(a cowboy snork is riding on his seahorse)

Daffney: Uh, excuse me, but where do I get tickets for the Okay Coral Water Rodeo?

Cowboy: Why it's right over yonder, ma'am.

Daffney: Thank you kindly. Boy, won't Casey be surprised when she finds out I bought her tickets to the water rodeo!

Cowboy: *gets throw into the hay by his horse* Gosh, I've always been a sucker for a purty face. *horse tries kissing him* Now cut that out!

(meanwhile, tickets are going on sale at the stadium)

Vendor: *to Tooter* Here you go. Two tickets to the snork hockey playoffs.

Tooter: *excited, then hands one to Dimmy* 

Dimmy: Thanks, Tooter.

Casey: One for me, and one for my best friend.

Vendor: You're a lucky lady. You jsut got the last two tickets.

Junior: Hey! Wait just a snork second, don't you know who I am?!

Vendor: Sure - you're out of luck! *closes clam door on Junior's snork*

Junior: Hey, open up!

Vendor: I said we're closed!

Allstar: *takes ticket* Wow, hey, we got good seats!

Casey: *takes it back* Sorry, Allstar, but this extra ticket is for Daffney. *leaves, leaving Allstar with a confused look*

Junior: *laughs* Looks like we're both in the same boat, Allwet!

(Gallio is observing two purple fish "fighting" with the bongs on their heads, and Daffney wodners what's going on)

Gallio: Daffney, you're just in time to observe these fascinating bobfish. 

Daffney: Fascinating?! They're awful to each other!

Gallio: Well that's normal. They may have a strange way of showing it, but the bobfish are close friends.

Daffney: Suffering seashells, friends like that could be a headache!

Casey: Uncle Gallio, Daffney, I've got great news!

Daffney: Me too!

Gallio: You both got A's in Seaography?

Casey: Better! I bought us tickets to the Snork Hockey Playoffs!

Daffney: Well I bought us tickets to the water rodeo!

Casey: *they trade tickets* Oh, that's clamtastic! Tickets to the water rodeo!

Daffney: And tickets to the Snork Hockey Playoffs!

Casey: *gasps* Hold it! They're both this afternoon!

Gallio: So the solution is very simple - one of you will just have to return your tickets.

Casey: Why don't you return your's?

Daffney: We always do what you want!

Casey: What I want?! It always has to be your way!

Daffney: My way?! You must be off your reef!

Allstar: Uncle Gallio, what's all the fuss about?

Gallio: Oh, it's just a little misunderstanding.

Daffney: Huh, misunderstanding?! She's miss ungreatful! I'm going to the rodeo with or without you!

Casey: Well enjoy yourself, cause I'll go to the hockey game, and I'll find someone a lot nicer to give your ticket to!

Daffney: *leaves angry*

Junior: You know, Casey, you look beautiful when you're angry. How about you and me goin' to the game together?

Casey: Oh, get lost, Junior!

Gallio: I'm afraid some things in life are more important than playoff tickets, Junior.

Junior: Oh yeah?! Obviously, you haven't seen what the ticket scallops are charging!

(the water rodeo takes palce, and two more cowboy snorks participate)

Bobby Jim: You know, we haven't won a water rodeo in ages, Jimmy Bob. We're flat broke.

Jimmy Bob: Right, Bobby Jim. The tides are turnin'. Look there.

Daffney: *shows up in a cute cowgirl outfit* Oh, I better find a good seat.

Jimmy Bob: The bestest seat is on the back of a trusted seahorse, ma'am.

Daffney: Oh, I just came to watch. Besides, I'm not a very good seahorse rider.

Jimmy Bob: Then you're in luck! The Jimmy Bob and Bobby Jim School of Water Rodeo has just one openin' left.

Bobby Jim: School of Water Rodeo?! *Jimmy Bob puts down his hat to cover his snork* Oh, that school of water rodeo! *he places it back on* 

Daffney: Oh, I don't think I can afford it, partners. I'm down to my last sandollar.

