(up in dry land, some marine biologists are doing some research regarding porposses and their communication skills)

Man: The sonar's picking up porposs activity right below us.

Woman: Wonderful. Warm up the aquasphere translator. If this test works, we'll be the first scientists on earth to learn what the porposses are actually saying. 

(down below, the porposses go near the machines being placed down below the ship)

Woman: They sound friendly. *music plays* 

Man: And they play music too.

Both: Play music?

Woman: What's going on down there?

(what they don't know is that all the activity is taking place in Snorkland ,where a major balloon race is about to take place)

Marina: Welcome snorks, one and all, to the 10th annual balloon race, sponsored by us - the COWS!

Snorks: Yay!

Mrs. Wetworth: That's C-O-W-S - the Committee Of Women Snorks.

Marina: Or COWS, for short. Now, to introduce today's competitors. *see snorks with their own indivudal balloons* In Balloon Number One, we find Casey Kelp. *snorks cheer for her as she paints her star-stutted balloon* And Allstar Seaworthy. *snorks cheer as he pulls Occy up* With mascot. *see a blue fish designed balloon* In balloon Number Two, we have Daffney Gillfin. *they snap photos of her* With her teammates, Dimmy Finster and Tooter Shellby. *Tooter spins around - then we see Junior's own decorated balloon - himself* And finally Balloon Number Three, and its riders, Junior Wetworth, *they boo him and he sticks out his tongue at them* and his little brother Willie.

Willie: Little brother, Willie. That's me. 

Tooter: *toots as he places some steam bottles through Junior's balloon, causing him to ride on the steam - literally* 

Allstar: *seeing Junior on steam* Gee, the race hasn't even begun yet, and Junior's already steaming!

Marina: The first balloon to travel to the giant nodelist shell and back is the winner!

Junior: *gets on Casey's balloon* Which is going to be me. *paces a line on it*

Marina: Now, our very own Governor Wetworth will blow the starting whistle. Governor, blow hard.

Governor Wetworth: Say, thank you -- ooh, who should blow hard?!

Marina: Not you, Governor! *laughs* The whistle!

Govenor Wetworth: Oh, yes! Ballooners, get ready, get set, *blows whistle and they're off*

Snorks: Yay!

(Casey and Allstar are stuck)

Allstar: Hey, who anchored our ship to the reef?!

Casey: Who else?!

Junior: I'll wave to ya from the finish line, Allwet! Gang way, pop! 

Governor Wetworth: *his balloon is caught off and he falls down* Somebody stop this thing!

Marina: Gracious! The Governor's heading up toward dry space!

Mrs. Wetworth: He's always been a social climber, but this is ridiculous! 

Governor Wetworth: Egads, help!

Allstar: Quick, Occy, fetch the net! *gets hair net* Not the hair net, the fish net! 

(but they miss the Governor and he falls back in front of COWS - they hold up his scores - Mrs. Wetworth 0, Marina 8.5, and others 7 and 9)

(meanwhile, the porposses find Governor Wetworth's ballooon and decide to play with it as the marine biologists continue to conduct their ongoing research)

Woman: Where could that strange music have come from?

Man: You got me. Oh, here come the porposses again. 

Woman: *sees them playing with the ballooon* They're surfacing. What in the world are they playing with? *gasps* This could be a major scientific discovery! *tries grabbing the balloon, but it pops, causing the porposses to wail)


(the race is still going on) Junior: Stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke!

Daffney: *pom poms* Dimmy, Dimmy, give a squeal! He's faster than a moira eel!

Allstar: Mush, Occy, mush, mush!

Junior: Oh no! that goody-good for nothing Allstar is gaining on us! Crow, full steam ahead! 

Willie: *tuns up the steam* Full steam ahead! *it runs fast now* 

Junior: *laughs* They'll never catch me now! Just look at 'em!

Willie: Just look at them! Them what's up ahead, I mean.

Junior: Jumpin' jellyfish! *see the hills, and it causes their ballooon to pop and fly up into the nearest whirlpool* All hands on deck! All hands on deck! 

Casey: *gasps* They're being swept into the current!

Junior: The captain must go down with the ship! *puts captain's hat on WIllie and jumps down* You're the new captain!

Willie: I'm the new captain! *jumps down* I resign!

