(Three snorkeaters named Spike, Agnes, and Claude are viewing Snorkland from atop a hill)

Spike: *laughs* Everything is going according to plan! Snorktown won't stand a chance! 

Claude: Uh, how come we're attacking Snorktown today, Spike?

Spike: *lovingly to Agnes* Cause it's me and Agnes's anniversary.

Agnes: Yeah. We met when we were both attacking Snorktown. 

Spike: You attacked from the North.

Agnes: And you attacked from the South.

Spike: And when we met in the middle, ah, it was love at first sight.

Claude: *crying* That's so romantic! *blows on tissue* 

Spike: Hold yourself together, Claude. We got a town to inialate. *laughs*

(In Gallio's lab, Allstar and Corky are watching him test his latest invention)

Gallio: If my Mind Mixer works, I'll be able to change the minds of these two fish. *places a catfish and a dogfish in seperate chambers*

Allstar: Oh, I can't wait to see what happens!

Gallio: *turns it on and waits* Now, to see if it worked. *gets them both out, and now the dogfish is being chased by the catfish* It works! It works! Now let's go get 'em and change 'em back!

Corky: Yes, it does seem like the good guy thing to do. 

(they open the door and everyone in town panics)

Allstar: Oh no! Snorkeaters are approaching!

Spike: *laughs as he and Agnes chase two female snorks* Get back here! You can't escape! 

Female: That's what you say! *they both leave*

Claude: *laughing as he chases down a snork wearing large glasses* Slow down, snork! You're goin' too fast!

Glasses Snork: As far as I'm concerned, I'm not goin' fast enough! *hides in window as Claude gets stuck*

Claude; I knew I should've stuck to my diet!

Allstar: The snorkeaters are heading this way!

Corky: We've got to hide! *shuts the door*

(all hide in different places - Gallio in a clsoet while Corky in a file cabinet)

Allstar: *still looking around* I've got to hide fast! The snorkeaters are almost here! *does it in one of the chambers*

Spike: *he and Agnes break in* Hey, I spotted three of 'em right in here! 

Agnes: Here, little ordirves. Come to mama! 

Spike: *opens other chamber* Hmm, maybe one of 'em's hiding in here. 

Claude: Duh, any snorks in here? *accidentally turns on Mind Mixer with his tail, causing both to come out the complete opposites. 

Allstar (as Spike): Oh no, our brains have been switched! 

Spike (as Allstar) :Hey, wha-wha, what's goin' on?! 

Corky: *he and Gallio pop out and grab him* Don't worry, Allstar, *horn* the Snork Patrol will save you!

Claude: Duh, they've escaped!

Allstar: Dah, snorkeaters! 

Agnes: *her and Claude shrug* Are you okay, Spike? 

Allstar: Huh? Uh, everything's fine, I guess.

Claude: Uh, now that the snorks are gone, what do we do next? 

Allstar: I've got to keep these snorkeaters from Snorktown as long as possible. We, uh, um, regroup. That's it - we regroup! And um, uh, head back where we came from! Wherever that is...

Agnes: But we've got 'em on the run - we should finish 'em up. 

Allstar: Well, I overheard them talking, and it was, um, something about a trap. Yeah, that's it, they're setting a trap!

Agnes: Spike, you sound funny. Is something wrong?

Allstar; Oh, I've got a, um, frog in my throat.

Claude: Uh, won't that spoil your appetite?

Allstar: *shocked look across his face*

(inside Corky's sub, Spike tries taking a bite out of Gallio)

Gallio: Hey! This is not the time for jokes, Allstar!

Spike: Huh? Allstar?! *looks into mirror* This is too weird!


(Corky and the others get out and find the home of Ace, a snoorkeater-eater)

Corky: Ace! Come out, please! This is a seamergency!

Ace: *with a toothace and swollen face* What's all the shouting about?

Spike: *runs* Yao, a snorkeater-eater!

Corky: Snorktown is doomed! You're our only hope! You must save the town! Hey, what's wrong with you?

