(everyone in Snorkland is having some fun around town - even the gang is playing frisbee)

Allstar: Go get it, Occy!

Occy: *excitedly chases after it*

Dimmy: That a boy, Occy!

Tooter: *cheers for him*

Snork with leash: Easy, boy!

(meanwhile, Governor Wetworth is making another speech)

Governor Wetworth: My fellow snorks, as your beloved Gov -- honorable Governor, it gives me great *Occy swims past* Alright! Who's octopus is that?

Junior: It's Allstar Seaworthy's, dad.

Governor Wetworth: I should've known! Allstar, one of these days!

Casey: Look at Junior! He just loves getting you in trouble!

Allstar: Well actually, Casey, Occy is my responsibility. *Occy runs into him*

Governor Wetworth: Now, what was I? Oh, I now declare this bridge open! *Mrs. Wetworth whispers in his ear* It's not the bridge? Oh, of course! I know, I know! I hearby proclaim today to be Tuesday!

Snorks: Huh?!

Mrs. Wetworth: What the Governor wants to say is, free plankburgers for everybody!

Snorks: Free plankburgers! Yay! *all go get some* 

Governor Wetworth: I always did know how to move a crowd.

Mrs. Wetworth: That's why you're the Governor, dear.

(everyone in town goes to a plankburger stand to get their free meals)

Snork 1: Two snorkburgers, please.

Vendor: You got 'em. How many for you?

Snork 2: Four, please.

Tooter: *toots for ten plankburgers*

Vendor: Ten plankburgers, comin' up!

Tooter: *excitedly brings them over to a table, where they eat with the Seaworthys*

Dimmy: Nice work, Tooter!

Allstar: It was pretty nice for the Governor to give out free plankburgers, huh mom?

Mrs. Seaworthy: I wonder what he's up to. It's not lke him to give away free anything.

Governor Wetworth: And now, my fellow snorks!

Allstar: Uh oh, here it comes!

Governor Wetworth: May I have your undiv -- complete attention, please! Please!

Allstar: This oughta be good!

Tooter: *agrees with him*

(all this time, Casey uses her new crayons to draw Governor Wetworth as a clown)

Governor Wetworth: Citizens of Snorkland, just as you've reached in your hearts, to accept my offerings of free plankburgers --

Casey: Hmm, guess I lost my red crayon.

Governor Weworth: I'm sure you will reach into your pockets to pay the small additional tax to cover the expense of this inspirational monument! This great moneyment, I mean monument, will reawaken that respectful authority, on which this great civilization was founded! *unveils it, and while it's just of him, the snorks laugh at the red drawings covered all over it*

Smallstar: *giggles* Funny face! Funny face!

Mrs. Seaworthy: Baby Smallstar, shh!

Governor Wetworth: What's the meaning of this? Who's responsible for this outrage?! Whoever did this is in big trouble!

Junior: I wouldn't be a bit surprised, daddy, if the culprits were Allstar and his gang!

Willie: And his gang!

Tooter: *angry*

Junior: In fact, I'll bet it was Tooter!

Willie: It was Tooter!

(all have ice cream sundaes at Gallio's later)

Gallio: So, somebody scribbled on old Wetworth's new peortait. That could mean trouble.

Casey: I wonder who did it.

Gallio: Hmm, this could be very serious indeed. Wetworth would like nothing better than to get something off friends of mine.

Casey: But we didn't do it.

Gallio: I know that. But how can we get the Governor to believe it?

Allstar: What about if we clean it up? Will that make him happy?

Gallio: Nothing will make him happy. But it's worth a try.

(all clean it up later that same evening)

Allstar: *watching Occy scrub* That a boy, Occy! Keep scrubbing!

Casey: I'll say one thing - whoever did that scribbling sure could use some art lessons.

Occy: *all done and exhaused*

Allstar: Wow, look at the time! Come on, Casey, I'll walk ya home!

Casey: Oh great, Allstar, let's go!

Daffney: I'll walk ya home, Dimmy! 

Dimmy:  Okay, if you wanna, Daffney.

All: Goodnight, Tooter!

Tooter: *moans as he walks by himself - he then finds Casey's red crayon and scribbles on a shell with it, unfortunately being caught by Junior*

Junior: Aha! Caught in the act! I suspected you all along! 

Willie: All along!

Tooter: *proves his innocence*

Junior: *takes the crayon* The evidence! After my father takes you before the Council of Elders, you'll be lucky to get off with 20 years at hard labor! And I'll be a hero! *laughs* See ya in court! Bye bye, Tooter!

Willie: Bye Tooter!


(Governor Wetworth and everyone else visit the Council of Elders)

Elder 1: We have read your accusation of the defendant, One Tooter Shellby. You have accused him of disrespectful authority!

Elder 2: Defacing public property!

Elder 3: Resisting arrest!

