Wish Or Wish Out/Transcript

(Corky is doing some Snork Patrol in his sub at the gates to the Snorkland city limits. However, the Snailsman from "Day of the Juniors" is watching from a distance with his binoculars)

Snailsman: *laughs and winds up Bigweed doll* This always gets him. *Corky ses the doll running out of town, so Corky chases after it* So long, sucker! *sneaks back into town*

(Willie leaves his house)

Willie: Alright! I got my allowance! I got my allowance! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! *bumps into Governor Wetworth* 

(and heads over to the amusement park)

Willie: Oh boy, oh boy! Give me one ticket for the Monster Clam Rollercoaster! And then one for the Vertical Wheel Dive Bomber, and then one ticket for the Snorkeater Spiffer Ride!

Ticket snork: Hold on there, little fella, just how old are ya?

Willie: 7 1/2 - and I'll be 8 in August!

Ticket snork: Sorry, kid, but you have to be taller than that sign to get on those rides. 

Willie: *reads sign saying FOR SCARY RIDES, KIDS MUST BE TALLER THAN THIS SIGN* Really?! Aww!

Ticket snork: Sorry, son, but you're too little. Try again next year.

Wilie: Hey! That's not fair!

Ticket snork: Don't yell at me! I didn't make up the rules, I just work here!

Willie: *gets an idea* Okay, thanks. Uh, see you next year. *he comes back in a disguise* Three tickets for the scary rides, please.

Ticket snork: *reveals Willie* Now cut it out, little fella! Look, you can by tickets for the little rides for little kids!

Willie: I don't wanna go on the little rides! *another idea* Hey, how about if you give me a ticket to that new movie, "Attack of the 50 Foot Teenage Mutant Eels"? Or how about, "I Was Married To a Snorkeater"?

Ticket snork: Sorry, kid, you have to be taller than that sign to get into those movies. *Wilie reads same sign* But, there is one movie I can let ya in - "Little Cuddles In the Land of the Happy Spongebabies."

Willie: Oh, forget it. *leaves disappointed* Gee, I'm too small to do anything. *Snailsman watches from a distance*

(Casey is doing some hard math homework in her bedroom)

Casey: Divide the square root of the sum times the set minus the average per unit difference?! OH! *facepalm* I'm so bored! I know, I'll call Tooter - he's always doing something fun and different! *calls him* Tooter? Hi, it's Casey. I just thought I'd call and see if you -- huh? No, I don't know what the average per unit difference is either. Sorry. Oh, okay, bye. *hangs up* So much for that idea. Hey! Maybe Daffney! *calls her* Hey Daff, it's Casey! I just called to see if you wanted -- no, I don't know the average per unit pifference! *mixes up her words there* Oh, whatever it is, I don't know it! *hangs up abruptly* Oh, my life is so boring, so much the same, day in and day out! Oh, if I could only lead an exciting life - like Power Snork here. *leaves her house to get some air* I have got to go outside and find something exciting to do before I go crazy!

Snailsman: *laughs as he watches her leave*

(Allstar is trying to give Ocy a bath)

Allstar: *gently tries to wake Occy ask he sleeps* Oh, uh, good morning, Occy.

Occy: *growls at him* 

Allstar: What? These? Oh, they're nothing. I just thought maybe you'd like to have, uh *grins nervously* a shampoo?

Occy: *runs away*

Allstar: Now you get back here, Occy! You haven't had a shampoo in weeks! You can't hide form me forever! *Occy hides in one cabinet and pops out of another* Hey, how'd he do that? *grabs him and bathes him as he moans* Oh, cut it out, you big baby! *finally done* Ah, now that wasn't so bad, was it? Do you have any idea how much work I have to do to take care of you? 

Occy: *yawns* 

Allstar: I gave you your shampoo, cleaned out your house, made your bed, cooked your dinner, and even changed the channels for you! Whoo, I am beat! So glad I can rest now! *the alarm rings and Occy gets excited with a leash* Oh, it's time for your walk now, isn't it? Okay, come on, let's go. *Occy drags him out* 

Snailsman: *watches* My, my, Business will be good today, won't it? *snickers*

Allstar: *dragged through the park by Occy* Boy, Occy do you have it easy? You never have to worry about homework, doing chores, cleaning your room, you don't have a care in the world!

Occy: Huh!

Allstar: What do you mean "Huh"?! You life is ten times more fun than mine! *Occy sees a catfish and chases after it* Oh, great! Here we go AGAIIIN! *is dragged yet again when they run into an old lady and her poodlefish*

Casey: Oh boy. There's nothing exciting happening here, either. I guess I'll just never -- *Allstar runs into her, and they mix up a man and his baby*

Willie: *swinging* Sometimes it seems like I'm never gonna grow up. By the time I'm big enough to do anything, I'll be too old. *sees the others* Uh oh. *all swing around and end up on a tree top, making the catfish smile in content*

Allstar: Um, hi Casey. Uh, hi Willie. Um, how's things?