Ace: Well, I have a terrible toothache. i can't eat anything solid.

Corky: Oh no! This means we're all doomed!

Ace: Hey, don't get so worked up about it. Why don't you try my cousin? He might be available. *gives him a card* Here's his card.

Corky: *shakes his fin* Ace, you've been a great help to us. The *horn* Snork Patrol thanks you! 

Spike: Is the snorkeater-eater gone?

Corky: Yes, but now we're off to find his cousin. Let's go.

Spike: No, I mean, uh, I'll go back and tell the snorkeaters, I mean the snorks, that help is on the way.

Gallio: Good idea, Allstar, that's very brave of you. 

Spike: Uh, I gotta warn Agnes and Claude that a snorkeater-eater is on the way.

(Allstar still distracts them)

Agnes: Shouldn't we attack now, Spike? We've been sittin' here for hours. 

Allstar: No! We should, uh, um, wait until it's dark. 

Claude: I thought you said we should come here cause the light is better!

Agnes: Well I;ve had enough! You can stay if you want to, Spike, but I'm gonna devour some snorks! Coming, Claude?

Claude: Oh boy, snorks! 

Allstar: Wait! I've got another idea!

Agnes: yeah, yeah! We'll lsiten after we eat!

(Corky and Gallio are still in the sub, but this time with Ace's cousin)

Corky: We really appreciate your help against the snorkeaters!

Cousin: No problem. Where's the party?

Gallio: I've spotted one of the snorkeaters! *really Allstar*

Allstar; Oh, where did thsoe snorkeaters go? This is terrible! Well, at least things couldn't get any worse.

Cousin: Lunch! *opens mouth and Allstar swims* Yum, yum, get back here!

Gallio: Yahoo! I love to see snorkeater-eaters in action! 

(but after the chase, Allstar traps a snorkeater-eater in a bucket)

Allstar: Gotcha! He should know better than to mess with Allstar Seaworth -- *Cousin pops out again* 

(meanwehile, Agnes and Claude are downtown)

Claude: Eh, the snorks have escaped.

Agnes: We waited too long! This is all Spike's fault! 

Spike: Hurry, we gotta get out of heree! A snorkeater-eater's headin' this way! 

Agnes: There's one! *try to jump on him*

Claude: He's mine!

Agnes No, he's mine! 

Spike: Wait, you can't eat me, I'm Spike!

Agnes: Spike can get his own snorks. You're mine.

Spike: No, no, I really am Spike!

Agnes: Right! And I'm the Easter bunny!

Claude: You are?!

Agnes: *glares at him*

Claude: *snatches him* Eh, I don't care who you are, I want this snork! 

Agnes: No, I want this snork!

Spike: Oh, I've heard of being in demand, but this is ridiculous! I'm out of here!

(Cousin still chases Allstar)

Allstar: I can't let him get me! *they all somehow meet up* 

Claude: Duh, what happened?

Agnes: A snorkeater-eater happened! Look!

Cousin: Wow, two more snorkeaters! Good! *chases them as Spike and Allstar meet up*

Allstar: Hey, there I am!

Spike: Yeah, and there I am! Hey, give me back my body!

Allstar: Don't worry. My Uncle Gallio will change us back!

(Back in his lab...)

Gallio: Allstar, it's so good to see you. Ah, a snorkeater!

Allstar: No, Gallio, it's me Allstar. Our brains got switched!

Gallio: Oh, what a terrible thing to happen! I'll change you back at once. *does so* 

Spike: *laughs* Now that I'm back to normal, yous two will be my first meal! 

Allstar: oh no!

(Agnes and Claude swim in) 

Spike: Hey, what's wrong with you two?

Agnes: It's the snorkeater-eater! He's after us! *Cousin chases them*

Allstar: Oh, I'm sure glad that's over, and I'm back in my own body. I wouldn't wanna go through that again.

Gallio: Are you sure I couldn't make you change your mind? *laughs*

Allstar: *Facepalms* Oh!

(c) 1988 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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