Jimmy Bob: *takes money* Our special Rodeo Dayprice - one sandollar!

Daffney: Gee, I don't know about this.

(Tooter and the others get a first look at the game on his portable shellevision)

Dimmy: I'm sure glad you brought your shellevision, Tooter.

Tooter: *cheers*

Dimmy: Yeah, I always liked those shots from the blimpfish, too.

Scallop 1: Get your playoff tickets here, only 50 sandollars!

Allstar: 50 dollars?! I'm glad I have my ticket! *to Casey* But I'm sorry about your fight with Daffney.

Casey: Oh let's just drop the subject, Allstar. I'm going to enjoy myself this afternoon, whether I like it or not.

Allstar: *to Junior* I see you've finally found a ticket, Junior.

Junior: No problem! I;ve got connections, you know!

Vendor: Hey, you still owe me 25 sandollars!

(all the snorks are in front row stands watching the game)

Allstar: What team do you like?

Casey: *with snorkoculars* Huh? Oh, oh let me see.

(back at the water rodeo, Daffney gets some training)

Jimmy Bob: No doubt about it, you were born to ride.

Daffney: You think so?

Jimmy Bob: Does an octopus have eight arms? Now say "giddyup."

Daffney: Giddyup.

Jimmy Bob: You really know how to handle a wild seahorse, ma'am.

Bobby Jim: Wild seahorse?! Tired Old Shelley doesn't buck!

Jimmy Bob: Shh! *swims over to her* Gallivant guppies, you sure you never rode a seahorse before?

Daffney: Oh, well, um, once. But that was a long time ago.

(flashback to her and Casey riding a squid attached to some fake seahorses at a local carnival, when they were really young)

Casey: Yahoo, snorkaroo!

Daffney: *gulps* Casey, this is scary!

Casey: Oh don't worry, Daffney, I'm right behind you! Yahoo! See, it's not scary, it's fun.

Daffney: Oh yeah, we always have fun when we're together! 

Casey: Yahoo! Snorkaroo, for me and you!

(now back to the present day)

Jimmy Bob: Why don't you try your hand at ropin' and ridin' Miss Daffney?

Daffney: Could I? Thanks.

Bobby Jim: You're not really gonna let her ride in the rodeo, Jimmy Bob.

Jimmy Bob: Relax, Bobby Jim, you worry too much.

Bobby Jim: *she lassos his snork* Easy for you to say.

(the hockey game still goes on as well)

Junior: Oh, that ticket scallop said I had box seats!

Allstar: Look! Here comes the Snorkettes cheerleaders! 

Snorkettes: Rah! Rah! Right on right!

Junior: Oh I can't see the Snorkettes at all! Hey, how about getting rid of that ridiculous looking hat, huh lady?! *turns around and it's a man* Huh?! I mean, uh, um, oh, that's a swell hat. *more hair* Thanks for nothing.

Announcer: Look at that happy crowd! Everybody's having a great time!

Casey: Yeah, everybody but me. Watching the Snorkettes only reminds me of when Daffney and I were cheerladers.

(flashback to Junior High when they were cheerleaders, with Casey on top of the pyramid)

Daffney: Careful, Casey. Watch your step.

Blonde: Oh, she's stepping on me! Casey Kelp, you clutz! 

Casey: *all fall down* Oh, sorry!

Blonde: Casey, you're all washed up! 

Casey: But, but --

Daffney: Hey, that's not fair!

Blonde: Oh, is that so? Well I'm the head cheerleader, and what I say goes, and she goes!

Daffney: Well if she goes, I go! 

Blonde: Goodbye, and good luck!

Daffney: *they leave* I guess we showed them!

(back at the game, present day...)

Allstar: Casey, look! The Snorkland Chargers are heading for the goal!

Casey: Uh yeah, great.

Announcer: And they score!

