, Tadah, you can carry my books to class.

Junior: That Tubah's a real bully!

Allstar: But you won't give up without a fight, right Tooter?

Tooter: *sighs in agreement*

(outside, all help Tooter impress Tadah)

Tooter: *angrily stomps up and down*

Casey: Oh, you may not have a super sonic snork, Tooter, but there are other ways to impress Tadah.

Allstar and Daffney: Yeah!

Daffney: I'll show ya how to build a sandcastle. She'll forget all about Tubah when she sees it.

(Tooter builds a giant one, and Tadah compliments it)

Tubah: It's in cares what sure is a home dinger! I wonder who commenced to build it.

Tooter: *pops uo with a heart flag and says he built it for Tadah*

Tubah: *blows it down with his sonic snork* They just don't make sandcastles like they used to! *laughs as Tooter waves the flag*

(band practice still takes place)

Junior: Stop the music! Tadah's tooting helps, but we still don't have the right sound.

All: *groan*

Daffney: Not Junior!

Tooter: *gives Tadah a flower*

Tubah: *blows him away* When are you gonna learn to stay away from my gal?

Allstar: You think you're so tough! But I bet you can't beat Tooter in an obstale course race without using your super sonic snork!

Tubah: You're on, shrimpboat!

Daffney: If Tooter wins, he gets to take Tadah to the big dance! 

Tubah: I'll say yes, cause he doesn't stand a chance! *laughs and walks away*


(all take Tooter to the race)

Allstar: Our champion is ready for action! 

Daffney: Tooter will knock the socks off that icky two-time Tubah!

Tubah: Did someone call my name?!

Junior: Yikes! It's Tubah! I better get to my judges table quick! *goes up top*

Allstar: The obstacle course is at the bottom of this tidal pool. Whoever reaches Junior's tower first is the winner. On your mark, get set, *Casey blows conk* go!

(Tooter and Tubah enter the tidal pool, but only for Tubah to be stuck by soem coral circle)

Tubah: I'm stuck! I promised to not use my sonic snork, but what the judge don't see won't hurt him! *laughs and blows his sonic snork to trap Tooter into some sea eneminies* So long sucker! Imma gonna sonic snork my way to victory!

Tooter: *trapped, but gets out a photo of Tadah and then catches up to Tubah, noe being ahead of the race*

Junior: *watching from above* Tubah and Tooter are heading into the home stretch! 

Tubah: *uses his sonic snork to trap Tooter once again* See ya at the finish line, loser! *laughs* 

Junior: Tubah's cheating! I better tell the others!

Tubah: *pops out of the tidal pool* I won me a race fair and square!

Junior: I've got something to say about that!

Tubah: About whta, good buddy?

Junior: *gulps* Have a nice time with Tadah at the dance.

Tooter: *angry at Tubah* 

Junior: Oh don't be a sore loser, Tooter. I'm the judge, and I declare Tubah the winner.

Tooter: *sticks his tongue out at him* 

Junior: Get him out of here, Allstar, before I toss him out of our band too!

Allstar: Let's go visit Gallio. Maybe he can help you with Tadah.

(at Gallio's lab seeking advice about love)

Tooter: *moans*

Gallio: Ah yes, romance. Sometimes it's not a pretty sight. *Tooter agrees with him* Fortunately, I may have something that'll help you win Tadah. *gets out an invention of his* I call my little invention, "The Tootah Blaser." Wear it, and your tooting will be magnified a thousand times. *places it on Tooter, and it literally blows down the house*

Allstar: Wow. Finally, Tooter's gonna beat Tubah at his own game!

(meanwhile, Tadah's being forced to handpick flowers for Tubah)

Tubah: Pick me a whole mess of flowers, Tadah! I want everyone to know you're my dancin' date!

Allstar: We'll see about that!

Tubah: Haven't I already told you about stickin' your snorks into my business?!

Tadah: *tries to stop him*

Tubah: No use stickin' up for Tooter, Tadah! He's gonna get plastered! *blows him into the flowers* That'll earn ya!

Tooter: *blasts Tubah with the Tootah Blaster, then offers Tadah a flower, which she refuses*

Allstar: What's the matter, Tadah? Tooter's finally outblasted that mean old Tubah!

Tadah: *rants about it*

Allstar: *translating* Tubah always bullied snorks to get what he wanted. *she rants some more* Now Tooter's acting the same way. So you're leaving with Tubah?

Tadah: *leafves indefinitely*

(Meanwhile, all are in the band room with a clearly upset Tooter)

Daffney: Isn't there anything we can do to help cheer you up, Tooter?

Tooter: *shakes his head*

Junior: Well now that that big lummux Tubah is history, I might as well confess. 

Allstar: What are you talking about, Junior?

Junior: Tubah really did use his sonic snork to win the race. I saw the whole thing. I just had to keep my mouth shut, or he would've sonic snorked me into the sand. *all get angry and throw him out into the trash can* Well, that's gratitude for ya!

Casey: Come on, gang! Let's go find Tadah and tell her the truth!

Tooter: *gets so excited, the Tootah Blaster blasts the entire bland room*

(the search for Tadah is on)

Allstar: Well we've looked everywhere today. Tadah seems to have vanished. 

Daffney: Let's pick up this search later. I need a beauty nap. *all stop as they hear what sounds like a creature making creepy swallowing and chewing noises with his mouth* Who's making that mondo gross-out icky sound?

Casey: I don't wanna know! 

Tooter: *points out that Tadah and Tubah are about to be eaten by a giant clam*

Tubah: Shiverin' snorks! It's a clam cruncher! *he and Tadah huddle together while the clam licks them then swallows Tadah* Yuck, yuck, that tickles! Let go of my gal, clam breath! *he spits Tubah out*

Allstar: Quick, Tubah! Use your super sonic snork to save Tadah!

Tubah: Well slap me with a tuna, why didn't I thunk of that?! I'm gonna blast you into clam chowder, you rotten cruncher! *but the clam blasts him into the wall* I'm sonic snorked out! What are we gonna do??!!

Totoer: *marches over to help out*

Casey: Wait a minute - Tooter's gona a plan!

Tooter: *plays a musical melody with the Tootah Blaster, and the clam cruncher follows along with it*

Casey: It's working! Tooter's communicating with the clam cruncher!

Tooter: *still singing, until clam cruncher pops out Tadah, where they hug and he takes off his Tootah Blaster*

Tubah: Tooter, I got one thing to tell you. I'm as sorry as a flounder in a fish school for acting like I did. You saved Tadah! If she wants to go to that snorkin' high school hootinany with you, it's alright with me!

All: Hooray!

(the dance goes on, and Tooter and Tadah dance together)

Casey: Aw, Tooter sure is happy with Tadah! *her and Allstar look at each other and smile*

Junior: And I sure am happy with our hot new sound! Tubah's sonic snork is just what our band needed!

Tubah: Thanks, good buddy! I'm always happy to help out at a hoedown! *blasts Junior off the stage and everyone laughs in response while Tooter and Tadah continue dancing*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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