(All are at Junior's house packing for camp)

Daffney: *hums loudly*

Casey: Are you sure you packed the fishlight, Junior?

Junior: Huh? Oh, sure! I've handled everything, even this fishknife! Stop worrying, sheesh!

Allstar: *sees what Daffney's taking with her* Daffney, we're going camping! Why do you need all those high heeled shoes for?

Daffney: Oh Allstar, you silly, to go with all my evening gowns, of course!

Smallstar: Hi everybody!

Willie: I can' wait! Our first camp out!

Smallstar: Wee!

Junior: And just where do you think you two are going?

Willie: With all of you guys to camp out at Griffish Park!

Smallstar: Yeah!

Junior: Oh no you're not! You can't come with us! You're too little!

Willie: *jumps up on bed* We are too coming!

Smallstar: *does the same* Yeah!

Junior: No way!

Allstar: I'm sorry, but not this time, guys. You kids are just too little.

Willie: We are not! And we'll show you - we'll go on a better camp out!

Smallstar: Right!

Willie: Not to old Griffish Park, either! We won't even stay in Snorkland! *they laugh together*

Junior: *sarcastically* Right, sure you do that! *laughs* Imagine them coming on a camping trip with us! Ha!

(Willie and Smallstar are still in the room by themselves)

Willie: *pacing around* Just cause they say we're too small, doesn't mean we are too small!

Smallstar: Right!

Willie: We just have to be careful, that's all!

Smallstar: Right!

Willie: Well we can be just as careful as the big kids!

Smallstar: Right!

Willie: We can do it! Let's go!

Smallstar: Go where?

Willie: Camping!

Smallstar: Oh yeah! I ready, Willie!

(they actually look at the sign saying DANGER! LEAVING SNORKLAND - ENTER OCEAN AT YOUR OWN RISK!)

Smallstar: What sign say, Willie?

Willie: *reads it to her* Um, I don't know. Maybe it says, um, "have a nice day.

Smallstar: You have a nice day too! *giggles*

(Meanwhile, the snorks are setting up their tents at Griffish Park)

Junior: Darn tent! Must be soft ground! *holds it up* Now stay there! *it falls again* Eh, fooie!

Daffney: *using her curlers inside her large tent and humming to herself when the light goes out* 

Eel: Sorry, kid! But I can't handle all them lights!

Daffney: Oh poo, my generator's busted! Casey, would you ask Junior for his fishlight, please?

Casey: Sure, just a sec. *leaves*

Daffney: Poor eelie-weelie, you take a nice rest.

(Junior's still setting up when Casey approaches him)

Junior: *to tent* Aha! There! That'll teach ya to mess with Junior Wetworth!

Casey: Junior, Daffney needs the fishlight.

Junior: Yeah, sure, no problem. I'll just *trips over tent, causing it to fall on him* Oh, ratfish! Okay, okay, just a second, it's right here! *fetches for backpack and searches inside it*

Casey: You forgot it, didn't you? Even after we reminded you, you forgot it!

Junior: No, no, no, no, it's in here, give me a minute! *dumps everything out and continues searching for it*

Daffney: So where's the fishlight already???

Junior: *realizes* Oh, now I remember where it is?

Daffney: Good! Where?

Junior: On the kitchen table where I put it so I wouldn't forget it. Oh, ratfish!

Casey: You better go get it!

Junior: Oh, it doesn't get that dark! Besides, --

Daffney: Junior!

Junior: Oh, alright! *leaves and returns to his house* Oh, some camp out! Darn girls! Who needs a fishlight, anyway?! *searches for it in the kitchen* Where is that darn thing? Willie, have you seen the fishlight? *realizes he's not responding* Willie! Hey, Willie! *runs into his room* Oh, there's the fishlight! *gets it off of his bed* But where's Willie and Smallstar? *sees the closet is completely empty* Oh no! Those stupid little kids have really done it! I better tell the others!

(Back at camp, Casey is watching Allstar set up his tent)

Junior: You're not gonna believe this! *trips over Allstar's tent, causing it to fall over too*

Casey: Believe what? That you're clumsy? Oh, I believe that!

Junior: No, smarty, the little kids are gone! And so is their camping gear and backpacks!

Allstar: Oh brother! Well, we better go find them before they get hurt.

Daffney: Oh great, there goes our camping trip!

Junior: *moans* Little kids can be such a pain!