Allstar: Sansational! What teamwork! The Chargers always come through for each other when it counts!

Casey: Sure, just the way friends are supposed to.

(the water rodeo actually begins)

Barnacle Bill: Welcome, friends and snorkaroos, to Barnacle Bill's Wild Water Water Rodeo - for the best in ridin' and the best in ropin'! 

Jimmy Bob: Now you just around, prance it easy, then come right back.

Daffney: And I'll win a big prize?

Jimmy Bob: Sure. A real big trophy.

Bobby Jim: But Jimmy Bob, we never won a trophy.

Jimmy Bob: *smacks him with his hat* 

Daffney: *rides Shelley, but she goes out of control*

Barncle Bill: And buckin' barricudas, here comes our first contestant now! *Daffney passes by him* And there goes our first contestant! 

Daffney: *over train tracks* Whoa, Shelley, whoa! Oh, I can't look! Whew, that was close. Oh no, log branch! 

Fish: *in hat* Dark already? Must be Daylight Swimming Time.

(back at game...)

Allstar: Great game, eh Casey?

Casey: I should've given my tickets away, Allstar. All I can do is think about Daffney.

Junior: Too bad you didn't think of it sooner! I could've saved myself 50 bucks, and a stiff neck! 

Reporter: *on TV* We interrupt the playoffs to bring you a special bulliten! *show Daffney* 

Dimmy: Oh, who wants to watch seahorse racing??!!

Reporter: That's no race your watching. It's a runaway seahorse just from Barnacle Bill's Rodeo.

Casey: But, but that looks like Daffney.

Reporter: Carrying away Daffney Gillfin.

Casey: It is Daffney! And it looks like she's in real trouble! 

Reporter: Yes, she'll be in real trouble if that horse carries her in Vertical Valley. Now, back to the gaem!

Casey: *leaves* Not for me, I've got to help Daffney!

Junior: If you're leaving, Casey, can I have your seat?

Allstar: Casey, wait! *leaves too*

Junior: Oh nevermind, I'll take Allstar's seat! Let's watch the game together, huh guys?

Dimmy: No way! 

Tooter: *sticks his tongue out at him as they too leave the game*

Junior: Oh, at least he left me his shellevision.

Tooter: *takes it away*

(all are now searching for Daffney atop a fishblimp)

Casey: Thanks for helping me look for our friend.

Allstar: If we can't spot her from up here, we'll never spot her.

Casey: Oh, if we hadn't argued, this never would've happened!

Allstar: Don't worry, Casey, Daffney will be fine - as long as she doesn't go into Vertical Valley.

(but she does)

Casey: Oh no, she just entered Vertical Valley!

Fish: School dismissed! *gets away from her*

Daffney: Whoa Shelley, please, stop, stop! You're running towards that terrible whirlpool! help! Help! Oh, I wish Casey was here! She'd know what to do! 

Casey: *shows up* I hope you're right! Hang on! I'mright behind you! Now for some teamwork! Pull! *they do so, and stop Shelley*

Daffney: Phew. Oh, I still say we make a pretty good team.

Casey: And I'd say you're right. 

All: *cheer for them*

(they decide to head out elsewhere together)

Casey: So from now on, we'll discuss what we do before we do it. Right, Daffney?

Daffney: For seasure, Casey! Our friendship's more important than a silly argument!

Allstar: I'm glad you two have made up. Now which movie do you wanna see?

Casey: I wanna see "Beverly Hills Carp."

Daffney: Well I wanna see "Goldfishbusters."

Casey: Carp!

Daffney: Goldfish!

Tooter: *toots for them to stop*

Casey: Hold it, let's not argue.

Daffney: I agree. So why don't we let Tooter pick the movie?

Tooter: *does just that* 

Allstar: Oh no, not "Raiders of the Lost Carp" for the 27th time!

Casey: Oh, what's the difference?! As long as you're with good friends...

Daffney: No argument about that!

(c) 1985 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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