Casey: Everything is terrible!

Willie: You said it, Casey! Life is unfair! Life is unkind!

Casey: It's boring, too! *smiles* Uh, how have you been Allstar?

Allstar: Oh, I've had better days, that's for sure!

Snailsman: Never fear, my friends! I have just what you need! Allow me to introduce myself. They call me The Snailsman. And, I have shortcuts for every occasion.

Casey: Yeah, we know! *all fall down*

Allstar: Hey, I thought the Snork Patrol said you couldn't come into town anymore!

Casey: Yeah, those potions and gadgets you sold caused too much trouble around here!

Snailsman: Uh, they, um, changed their minds! Besides, their problems aren't important - your's are!

Casey: How do you know about our problems?

Willie: Yeah?

Snailsman: I have my ways. *gets out shiny white ball* For example, I bet you all'd be interested in having one of these.

Allstar: Wow, what is it?

Occy: *sniffs it*

Snailsman: It is a wishing pearl, and it will grant you one wish of your choice.

Willie: Any wish?

Snailsman: Any wish!

Casey: Wow! How much does it cost?

Snailsman; Um, that depends on how much you got. 

Casey: *gets out clams* I've got ten clams!

Allstar: *gets out clams* I've got six!

Snailsman: Well imagine that! And these pearls only cost eight clams each! This is your lucky day!

Casey: Alright!

Allstar: Great!

Casey: *gives two clams to him* I'll loan you the two clams, Allstar.

Allstar: Thanks, Casey. I'll pay you back tomorrow when I get my allowance.

Both: *as each get their own* Wow, look at that!

Snailsman: Why, what's wrong, son?

Willie: I've only got two clams!

Snailsman: That's enough! *gives one to him*

Both: HEY!

Casey: How come he only has to pay two when we paid eight?!

Snailsman: Business is business, kid.

Occy: *growls at him*

Allstar: Wait a minute, wait! How do these work!

Snailsman: Just rub the pearl, and make your wish! It's that simple! *leaves* What a bunch of suckers! People in trouble will buy just about anything! Now, to find some more snorks!


(Everyone is still in awe at their own individual wishing pearls)

Allstar: *to Willie* What are you gonna wish for?

Willie: That's easy. *runs it* I wish I wasn't so little. *it disappears* Hey, what's the big idea?! Oh, OH! *Occy hides and Willie grows massive* WOW!

Allstar: Boy, that pearl doesn't mess around!

Willie: *now has a relatively deeper voice* You can say that again!

Casey: Okay, it's my turn! *runs it* I wish I had a life even more exciting than Power Snork's! *she becoems Super Casey in her green uniform and cape* Huh? Well what are these for? 

Buster: *he's a snorkeater who pops out* Curses, it's Super Casey! *Occy hides again, and he throws a boulder at her*

Allstar and WIllie: OH NO!

Buster: *laughs but sees her lift it up* Huh?

Casey: Wow, the wishing pearl has given me super strength, too!

Allstar and Willie: Oh, what a relief!

Casey: That wasn't funny, Buster! Now hand over those snorks, or else!

Buster: You'll never catch the masked snorkeater! *leaves*

Casey: Oh, this is clamtastic! It's about time we had some excitement around here! I'll see you and Allstar later. I've got some adventuring to do! Come back here, you thief!

Occy: *pops out of hiding and does some light sniffing around*

Willie: Well, what are you gonna wish for?

Allstar: I know just the thing!

Occy: *covers his eyes, knowing what his owner's about to wish for*

Allstar: *rubs it* I wish I had a life as good as Occy's! *while he still keeps his original body, his posture's like that of an octopupppy, and he barks, which kind of confuses Occy at first, but it makes him laugh instead*

Willie: *laughs as well*

Allstar POV: Haha, very funny!

Willie: *laughs* I'll see you later, Allstar! I've got some rides I wanna ride on! 8he creates a large gust of wind* 

(Willie then returns to the amusement park)

Willie: Am I tall enough now?

Ticket snork: *scared but hands him his tickets* Yes, s-s-sure, go right on in.

Willie: Ooh, this is great! Now I'm big enough to see all the scary movies, and go on all the scary rides I want! 

(At the line for the Monster Clam, a thief steals money out of the woman's purse in front of him)

Willie: Hey! Put that back, mister!

Theif: Shut your mouth, little kid, before I get *sees him and runs off, putting the money back in that woman's purse*

Willie: Boy, being big is better than I thought!