(Meanwhile, Willie and Smallstar are searching for the perfect camping spot)

Willie: Those big kids think we can't do anything, but we'll show 'em!

Smallstar: Yeah, we show 'em!

Willie: *kncoking down some seaweed* We can have a good time camping! We don't always have to stay at home! They'll see!

Smallstar: Yeah!

(as they come across a large green fish trying to swallow them whole...)

Willie: Just because we're small, doesn't mean we can't do things too!

Fish: Huh?!

Willie: No, one, I mean no one, is gonna stop us from camping!

Smallstar: Yeah!

Willie: And that includes you! *the fish leaves, and their nod their heads, shake hands, and contineu their way*

(The snorks see the leaving Snorkland sign)

Daffney: *reading it* "Leaving Snorkland - Enter Ocean... At Your Own Risk?!" Ooh!

Allstar: *shaking and stuttering at the same time* D-don't be afraid. Be calm, l-like me!

Junior: Oh, when i get my hands on those kids! Oh, let's go! *they leave*

(Willie and Smallstar find a lava pit)

Willie: This looks liek a good spot. Let's camp out here.

Smallstar: *looks around* Okay.

Willie: *accidentally pokes out a giant crab* Huh? What do you want?!

Crab: Who? Me?

Willie: We can do just as many as the big kids! We're not as little as they think!

Smallstar: Yeah!

Willie: So unless you're here to help us set up, *to Smallstar* which I doubt, *back to crab* you'd better stay out of our way!

Smallstar: Yeah!

Crab: *leaves a little frightened*

Willie: After you!

Smallstar: Thank you! *giggles*

(The search is still on - actually, they're swimming away from a giant eel)

Allstar: Quick, this way! *all follow him into a cave*

Junior: Phew, safe from him now!

Daffney: *pants* Yeah! *gasps* but we're not safe from him! *a dark creature nears them* Here we go again!

Junior: Sheesh, the little kids must be fish food by now!

(But Willie and Smallstar are roasting marshmallows over the lava pit)

Willie: Gee, this is fun! Now I see why the big kids like camping.

Smallstar: Yeah, I bet they having lots of fun too!

(but they're still swimming away from a giant, ravenous fish)

Junior: Look! Over there! Follow me! *all go inside a lobster cage* Hurry! In here, everyone! *now locked in* Safe at last! Go on! Beat it, you big bully! *it won't give up at first, then it leaves* Well, I got us out of that fix! *tries freeing them* Uh oh, it's locked! 

Allstar: Oh brother, a lobster trap! Way to go, Junior! you're a genius!

Junior: Relax, everybody, eh, it could be worse! *they move up towards dry space*

Casey: It's wrose!

Daffney: Oh, whatever folding development! I'm much too young and beautiful for lobster bait! But I know what to do - GET ME OUT OF HERE! HELP! HELP!

(Willie and Smallstar hear them from down below)

Willie: Uh oh - someone's in trouble!

Smallstar: We help?

Willie: Sure - come on! *they leave*

Junior: *tries methods of escaping, but fails* 

Daffney: So this is how it ends - in my curlers! *wails*

(As they're being pulled upwards, Willie and Smallstar swim to their aid)

Junior: Willie, quick, get us out of here! 

Willie: Junior, why are you in there?

Junior: This is no time for your dumb little questions! Get us out - NOW!

Willie: Who are you calling dumb, Junior?! You're always picking on me for being little!

Casey: Great time for a family discussion, Junior! 

Junior: Uh, uh look, I'm sorry. I was just --

Willie: And you always treat me mean!

Smallstar: Yeah!

Junior: Okay, okay, I'll never call ya dumb again, and I'll never be mean. Now get us out of here!

Willie: No need to shout.

Smallstar: Yeah.

Willie: *pulls the lever and unlocks the door, the nfrees the snorks before they get out in dry land*

(back on the ground...)

Allstar: *with Willie and Smallstar by his side* Whoa! Well, thanks, guys.

(back at Junior's house)

Allstar: Hey we're sorry. We shouldn't have treated you bad just because you're little.

Smallstar: Right.

Willie: We knew we could do it - and now you do too. So, can we go on the next cam out?

Junior: No way!

(all glare at him)

Casey: *clears her throat* Junior... 

Junior: Uh, uh, I mean, uh, uh no way we'd leave you too behind. *chuckles nervously* 

Smallstar: Yeah! *her and Willie smile at each other*

(c) 1987 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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