Casey: The current's swept them beyond the limits!

Allstar: We've got to save them! 

Dimmy: Allstar, wait for us!

Daffney: *sees porposs* Eeek, the monster from the outer limits!

Tooter: *communicates with it*

(meanwhile, Junior and Willie hang on for dear life as they keep being swept by the forces of the current, and Allstar uses a lasso to save them)

Casey: Hurry, Allstar, they're slipping!

Allstar: I hope this toss is on target! *it grabs Occy, and it swings him over to Junior and Willie*

Junior: Help me! *Occy catches them and brings them back onto Allstar's balloon for safety*

Allstar: *pats Occy* You saved them, Occy!

Willie: Yeah, you saved 'em! Er, us, I mean.

Occy: *barks* 

Junior: Get off of me, you long-legged anchovie!

Occy: *growls at him*

Junior: Keep you eight hands off me!

Casey: Don't be mad at Occy, Junior, just because you wreckeed your own ship!

Junior: Me?! No way! It was Willie's fault!

Willie: "It was Willie's fault!" It was not my fault!

Junior: Was! 

Willie: Wasn't!

Junior: Was!

Willie: Wasn't!

Casey: Now's no time to argue - we're lost beyond the limits!

Allstar: *gets out shell* We have to find a way back to Snorkland. *hears Tooter*

Casey: *gasps* That sounds like Tooter! *see porposses* Dimmy's balloon is under attack!

Tooter: *toots an alarm*

Allstar: *turns on steam* We've gotta get up there fast! 

Casey: But we're not rising.

Allstar: That's because the ship's too heavy. Quick, everyone, put off all unnecessary weight! 

(they do so, even Occy attempting to toss Junior overboard)

Junior: Now cut that out! *to Allstar* We can't go up there - that's dry space! We could all be killed!

Allstar; They need help, Junior, now let go of the wheel! I said snork off! *spins wheel, causing Junior to fall off and grab onto the rope*

Junior: Alright, alright, you win! Just pull me up - PLEASE! 

(as they all go up with the porposses, the marine biologists still pick up activity)

Man: Listen to that.

Woman: The porposses are talking to us. I wonder what they're saying. *hear them, then they pop out with the top of the balloons*

Man: Look, two more of those round things!

Woman: What a find! It's a new species of fish! *gasps* Oh, we'll be famous! Grab them, before they get away! 

(they use the net to grab the snorks)

Junior: Somebody do something!!!!!

Tooter: *talks to a porposs for help*

Man: I've got 'em! 

Woman: So? Pull them in already!

Man: I ca-I can't! It must be caught on something!

(in reality, the porposs is pulling the net back)

Allstar: Tell him to keep it up, Tooter.

Tooter: *toots just that* 

(the porposs pulls the net back, and the snorks fly over the ship and into dry land - they quickly get back into the ocean, but their balloons have completely popped)

Woman: Oh, the most important discovery in years, as we've lost them! Oh, drat!

(the porposs sprays them with water as the snorks still sink back down)

All: *see a whirlpool* WHOA!

Daffney: We're heading into the funnel!!!

Tooter: *toots anotehr warning to the porposses*

(back in Snorkland, everyone thinks they've been killed)

Governor Wetworth: *sobs* I have sad news to report, my fellow snorks. The three teams of ballooners, including my sons Junior and Willie, have been swept beyond the limits!

Snorks: *gasp*

Governor Wetworth: Yes, I'm afraid they're lost to us - forever! *hears a porposs calling* I see nothing funny about this!

Marina: It's not funny! *gasps* It's the children! 

(the porposses carry them back into town)

Snorks: Yay! 

Governor Wetworth: Oh, thank my lucky starfish! But, but how did you ever survive?

Junior: Well, I don't like to brag.

Willie: He doesn't like to brag.

Casey: Because he has nothing to brag about!

Allstar: Tooter saved us, by calling for the help of our new friends. *pets porposs* 

Tooter: *toots as he jumps down and spins with it*

(back on the ship, the sonar is still picking up the underwater activity)

Man: The porposses are talking again! Turn on the translator!

Woman: This time, we'll find out what they're really saying! 

(but they only hear Tooter's constant tooting)

Man: That doesn't sound like a porposs!

Woman: Well, back to the drawing board. 

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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