(Casey's finding some excitement across town)

Casey: *sees Buster throwing things and goes over to stop him* Let go of those snorks now, you troublemaker! 

Buster: Never!

Casey: No you stay! You can't outsnork Super Casey!

Buster; Maybe, but if you come an inch closer, I'll have myself a little snack right here and now!

Casey: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you! *uses her snork power to suck all the snorks out of his grip and back with her*

Buster: Hey!

Casey: Surrender now, Snorkeater!

Buster: Never, ever! *tries eating her but it breaks his teeth, so she tickles him* I surrender!

Casey: *grabs him* It's off to jail for you!

Buster: Fine, fine! Just don't tickle me anymore!

(The same thief from the amusement park swims inside a bank)

Theif: *sighs* That's the biggest little kid I've ever seen. I'm glad I lost him. Now to get back to work. 

Casey: *hears screaming from inside* Uh oh, sounds like trouble. Hey, what's the big idea??

Theif: *drops the bag of money* Ah! Snorkeater! *swims out frantically*

Casey: And don't come back here! *snorks cheer for her* Action, adventure, excitement! oh boy, this is fun!

(Allstar and Occy are prancing around town together)

Allstar POV: Wow, this is pretty cool! Now that my lfie is as simple as Occy's, I don't have to get up early to do my paper route, unlike some people! *Junior's doing his* And I don't have to do any more homework, or any more chores! *Tooter's doing math and Daffney's mowing the front lawn* Everyone lese has to work, but not me! Not anymore!

Old Lady: *sees them* Oh, what a nice puppy!

Allstar POV: *laughs* This is amazing! The wishing pearl made it so that the other snorks think that I'm a dogfish!

Old Lady: *pats him on the head* There, there, doesn't that feel good? *Allstar is delighted by his belly rub* Bye, puppy! See you later!

Allstar POV: What? Done already?

Occy: *sees another catfish and chases after it*

Allstar POV: Why not? I might as well give it a try! *they chase it* Boy, now I know why dogfish chase catfish - this is fun!

(The theif is walking in town as well)

Theif: Get a hold of yourself. You're a b-bad guy, and you can h-handle it. Ugh, it's just a lot of bad luck all in one day. Yeah, that's it. bad luck. Nothing to get upset about. *steals money from the back of the candy machine* Little kid as big as a house, the biggest snorkeater on earth, it's just a coincidence. Yeah, that's it. I can handle this. *Allstar and Occy rip his pants off as soon as they see him* That does it! I quit! I'm not gonna be a bad guy anymore! I can't, I can't handle it! I'll be a florist, or maybe a hairdresser, anything but not a crook!!! *swims away screaming for mercy*

Allstar POV: *he and Occy laugh then they continue chasing that catfish* This is the best time I've had in years! Am I glad I bought that wishing pearl, or what? 

(Willie is on a ride)

Willie: Okay, let her rip! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, I'm finally big enough to go on the big rides! This is so exciting! *but he falls off the rollercoaster and ends up destroying the entire amusement park* Well, maybe too big! Well, I might be too big for the rides. Hey, but I can still go to the scary movies! Oh boy!


(Willie's blocking everyone from seeing the movie at the theater)

Willie: Oh boy! I'm finally big enough to get to see a scary movie! *snorks angrily leave the theater* What's wrong with them? *"I Was married To a Snorkeater" starts* Oh boy! Huh? Oh! 

(the movie reveals a green snork groom seeing his bride of a snorkeater swim to him, scaring the otehrs away*

Willie: *gets scared and leaves the theater* YIKES!

(but the snorkeater and the groom are now smiling)

Snorkeater: Do you still love me?

Groom: Of course, I'll always love you!

Snorkeater: *hugs him* Good! I just wanted to make sure. Now, let's get married!

Groom: Whatever you say, cupcake!

(Willie swims back to the park)

Willie: Now I know why they don't let us little kids see those movies - they're scary! Gee, maybe being big isn't as great as I thought! I know! I'll go to that Snailsman, and by myself another wishing pearl, and change me back to normal!

(Casey's stadning next to Buster while he's in jail)

Buster: You're in trouble now, Super Casey!

Casey: *laughs* Don't make me laugh! Remember, you're the one in jail!

Buster: Yeah? Well when my brother Dinky hears about this, he'll get really mad! And it ain't smart to make Dinky angry! Trust me!

Casey: Dinky?! Oh, I think I can handle him!

Dinky: *scary looking snorkeater with multiple teeth finds her and gets Buster out of jail* Hey, what's the big idea puttin' my little brother in jail, huh??!!

Casey: *gulps* Uh, let me guess. You, you must be Dinky?

