(open to Junior and Williw watching TV at their house - well, Junior is actually flipping back and forth through the channels)

Salesman: Only $29.99 at Leave-Mart!

Weather Woman: And we're expecting quite a seastorm tonight, so stay indoors.

Mobster: You'll never take me alive, see, eh?

Willie: Junior, I'm bored. You wanna play catch?

Junior: No.

Willie: You wanna read a book together?

Junior: No.

Willie: Junior, you're supposed to be babysitting me!

Junior: I am! You're a baby, and I'm sitting! *laughs*

Willie: Oh brother! I'm going outside to play!

Junior: Did you say something, Willie?

(Willie plays ball outside when he sees and hears laughter coming from a young female snorkeater named Lizzie)

Willie: Hi! My name's WIllie. What's your's?

Lizzie: Lizzie.

Willie: Don't you have anoyone to play with, either?

Lizzie: No.

Willie: Wanna play catch with me?

Lizzie: Sure. *holds ball* Here, you catch it!

Willie: *catches it* Okay, I got it! 

(back inside the house, Junior's still flipping through channels)

Governor Wetworth: Junior, where's Willie?

Junior: Oh dad, can't you see, he's right behind me, right Willie? *sees he's gone* Willie! Hey!

Mrs. Wetworth: Oh no! Have you lost Willie again?

Junior: No mom, we were just uh, playing hide and go seak. Yeah, that's right. *pretends* 98, 99, 100. Ready or not, here I come. *searches for him* Oh, Willie! Where are you? Gee, he's a good hider, isn't he? *parents glare at him* Okay, okay! I lost Willie, and I'm a dweeb! I'm sorry!

(While his parents search for him, Willie and Lizzie are still playing catch outside)

Willie: You wanna see my room, and all my toys and stuff?

Lizzie: Yeah, I'll race ya!

Junior: *finds him* Willie, oh, there you are! We've been worried sick, you little sh -- *sees Lizzie and gasps* A s-s-s-snorkeater! Aah! Swim for the hills! *leaves*

Willie: That's my brother, Junior. Don't worry, you'll get used to him after a while. Come on.

(The Wetworths are searching for him outside)

Governor Wetworth: Willie, where are you?

Junior: Dad, dad! I f-found Willie!

Governor Wetworth: Ooh, thank goodness. Where he is?

Junior: He's with a, a snorkeater!

(In Willie's room)

Willie: This is my dragon, my teddyfish, and my bouncing seahorses.

Lizzie: Oh gee, can we play?

Willie: Sure!

(They bounce around as the others watch)

Junior: See, it is a snorkeater, and it's chasing Willie.

Governor Wetworth: *faints*

Mrs. Wetworth: *on the shellephone* Corky, this is Mrs. Wetworth. We have a seamergency. Our son is in the clutches of an evil snorkeater!

(Corky is driving in his signature sub)

Corky: Great wave! This sounds like a job for *horn* the Snork Patrol!

(Willie and Lizzie are now playing darts with mini octopuses)

Octopus: Hey, way to go! Bullseye!

Corky: *arrives with a net* Shh!

Lizzie: Wanna go see my room at my house?

Willie: Yeah! Here, we can goo out the back way. That way, Junior won't botehr us.

Corky: *opens door* You're under arrest, you vile snorkeater! Huh? 

Junior: *window* There they go!

Mrs. Wetworth: Oh, that terrible snorkeater has our little Willie!

Governor Wetworth: *faints again*

Corky: Never fear, my good snorks! Nobody escapes the long arm of *horn* the Snork Patrol! Come, we have no time to lose!

(Now at Lizzie's house)

Lizzie: Hi mom, hi dad.

Lizzie's Mom: *reading newspaper* Hi, dear. 

Lizzie's Dad: *reading newspaper as well* Hello!

(inside her room)

Lizzie: This is my seabed, rolfs, and my racing sub. Here, want one?

Willie: Really? For me? Oh, wow, thanks! You're my best friend!

Lizzie: Me too!