Governor Wetworth: And making funny noises! 

Casey: That's not so!

Allstar: Tooter's innocent!

Dimmy: It's a frame up!

Daffney: Tooter's a good snork!

Governor Wetworth: *takes out crayon* This red crayon alone proves my case!

Elder 1: Will the defendant Tooter Shellby please step forward?

Allstar: Where is he?

Casey: He's not here!

(Mr. and Mrs. Shellby step up before the Elders)

Mr. Shellby: Your heiness, your very heiness, we are Tooter's parents.

Mrs. Shellby: *cries* He's such a good little snork.

Mr. Shellby: He left this note. He says, "I'm not guilty. But how can I make anyone understand me? So, I'm running away. I love you, Tooter."

(other snorks in the audience cry, but Governor Wetowrth doesn't care)

Governor Wetworth: Aha! Running away is incontrafalicable proof of his guilt! I rest my case! 

Mrs. Shellby: *cries* Oh, my poor little Tooter!

Elder 1: Silence! We have heard all of the testimony! 

Elder 2: We will now retire to consider the evidence!

Elder 3: To deliberate our verdict!

Elder: *holds out plankburger* And, to eat lunch!

(all are now at Gallio's)

Allstar: If I know Tooter, he's probably hiding out in that big empty shell.

Dimmy: At the Western Limits?!

Daffney: Oh, I hope not!

Casey: There's a dangerous current out there!

Gallio: Oh, the poor boy could be killed!

Allstar: Uncle Gallio, there's only one way to save him before it's too late - the Silverfish!

Gallio: Oh, no no no no no! It's much too dangerous! The ship hasn't been tested yet! But on the other hand, oh, the poor boy! Well, do you promise not to go Beyond the Limits?

Allstar: I promise, Uncle Gallio. We won't take any unnecessary risks.

(Tooter's going to the shell when the current blows him off - in the meantime, the Elders have returned)

Council of Elders: We have reached a verdict! We find the defendant --

Police Officer: Governor Wetworth, Governor Wetworth! *whispers in his ear*

Council of Elders: What is the meaning of this???

Governor Wetworth: Your excellencies! Uh, it seems that it appears that someone has drawn anotehr moustache on my portrait!

Mrs. Shellby: Then Tooter is innocent!

Council of Elders: Case dismissed!

Snorks in audience: YAY!!!!

(meanwhile, the snorks use the Silverfish to go find Tooter)

Daffney: We're approaching the Western Limits, Allstar! Be careful of the currents!

Allstar: Casey, how's the steam pressure?

Casey: It's running low, Allstar. There it is - the big shell!

Allstar: We better send our scout to sniff around, Dimmy.

Dimmy: *releases Occy* Ay yai, captain! Scout released!

Occy: *sniffs around but then returns*

Daffney: He's found Tooter! I know he has!

Occy: *only reutnrs with Totoer's things*

Daffney: Oh no! Poor Tooter! 

Allstar: This can only mean one thing!

Casey: He must've fallen over the edge!

Dimmy: I say we go after him!

Allstar: Hang on then! Here we go! *go after him with the Silverfish*

(Totoer's trying to defend himself as a giant crab tries to snatch him)

Dimmy: We can't take much mroe pressure!

Casey:  There's Tooter! But look!

Allstar: Oh no! 

Dimmy: Hang on, Tooter!

Allstar: Ready? Shellshooter!

Dimmy: *pulls lever* Shellshooter ready!

Allstar: Fire One! *shoots it at crab! Fire Two! *shoots it again, causing it to fall down into a burrow and Tooter trying not to do the same* Open the Snork Scoop! *snatches Tooter back into the Silverfish* Oh, for crying out loud, Tooter! Don't ever do this again!

Casey: We couldn't stand it!

Dimmy: Glad to see ya, Toot!

Daffney: I was really worried about you! *kisses him on the cheek*

Tooter: *all happy now*

(back in town, everyone cheers for his return and he cries and hugs his parents)

Mr. Shellby: Welcome home, Toot!

Tooter: *cries again*

(Casey's drawing with some new crayons)

Casey: That's funny. I can't find my new red crayon. 

Mrs. Seaworthy: *cries* Oh, baby! Baby Smallstar is missing! 

Allstar: Don't worry, mom, I'll find her! *looks up* Well I'll be a seamonkey's uncle! There she is! *catches her drawing on the monument and brings her down* Sorry, Governor. But, you know how babies are.

Governor Wetworth: I'll tell you how babies are! They're a pain in the --

Smallstar: *cries*

Mrs. Wetworth: There there, baby. The Governor forgives you. Now kiss and make up. *she does just that*

Daffney: Yuck! Here comes the kiss! *kiss*

Casey: *giggles* Look at the make-up!

Smallstar: *after drawing on his face* Funny face! Funny face! *giggles*

(c) 1984 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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