Dinky: Yeah, and I ain't happy! *both chase after her*

Casey: Oh, I mean action and excitement is great once and a while, but not all the time! I think it's time I have a little talk with that Snailsman again!

(Allstar and Occy are still chasing that catfish when they get caught by a dogfish catcher, and are now being chased by him)

Allstar POV: Oh, dogfish catcher! Oh, great! And I don't have a license! *they hide behind some garbage cans* That was too close! I think we lost him! *smells something* Oh, what's that wonderful smell? *sees it's a restaurant* Oh, I'm starved, and this restaurant is just what I need!

Occy: *barks that it's not a good idea* 

Allstar POV: *finds a table and sits in a chair* That's funny. I thought Occy was hungry, too. Oh boy, I can't wait to take a bite off a big, juicy steak!

Waiter: *throws him out* And stay out! No dogfish allowed!

Allstar POV: No dogs?! Oh brother, I forgot! How am I supposed to eat?

Old Lady: *shows up again* Oh, poor puppy. Won't anybody feed you? *Allstar shakes his head* Don't worry, I'll feed you.

Allstar POV: You will?!

Old Lady: Just follow me. *they both follow her to her house, and plates are given to them* Here you go - some nice, juicy dogfish food.

Allstar POV: *shakes his head* Dogfish food?! Blegh!

Occy: *eats it all up*

Old Lady: My, my, aren't we the picky eater? What did you expect? Steak?! *laughs*

Allstar POV: *now has to shake his head with his foot* Oh no! Now I've got fleas! Maybe having a life as simple as Occy's isn't good as I thought. I better go back to the Snailsman, and get myself another wishing pearl. I think I've had enough of this dogfish stuff! *as he leaves, Occy eats his plate of dogfish food*

(Not far from town, the Snailsman is trying to sell another crazy contraption to Dimmy)

Snailsman: Or, how about a homeword wead? Helps you do your homework twice as fast as usual - only used once. *Dimmy leaves abruptly* Oh well, you can't fool them all!

Casey: *grabs him by the arm* I wanna buy another wishing pearl, and turn myself back to normal! I'm tired of all this excitement!

Snailsman: Well, if you want to, it'll just be --

Willie: *grabs him by the other arm* You've gotta sell me another wishing pearl! I wanna be a little kid again!

Snailsman: Okay, but --

Allstar: *barks at him*

Snailsman: Not you too! *all grab him at once and try to shake him* Okay, okay! One at a time! *grabs one* But remember, I've got only one left.

Willie: Only one left?!

Casey: Hey, why didn't you tell us that when you sold us the others??!!

Snailsman: You didn't ask, that's why.

Willie: *gulps* That means, --

Casey: That only one of us can be changed back to normal! *Allstar barks and grabs her cape* Oh Allstar, be quiet! 

Willie: Sorry guys, but if only one of us can change back, it's gonna be me! *grabs the wishing pearl* 

Snailsman: HEY!

Allstar: *chews on his pants*

Willie: Cut it out! Stop!

Casey: *gets it from him* I need that pearl!

Snailsman: Hey, that pearl's gonna --

Casey: Put a cork in it, you troublemaker!

Willie: *uses his strong snork power to blow it away from her*

Casey: I wish that I were back to - *gets thrown off by the wind, losing the pearl* WHOA!

(all chase after it now)

Willie: *grabs it* I wish I was back to being a little -- *but they lose it agian*

Both: *as soon as Allstar grabs it* Uh oh!

Allstar: *grabs it, makes his wish through barking, then turns back to normal* Ah! Oh yeah, now that's more like it!

Willie: Aw ratfish! Now we're stuck like this forever! *but poof, they're both back to the way they were before*

Casey: Hey, what's going on?!

Willie: Allstar! What did you wish for?

Allstar: I wished for all of us to be back to normal. That's what I was trying to tell you guys when you were fighting.

Casey: *sighs* Well thank goodness one of us was thinking!

Willie: No kidding! I'm glad Allstar got the pearl!

Snailsman: Alright, nobody move! All of you owe me a lot of money!

Casey: No way! You almost got us into a lot of trouble!

Willie: Yeah, why don't you just leave us alone?! We jsut found out that we're happy the way we are!

Allstar: *growls, but catches himself* Uh, I mean, uh, we don't need any of your stupid shortcuts!

Snailsman: That's what you think! I want my money! That was my last wishing pearl, and, and -- *sees Corky angrily holding the Bigweed doll* Uh, oh, hi, Corky. Actually, I just remembered that I have a, uh, a dentist appointment today! Yes, well, uh, we'll talk about the pearl, later okay? *leaves*

All: *as they chase after him* Wait'll we get our hands on you! Come back here!

(c) 1989 Hanna-Barbera and SEPP International

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