Water Friends For?



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Broadcast Number:


Written by:

Kevin Hopps

Directed by:

Berny Wolf

Broadcast Information

NBC Premiere: October 12, 1985

Paired With

It's Just a Matter of Slime

"Water Friends For?" is the 10th episode of Season 2. Casey and Daffney get into a fight over going to a hockey game versus a rodeo, and they don't talk to each other for a day. They soon realize the importance of their friendship.

Snorks 210 1

Casey and Daffney

Plot Summary

Daffney buys tickets to a water rodeo while Casey purchases tickets to the hocky playoffs. Meanwhile, Dr. Gallio is observing some bobfish, and while they poorly express their friendship by fighting, they're really close friends. Casey and Daffney show each other the tickets, but there's only one small problem - they're held on the same day! The two girls argue over where to go and that they always do what the others want to do. This little argument causes them to seperate. Later that same afternoon, Daffney dresses up for the rodeo, and Jimmy Bob assumes she's a performer there, so she rides on a seahorse. Meanwhile, Casey goes to the playoffs with the others (and Junior tagging along behind). 

While at the rodeo, Daffney thinks about Casey and her riding horses at a carnival when they were small children. The Snorkette cheerleaders play at the playoffs, but all Casey can think about is the time her and Daffney were cheerleaders, which didn't go so well. Both girls keep thinking about the other, and Daffney tries her hand at riding Shelley the seahorse. However, Shelley goes out of control, and it's even interrupted the hockey game. The snorks go off to find her before she heads into Vertical Valley. Arriving there just in the nick of time, Casey helps Daffney control the horse. They learn that their friendship is more important than some silly argument, and when they all go to the movies together, they don't care if they see the same movie for the third time.

Snorks 210 2

Casey and Daffney fighting

Background Info

  • Allstar has assumed that he's Casey's best friend
  • This is the first time mentioned that Casey and Daffney were cheerleaders - they would later cheer again in Snorkerella
  • Casey and Daffney have been friends since childhood
  • The ticket scallops from A Hard Day's Snork make their second appearance
  • Clips from this episode can be seen in the Come Along With the Snorks theme

Memorable Quotes

Junior: Hey, wait just a snork second! Don't you know who I am?!

Vendor: Sure, you're out of luck!

Junior: *gets snork trapped in there* Hey, open up!

Vendor: I said we're closed!

Gallio: I'm afraid some things in life are more important than playoff tickets, Junior.

Junior: Oh yeah?! Obviosuly you haven't seen what the ticket scallops are charging!

Junior: Oh, I can't see the Snorkettes at all! Hey, how about gettin' rid of that ridiculous lookin' hat, huh lady?! *reveals man* Huh?! I mean, uh, oh, that's a swell hat, heh. *it's removed* Thanks for nothing!

Allstar: Don't worry, Casey, Daffney will be fine - as long as she doesn't go into Vertical Valley.

Casey: *sees it* Oh no! She just entered Vertical Valley!


  • When Junior says "open up," the entire scene is really dark


  • The Snorkettes are references to the Radio City Rockettes
  • There are several 80's movie references sprinkled in the end - Beverly Hills Carp = Beverly Hills Cop, Goldfishbusters = Ghostbusters, and Raiders of the Lost Carp = Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Snorkland Chargers are a possible reference to the San Diego Chargers



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