(Corky and the others are still on the search) 

Corky: Ready? *Wetworths say "yeah"* Charge! *horn and heads into Lizzie's house*


Lizzie: Come on, I want you to meet my folks. Mom, dad, look who I brought home. My new friend!

Lizzie's Mom: Well, I'll be!

Lizzie's Dad: Good work, Lizzie, you brought home a tasty snack!

Lizzie: What?!

Willie: Did he say, "snack"?

Lizzie: Mom, dad, we can't do that!

Lizzie's Mom: I'm sorry, dear, but the only thing a snork is good for is breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Lizzie: No they're not! They make good friends, too! Come on, Willie!

Lizzie's Dad: Lizzie, you get back here!

(Lizzie and Willie swim off when they run into Corky and his sub)

Corky: Unhand our snork, you good-for-nothing snorkeater!

(they try getting her)

Willie: No, wait! She's my friend!

Governor Wetworth: Sorry, son, but the only good snorkeater is a snorkeater in a cage,

Willie: Oh no! Not you, too! Swim for it, Lizzie!

(they still chase after them)

Willie: *in hiding with her* Boy, we're really in trouble now!

Lizzie: *cries* Why won't our parents just let us be friends?

Willie: *cries too* Maybe they forgot what it was like to be a kid.

Lizzie: Yeah. *blows nose*

Willie: Then we should judt run away!

Lizzie: Yeah, let's go! 

(As her parents search for her, the Wetworths make an attack on them - while they're in a new, Lizzie's Dad is clutching Corky with his large paw)

Corky: Unhand our snork child or else, you villainous snorkeaters!

Lizzie's Dad: What are you talking about? You release our daughter!

Lizzie's Mom: *cluthces Governor Wetworth* Mmm, oh you're dessert!

Governor Wetworth: *faints for a third time*

(Lizzie and Willie are fighting the sea storm)

Lizzie: The sea storm is getting real bad!

Willie: We'll be okay in here! *hide in a cave* I hope. *clutch each other as the ground shakes*

(Corky, the Wetworths, and Lizzie's parents are still fighting and holding each other)

Corky: Trouble-making, big-mouthed, bad breathed snorkeater!

Lizzie's Dad: Worthless, low life, spineless snork!

(they hear scraming)

Mrs. Wetworth: Listen! It's the children! They're in trouble!

Lizzie's Mom: *gasps* They must be in the coral canyon!

Corky: Gee, that could be dangerous in a storm like this.

Lizzie's Dad: Well what are we standing here arguing for? Coem on!

(all work together to find them in Coral Canyon)

Corky: Don't worry, we're coming! 

(all pushed away by high winds)

Lizzie's Mom: We can't swim! The currents are too strong up there!

Corky: And I'll climb it! *attempts to do so* 

Willie: Alright, Corky!

Lizzie: Yay!

Corky: Okay, kids! Hang on to me with all your might! 

(Corky gets them down safely, but nearly fall again, causing Governor Wetworth to faint for yet a fourth time in this episode)

Lizzie's Dad: *sees they're still struggling to climb back to them* Quick, everybody hold hands. *Junior nervously does so*

Corky: Ugh! Can't hang on anymore!

(Lizzie's Dad pulls them up and Governor Wetworth wakes up out of his fainting stage)

Willie: Yay, we did it! *hugs his dad*

Lizzie: *kisses her parents* Boy, am I glad to see you guys!

(Now back home)

Corky: A job well done! Put it there!

Lizzie's Dad: I guess so. But I still don't trust you sneaky snorks!

Corky: Well, we don't trust you all that much either.

Junior: Yeah. *his parents agree with him*

Lizzie's Dad: *sees his daughter and Willie playing* But if my daughter wants to play with a snork, well, it's okay with me.

Corky: *shakes hands with him* We agree!!

Lizzie's Dad: *grabs him* jut don't tell any of my friends, alright?

Corky: It's a deal!

Lizzie: We did it, buddy!

Willie: Yeah!

(both shake hands as well)

(c) 1988 Hannah-Barbera and SEPP International